A man stood on a metal platform, looking out at the alien landscape that lay before him. He was Admiral Lee Koto of the Union of Democratic and Organized Worlds, otherwise known as UDOW. "And now, we initiate contact," he said as the platform lowered. His uniform, a black and solid color with some gold going down it, looked strange on the alien world with its perfect precision. His brown hair was combed back and a black and gold hat lie on it; on his arm, a patch of the UDOW logo was; five star systems around a central point that was colored gold.

Admiral Koto stepped off the platform when it touched the ground; in front of him, two other soldiers walked over; each holding a gun as they walked behind the Admiral, looking almost identical to one another, their jet black hair almost looking like it was the hats of the uniform. Their guns were long, and had curved energy siphons; the rest of it, however, resembled guns back on Earth for the most part. "Admiral," the one on the right said, as they followed. "We are to meet the locals at Position two-five-six-nine, correct?" he said.

"Correct, Johnson," the Admiral said, as they followed. "Luis," the Admiral continued. "Make sure you keep an eye out for any treachery. The locals here are more secretive than we'd like," he said, as they walked.

"Aye, sir," Luis, the one on the left, said, as he followed. Blue and red plants that looked almost like fungi and flowers mixed, rose into the sky; towering hundreds of yards in the air. Behind them, the landing craft of the Vaspurtin Fleet hovered just above the ground; it's landing platform lowering just enough under it to touch the ground.

The alien landscape around them was almost completely still; and as they followed a trail, there was almost no movement other than the three of them. The trail soon ended, though, as they walked into a group of three home-like buildings; however, they looked like they had been growing and still were, with blue and red on them in natural patterns instead of artificial ones.

A Human walked from one of the buildings; the human a female with the same uniform the other Humans did, with blonde hair going to her shoulders. "Hello, Admiral," the woman said, a smile on her face. "The area is void of native thinking beings, I'm afraid; they fled when the convoy moved in," she said, as her smile turned grim. "They seemed to be at Phase Two," she said.

"Blast," Koto said, and cursed under his breath. "Article Eleven of the UDOW specifically forbids technological interference with thinking beings at and under Phase Two," he muttered, and shook his head. "Is there any way they might be in Phase Three?" he asked, hopeful for a yes. All signs from the probes sent to the world Vaspurtin, the fleet being named after the world it was to contact, suggested the locals would be Phase Three.

Humanity had been Phase Three by their local 12 B.I., in which the world was beginning to overpopulate and space colonization was needed. Phase Two thinking beings were beings that had tools, language, history, and mechanical transportation. Phase One was the simplest of thinking beings; any thinking being with tools and ways to record stuff.

Phase Three, however, was any species able to colonize space if they wanted to, along with Phase Two requirements. Phase Four was any species that could traverse interstellar distances in a single life time; Humanity had naturally reached this phase by the twenty-second century A.I., and Phase Five was any species that had made contact with other species; which was the currently highest phase of thinking beings

"I'm not sure, sir. We don't have any evidence that the locals have space flight, which they should have by now if the probe was accurate," Daala, the woman, said, and shrugged. "Again, we haven't made contact yet I'm afraid," she said with a somewhat disappointed look on her face.

"We'll have to make contact one way or another. I don't want this mission to be a failure for inability to make contact," he said, thinking. "We need to make contact, Daala," he said, some anger going through him at the idea they would not make contact.

"We haven't had luck there regardless; the locals seem to be afraid of us," Daala said, as Koto began walking; the two guards following him and her as they walked, side-by-side from military habit.

"Daala, maybe we should try a more personal approach. When first contact was made with Humanity during the Rissoni War, Humanity became afraid of alien life form until discovering the Rissoni were no longer a power; and the UDOW formed," Koto said, and Daala nodded in agreement.

"Truth; perhaps the locals would like to meet us when we do not look threatening?" she asked, as they walked off onto a trail going into the strange, forest-like area, where fungi-like plants grew. The four walked slowly as the world around them seemed silent.

"Picking up tremendous readings on the hyposonic frequencies," Luis said, as he looked at a hand-held device showing readings. "I'm guessing the native life forms communicate using hyposonic frequencies, which could be a problem," he said, as the group walked.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Until then, we shouldn't worry; we should just make contact as soon as we can," Koto said, not caring about the UDOW laws that he would almost certainly be violating; before hearing a rustling noise behind them.

"What was that?" Johnson asked, turning around and looking for anything moving; finding nothing. "Luis, any read outs?"

"A patterned hyposound wave length… I'm guessing the locals are making first contact," he said, as a strange, indescribable noise was heard; and the group stopped.

