So, uhm, yeah.

I guess I'm gonna do one of these thingy mah-jiggers. Yeah, that sounds good.

So anyways, I guess every night before I go off to my little bed I'm going to write something. Anything I suppose. My feelings, my thoughts, give a little insight to the world of Aquabuddy.

I've always adored that name. Aquabuddy. In a way, it's not me, it's someone else that I would rather be. Someone I'm trying to grow into, y'know? I have a long ways to go before I'm really Aquabuddy, but maybe if I keep this book thing going long enough, you'll see it happen. Hahah! How's that sound?

Well, that's my intro, hope anyone who finds interest in me will keep reading. I like being flattered you know.