Forty Days of Jesus Christ

D a y Z e r o

I don't know everything about Christianity. I won't even say I know a lot, or more than that nun you once saw in the grocery store, or more than your atheist History teacher. But what I don't know, I'm trying to find out.

This Lent, I'm digging in deep into my beliefs. I'm digging to mine the ore that is Jesus and I'm using His cross as my pickaxe.

That metaphor was kind of lame.


My friends have all decided what they're doing for Lent, like the Very Good Catholics they are. Emily is giving up all junk food except Diet Coke, Courtney is forcing herself to tolerate her brother, and Joscar—well, I don't know about him, but they all want to know, what are you doing, Jamie?

What am I doing? Right now I'm giving you a little background. Hello.

Then I could write a big long essay about how I used to suffer horribly from scrupulosity, which is basically OCD about praying and God and thinking every little thing I did would send me straight to Hell—but I won't talk about that now. I could talk about the moment three months ago that radically changed my life ("radically changed my life" is somewhat a cliché when it comes to talking about Jesus, you shall see) and how I've been Jesus-excavating every since then. He's amazing and I love him, but those stories can come later. Right now, you don't even know who I am.

All right, fine, I'm the stalker sleeping under your bed.

Hee hee.

I'm a Jesus Phreak, and a writer, and for Lent, I'm writing Forty Days of Jesus. Every day I'll write an essay, or a story or a song or a pretty haiku, about my Lord and Savior and Redeemer and Sanctifier and God and Holy One and all those fancy words straight out of your grandmother's mouth:

Chuck Norris.

Whoops, I meant Jesus. Sorry, Jesus.

If you follow Jesus, stick with me for forty days and see what words come spewing out of my heart into this document.

If you don't follow Jesus, stick with me for forty days and see what words come spewing out of my heart into this document.

Maybe some of those words will do something awesome amazing for you. Maybe. Just maybe. Everything is worth a shot. Except, you know, crack.

For anyone out there who's like, "WHOA! Lent starts tomorrow?"-- don't worry. I didn't realize that either.

Stick with me, Homie G,

Let's do this God-thing, you and me.


(Yeah, if Jesus were a rapper…I would not be half as good as him. Sorry! See you tomorrow!)