Finally FP is working! So now, I am going to post a new poem. it's not AS good as This Dream or Black Buttons (which I really like out of all the poetry I've written) but please enjoy, rate, favorite, comment with a review or PM!


Ghosts singing to me

In the night.

I hear a haunting voice,

Yelling out at me.

I see those burning eyes,

I see that offered hand,

I'm out of sight,

But I feel the how the elf lays,

Put down, because she's dead.

I don't want to be dead.

I see his convincing face,

My heart burns, but I know

I cannot destroy the pace

My heart is beating.

You are the phantom haunting,

And killing, and ceasing upon me.

You are the phantom haunting.

You, a man; a remembrance; a memory.