The desire to talk

it was strong in many ways.

I looked around and long,

for any companionship that seems true

however I see

crossed-filled eyes

backstabbing and hatred ranging

among each group,

all wrapped in eye candy

of laughs and smiles.

It doesn't matter

if I know the real truth,

I will envy them

having what I can't obtain

or even try.

In a shell, I am avoided

my interests bore them

their interests scare me.

Am I a selfish creature

or a stuck-up pompous.

. . . Possibly . . .

I want what most have

love and friends

not security and a shelled life

but living too far in it

so long to be there.

I only pray and wish

or what is best.

It is possible I will never

have it

but I will try.

The love where many crave

the impossible feeling

of the heart beating


Or the ones to go to

when life is too much to handle

or the ones you're secrets to.

Where is the true love and friendship?

Only I see is fake,

but I am young and stupid

I am still a kid

I am still a student

I will know one day

and hope gain a true friend or love

but for now dreaming

and longing for one

is what I have.

The hidden feelings of a loner. What people don't realize is that many suffer in silence.