Claws grip the ground tight as I run 8

Toward the tower weighing a ton. 8

I swing no sword. No swift steed do I ride; 10

From no foe of hell will I hide. 8

Racing faster, I pass an arrow; 9

I sink my teeth in, tasting the marrow. 10

Through my waving fur coat winter winds blow, 10

Tearing past trees as my evil eyes glow. 10

Stopping on a hilltop, I stand, 8

Looking across the land. 6

I bare my fangs and give a growl; 8

Others answer my howl. 6

The gray wolf cries, 4

Under a starlit sky. 6

Suddenly, all grows silent; 7

Nature is very violent. 7

Like a bird, the deer flies; 6

Then it falls down and dies. 6

Behold the beasts - swift and strong; 7

Gather to feast - unite in song. 8

Now watch as they wait patiently, 8

Pounce on their prey and pull it away. 9

Together they drag down a kill; 8

They won't rest 'till they've had their fill. 8

In the soft shadows, with a silent stare; 10

These predators are on the prowl. 8

Lifting their heads into the air, 8

They let out a long howl. 6

When other wolves reply, 6

Blood shall fall from the sky. 6

Raise your head and kiss the moon; 7

Now the night is coming soon. 7


Bodies hang in midair; 6

Blood drips down everywhere. 6

Their cocoon is like a crypt; 7

They dance in drops of blood that drip. 8

Catching every lost soul who falls, 8

Treating their bodies like rag dolls, 8

Creatures crawl through the hellish halls; 8

Spiders spin webs from the walls. 7

Swift shadows move in the moonlight; 8

Disappear in the darkness, staying out of sight. 12

Spiders sneak through your window late at night; 10

Yet they tremble at the thought of light. 9

Spiders in the shadows waiting in the wilderness 13

For you to fall in webs of wickedness. 10

That's where they're slain and strangled, 7

Victims trapped and tangled. 6

Don't ever touch those tempting threads, 8

Seductive silk - silver strands of spider-webs. 12

Leaving you as food for their hatching young, 10

Crawling all over you - the creatures you're among. 12

Feel the soft silk on your smooth skin; 8

There's a corpse wrapped up within. 7

Some are still struggling to survive; 9

It almost feels like they're alive. 8


I danced in the golden sunlight and felt a breeze, 12

Swam in sapphire seas, slept under emerald palm-trees. 16

I woke up in the night - evil spirits surrounded me; 14

Wolves snapped at a sheep with their teeth. 8

I fell through my own trap - they chained me in my sin, 12

And led my heart to the point of hypocrisy again. 14

I was held captive under guard and angels tried to save me; 15

A prisoner of pride, envy had enslaved me. 12

The wolves feasted upon us late at night; 10

They fed on all our frustration and fright! 10

I heard mournful moans from an abandoned abyss; 12

I grasped at the bars and pounded with my fist! 11

I saw a Shepherd hanging on a tree; 10

He let them tear His flesh for me. 8

That night, the wolves raised their heads high; 8

The Lamb of God lay down to die. 8

The night is near, 4

And hounds of hell are here 6

Like jackals, they jeer; 6

So don't give in to fear. 6

Always business before pleasure, 8

Madness without finite measure. 8

I'll take you back in time with me; 8

Then we can do things differently. 8


One night while I walked through the wood, 8

I came across a sign that stood. 8

It warned me this was the wrong way, 8

But I kept going anyway. 8

As I wandered, I grew weary, 8

Twisted trees so dark and dreary. 8

Through the branches, starlight shows; 7

What secrets they hide nobody knows. 9

I took a deep breath and tried to be brave; 10

Up ahead, I could see an unmarked grave. 10

The truth is what I fear the most; 8

I flee from it just like a ghost. 8

In silence then a stranger stood; 8

With a weapon hidden under her hood. 10

Why didn't I stay home where it was safe and be good 13

Like my mother said I should? 7


Spiders stalk souls silently, 7

Grabbing their guests violently, 7

Sucking the sweet nectar of life, 8

Cutting through flesh like a knife. 7

They'll take whatever they can get, 8

Feasting on the fools falling in their net. 10

Though these poor souls are lost or lame, 8

To demons of darkness, they're all fair game. 10

Thus came the end of a spider who grew 10

So proud of his power he hardly knew 10

The strand suspended in the air 8

Hung in God's hand by just one hair. 8

This is where the demons dare 7

To catch victims unaware. 7

Watching, waiting, silent, still; 7

They go in for the kill. 6

"FORSAKEN FOREST" Wait, traveler, taking warning; 8

You must stay here until morning. 8

It's dangerous outside tonight; 8

A witch is hidden beyond sight. 8

In her lair, she will lie, 7

Waiting for you to pass by. 7

When morning comes, others will find 8

No trace of you has been left behind. 9

And as the wind sweeps through her hair, 8

You find yourself lost in her seductive stare. 11

Moving so quickly, you could swear 8

That she was never really there. 8

Every word I speak is true; 7

Stay here - or it will happen to you. 9

Heed my words, or you'll become 7

Her next chosen victim. 6


Souls meet their graves, 4

Within the black waves. 5

Their dreams are dead; 4

Nightmares are there instead. 6

Let the waves take you away; 7

Your soul is lost - it's here to stay. 8

Blood splashes up against the shore; 8

You don't want to live anymore. 8

It's no ordinary ocean - it goes on forever; 14

Like no place you have been, ending never. 10

Sinking in your sorrow - drowning in your doubt, 11

You don't even know what life's all about. 10

It's wave after wave of trembling and fear, 10

A tide of terror - an ocean of tears. 10

So deep and dark - so cruel and cold; 8

The sea must be ages old. 7


The waves could consume her whole; 7

They would swallow up her soul. 7

The wind kept whispering her name, 8

And she wondered why she came. 7

Her footprints were forgotten so no one else would know; 13

Taken by the tides of time in a dark Sea of Shadows. 14

Her hair waved in the wind as she walked into the water; 14

Descending into the darkness, she kept going deeper. 14

Now I'm drowning in the darkness; 8

All alone in this endless sea of emptiness. 12
I'm struggling to stay above it; 9

I cry out for help, but no one hears it. 10
Somewhere in the shadows of the deepest darkness, 12

There's an endless sea of emptiness. 9

Drowning in the dark, a sea of sorrow, 10

It feels like there's no tomorrow. 8