"Luis, Johnson, defensive positions. We have to show we do not intend to be taken by surprise," Koto said, his face turning concentrated, and the two guards held their guns up, looking around. Then, a figure walked onto the trail; and began approaching them.

"Admiral, we should put down our defensive position; the locals might not want to have a gun aimed at them," Daala said; and Koto nodded.

"You heard the Colonel, boys. Stand down," he said, and the two guards did as they were told.

The alien was soon into sight; a blue-green colored skin, that looked like that of a frog's skin or a newt's; that went down in three legs that ended in three-toed feet. The third leg came from the back; somewhat like it had once been a tail. The creature's torso was similarly colored; some patches being darker than other parts of it. There were two pairs of arms; the bottom two having three joints, and being shorter; about the length of your leg from the knee to the hip all together. At the end, instead of a hand, two sickle-like blades formed, folding into themselves to not cut anything when not in use.

The upper arms were more Human; although still with three joints, and the hand having thinner, more pointy fingers; almost claws. Although, they were softer claws, and the bottom arms folded behind the creature as if to show peaceful intent. The head itself was alien even, though; the neck ended with a head that was around human-head sized, and the mouth came out in a tube-like shape. The eyes were not true eyes; but light-sensing, bulbous parts of its head that were long and took a large part of its head.

"E cha," the creature said as two tube-like parts of its head moving forward; the regular sound-waves startling the Humans. The two guards looked at the creature, as Koto rose his right arm out to the elbow; where it went up, and he spread his fingers apart as a sign of peace.

"I come in peace, to speak to your world," he said, as the creature stood, and it rose its upper, right hand in a mirroring of what Koto was doing.

"E ik grahck diak," the being said as it looked at the four Humans; it's eyes changing color somewhat.

"I," Koto said, pointing to himself. "I come in peace," he said, making walking-movements with his right hand before making a motion as if to shake hands.

"Pah… Pahce?" the being struggling to pronounce the English word; something that never before it would have heard; the planet they lived on being an alien world, that had never encountered the English language.

"Peace," Koto repeated, and smiled. He cautiously extended his hand, and the being did the same. He grabbed its upper hand, and shook it slowly, before the being repeated "peace" with a happy sound in its voice.

"Admiral, these beings aren't Phase Three; contact has to be aborted," Daala said, as she observed the slow first contact that was going on between Koto and the native of Vaspurtin.

"Daala, I have this completely under control," Koto said, as the being and him then returned attention to one another, as they began to work on translating their speech into one another's language; both trying to grasp the other's language slowly…


Admiral Koto grinned as he walked out of a Human military tent; the natives of Vaspurtin, the Fironi, and the UDOW Human Representation Fleet Vaspurtin had been discussing the purchase of a large portion of land on the planet Vaspurtin, for a UDOW Military Base and a possible mining facility. "Do you have a land area planned, Admiral?" Daala asked, as she walked up to the grinning Admiral.

"The southernmost continent; there are no Fironi there, it turns out, and according to all we can tell it's the most Earth-like area here," Koto said, nodding. "They said they'll sell it for nearly two hundred million Credits; as well as membership in the UDOW," Koto said, and smiled.

"Only two hundred million?" Daala asked, surprised; the estimated cost of a single continent on Earth, the UDOW's head quarters, was around two BILLION credits. "That's a good deal. And the membership in the UDOW should be agreeable; they technically contacted us here, you could say," Daala said, as she smiled.

"Well, then, I believe that I'll contact UDOW and state the negotiation's outcome. They should be pleased," Koto said, as he began to walk again; and soon, he stepped onto the platform that had got him on the surface of Vaspurtin almost one Earth week earlier. It began to rise, and as it stopped, he stepped off.

"Admiral," two soldiers said, saluting, as he walked by.

"No need for formalities now, boys," he said, laughing, as a sliding door opened, allowing him to walk into the inside of the landing ship. The inside was like that of a ship in the ocean navies that existed back on the worlds of the UDOW; Earth being the one with the largest navy. He walked down a long hall, before another door opened, and some men were sitting at a communications relay machine.

"Admiral," they said, standing and saluting. "What do we owe the honor to?" they asked, as he saluted and dropped his; and they dropped their salutes.

"The negotiations with the Fironi," Koto said. "If you would put me through the Hypolight Communications to Earth," he said, and one of the men nodded; his shaved brown hair in military style. They turned to the communications relay machine, and the man who nodded continued to work, before a screen showed a circle spinning.

"Your all clear, Admiral," the man said, as he stood, and turned his chair; Koto sat in it as an image of another Human appeared; he had blond hair that was in a comb over, and had blue eyes as well.

