I said I loved you
'cause I loved you.

It was true,
it wasn't lie.

But I needed to believe
it more than anyone.

My hands always cold,
my lips always dry,
the tongue gets tied
I can't face anything.

I'm numb in one dream
and I'm lost in one reality,
two worlds without you,
I'm alone in arms of nothing.

The more sun shines,
the more it'll rain,
so we stopped looking
into our tearful eyes.

We stopped talking
about our heartaches,
without knowing it,
we began to get apart.

That's why it doesn't hurt,
like the sun and the moon,
we must remain distant.

In this reality where we sleep to go on,
in this dream where we wake up to be together...

Thank you for giving me wings
but I don't want to fly without you
though there's nothing to save,
I want to fly with you...
Just once more...
For the very last time.

Do you remember that night?

I Kneeled down and I cried
for someone to hold me tenderly,
for sure you don't...
you weren't there.

Now my eyes fill with tears
but 'stead of crying,
I'll just whisper goodbye
before I break in pieces.

Please, smile, so I'll know
you were happy though
there were few good days.

No matter if we won't reach the sky,
let's fly together until the ending,
it's everything to me 'cause

I love you.


since my father got sick and he's into the hospital... it's sad but I realized we're like strangers 'stead of father and daughter, actually, I don't care 'cause he was always with me but I felt he wasn't, I mean, I see him everyday, everynight, everytime but we never talk, never take a walk, never do things... anyway, I'm ok, there's no hate, just indifference.

he's always worked a lot to give me everything though he's not like a true father and this poem is the only way I can put my thoughts together, still I'm not able to say a thing, well, I'm not so sincere or strong.