"Admiral Koto, I'm glad that you could access the Hypolight Communications from Vaspurtin," he said, smiling.

"I didn't expect to get to speak to you, President Smithson," Koto said, as he saluted.

"No need for formalities in this communications; I want to know how progress goes on the planet," he said, as Koto dropped his salute.

"Well, we found the natives have been set back a bit compared to what we thought they would be technology wise, I'm afraid, sir," Koto said, hoping that he could word it in a way that would allow him to not get in trouble for breaking the Noninterference Code, that forbid contact with any Phase Two or below being. "However, as they approached us we decided we had to open negotiations, and they have requested membership in the UDOW; and have offered us the southernmost continent for a price of two hundred million Credits," Koto explained, and Smithson nodded.

"Not how I wanted our contact to go, but it'll work, I suppose," Smithson said as he thought. "You say they request membership? It's granted, then, as far as I can see. We will also supply the Credits," he said, finishing his thinking. "Tell them that I hope the UDOW and their species can become integrated with one another within a few local years, then, Admiral Koto," Smithson said, as he smiled.

"I will, President Smithson," Koto said, saluting to his Commander-in-Chief as the communications were cut, as the president of UDOW saluted too before cutting it. "Thank you for getting me through to the Earth," he said to the men, and nodded, as they saluted and he quickly walked out the door. The Fironi now were members of the UDOW. Their planet, Vaspurtin, would have a UDOW Military Base on it soon as well, to protect it from any possible attackers; despite the Rissoni being long gone from the memories of most, the UDOW had joined together in collective fear of another invasion.

As he walked back onto the platform, two of the Fironi stood at the step that you waited on to get on the platform, as if they were waiting for him. He stood for a moment when it stopped at the bottom, and stepped off. "How may I help you, friends?" he asked, switching in and out of their tongue. It was a rough form of communications, but it worked.

"We were wondering if you had gone to talk to your superior about our requests, when we saw you were going into your ship from the stars," the Fironi before him said, also switching between the two languages.

"I had, actually; you said that they were reasonable and acceptable," Koto said, smiling, as he extend his hand. "Consider yourselves the first Fironi in the UDOW," he said, shaking the hand of the one right in front of him, then the one to next to him.

"We have become members of the UDOW?" the first Fironi asked; Koto nodded. "I, Firos, am honored," he said, his mouth twitching a tad; a sign of excitement.

"As am I, Vaspos," the other Fironi said, as he tried to imitate a smile. "We will enjoy our membership; and hopefully, if the dreaded Invaders come back, we will be able to fight back," he said, and Koto's smile dropped.

"Invaders?" he asked; something that he hadn't heard about in the least with the negotiations. "Who were these invaders?"

"Beings in large, disk shaped flying machines, that invaded our world a couple centuries ago; before fleeing for an unknown reason," Vaspos said, and Firos nodded. "They set us back years; why? Have they attacked other worlds in the UDOW before?"

"I believe they did," Koto said, as he nodded, then scratched his chin. "They sound like the Rissoni; who invaded the other worlds of the UDOW before, and struck fear in us," he said, and sighed. "It's strange, almost like they wanted us to unite, but why would any hostile aliens like them do that?" he asked, rhetorically.

"Perhaps they wanted us to attack one another, thinking we were contacting them," Firos said, and made a gesture with his bottom pair of arms that involved slicing motions on the other claw-like appendage on the end.

"Perhaps they did," Koto said, as he thought about it. "I could see where they would…" he said, looking up into the sky where the large, rounded, but somewhat like cigar-shaped ships of the Vaspurtin fleet orbited, and thought about how similar that must have been to the time the Rissoni invaded this world centuries ago. "Maybe we'll be able to strike back one day, I suppose," he said, as he realized how the planet Vaspurtin had seemed to be going a different route before the Rissoni invaded, and now, a completely different one.

"Perhaps had our species and the UDOW not meet now, Admiral, there would have been war. Perhaps, their invasions were for the best," Vaspos said, as if reading Koto's mind.

"Perhaps, indeed… Perhaps," Koto said, as he brought his look up to the sky again, where he saw the orange moon of Vaspurtin was rising, resembling a sunrise back home on Earth despite the strange, alien quality of it all. "Soon, Fironi will be travelling to the rest of the UDOW," he said, glad that he had brought this new age to Vaspurtin; this age of peace.

"Admiral!" a voice called from the now lowering platform, and he turned his head. "Should we begin to move base to the southernmost continent?"

"Do so, I believe," Koto said, smiling now. "How would you two care to be the first official Fironi workers of the UDOW?" he asked, smiling at Vaspos and Firos…