I thought I had the evil demon bound; 10

After all these years, freedom it has found. 10

The fiend's been set free from her chains, 8

To ruin my life and cause untold pains. 10

I'll find a way to seal the door, 8

Just like I did so many times before. 10

I have to send it back to hell, 8

This demon I know so well. 7

I can't control myself or stop the corruption; 12

I've become the agent of my own destruction. 12

I'll fight this demon that possessed my soul, 10
Hiding in my hatred, trying to take control. 12

Each time I close my eyes, I see you in my dreams; 12

Your memory haunts me. I can still hear the screams. 12

Breaking into my heart, like a thief in the night, 12

You entered my mind, staying out of sight. 10

Always right behind me, footsteps follow, 10

Silent, soulless stalking shadow, 8

Because my broken heart is hollow 9

And I know that ghostly glow from below. 10

More than one, yet two is a crowd 8

When the voices in your head 7

Keep screaming out loud, 5

And they're taking over instead. 8

Feeding on my fear and devouring my doubt, 12

The demon inside me wants to get out. 10

I've been so blind I could not see 8

I met the enemy, and she is me. 10

This demon inside me 6

Wants to break free. 4

Gradually, I'm giving in 8

To the demon within. 6


Don't come too close to me; 6

No telling what I might do. 7

Cuz I'm not who I seem to be, 8

And I'd hate to hurt you. 6

Lost in the dark, all I can see 8

Are demons staring back at me. 8

There used to be a light in me; 8

Shadows are all I see lately. 8

There's a monster in my head, 7

Trying to break free, 5

To make sure all my dreams are dead, 8

And it looks just like me. 6

I know something's wrong; 5

It just doesn't belong, 6

But she's been there all along; 7

I can't stop her - she's far too strong. 8

I keep her locked up inside, 7

So she will never get away; 8

Even though I tried, 5

Somehow, she escaped anyway. 8

I must face myself alone; 7
I have to do it on my own, 8

Fighting the shadow of my soul, 8

Or I will never be whole. 7

I hope it's not too late to pray, 8

Never meant for it to end this way. 9

We fight our demons, yet they stay, 8

Not sure we want them to go away. 9

Now I'm fighting with my shadow; 8

I don't know if she's friend or foe. 8

Only you can save me from 7

What I have become. 5


Soon you will feel 4
Your nightmares are real. 5

You're under my control; 6

I will weep in secret for your soul. 9

Your mind is weak. It won't take much 8

To taint your heart with just one touch. 8

I'll haunt your heart and stalk your soul; 8

The truth you seek won't make you whole. 8

I'll blind your mind 4

And chain your brain. 4

I think you'll find 4

It drives you insane. 5

I'll make you cower 5

Before my dark power. 6

I'll bring you to your knees, 6

Do with you as I please. 6

Don't mess with me; 4

I'll kill you too! 4

Trust me - you'll see; 4

You won't want to! 4

I'll crush your dreams 4

And make you cry; 4

So let me hear you scream 6

Just before you die. 5

May your precious prayers 5

Become nightmares, 4

And all your peace 4

Come to a cease. 4

Dreams meet their death 4

With but a breath; 4

And when you die, 4

No one will cry. 4 "CRIMSON CASCADES"

Look at the flame; 4

See what it became. 5

Watch the fire dance, 5

Held within this trance. 5

There are no rivers of rainbows, 8

Only seas of shadows, 6

And streams of blood 4

That burn like a fiery flood. 8

Fire, water, earth, and air; 7

The elements are everywhere. 8

Welcome warrior, here to this place. 8

Death has a name. Fear has a face. 8

Feasting on flesh, the demons dine 8

Upon waterfalls of wine. 7

Your prey is near. The scent is fresh. 8

So come and take your fill of flesh. 8

Fallen angels all around; 7

Evil spirits will surround. 7

You can hear your heart pound 6

As bodies break through the ground. 7

Somebody should be brave 6

Going beyond the grave. 6

Hold the saber steady; 6

Ok, are you ready? 6


Someone's at the door; 5

You go see who it's for. 6

Then tell him to go away; 7

You can't come out to play. 6

Step out and you will see 6

Just how hard life can be. 6

You thought you were so strong, 6

But you were wrong. 4

Looking for a reason why, 7

I'm going to give this one more try. 9

So you decided to give it a try; 10

Had a bad feeling, but didn't know why. 10

Too many times before 6

You've opened the door. 5

When the devil knocks on the door to your heart, 11

Don't let him in. He'll rip it apart! 9


Angel or a demon - which one do you want me to be? 14

It all depends on how you treat me! 9

You're the new center of attention; 9

That was never your intention. 8

Whenever I walk by, 6

You start to sweat, but don't know why. 8

I could tempt you with desire, 8
And set your heart on fire. 7

Are you the answer to my prayers, 8

Or something from my worst nightmares? 8

You look like an angel, but it's hard to tell 11

Whether you're from heaven or hell. 8

You used to mean the world to me; 8

I thought our love was meant to be. 8

Things aren't the way they were before; 8

I'm not your little angel anymore. 10


I'm just an angel of brightness 8

Sent to you from up above 7

To take you from the darkness 7

And show to you God's love. 6

So don't listen to the Devil; 8

He's here to steal your soul, 6

Eclipse innocence with evil, 8

And let time take it's toll. 6

It's a pity; 4

You're so pretty. 4

Beauty will betray you, 6

If your heart isn't true and you let it lead you. 12

You have to hold on tight; 6

Don't give up without a fight. 7

You don't have to burn forever; 8

We can see this through together. 8


As I walk down a long dark hall, 8

I see shadows on the wall, 7

Watching me with their evil glare, 8

And I can feel death in the air. 8

I think I'm lost in this dark place; 8

I close my eyes and hide my face. 8

It's like I'm trapped in a bad dream; 8

I curl up in a ball and scream. 8

I'm afraid of reality, 8
The light of truth that I can't see. 8

There are demons all around me; 8

What would I do if they found me? 8

In my head, I still hear the screams 8

Of tortured souls and dying dreams. 8
These memories rest in my mind, 8
But I want to leave them all behind. 9


Into a dark world you've drifted; 8

Now the drawbridge has been lifted. 8
What lies beyond the castle walls, 8

Within these haunted halls? 6

Dark angels whisper in your ear; 8

They tell you what you what to hear. 8

Like a fair fantasy, 6

They show you what you want to see. 8

Hidden in the shadows, they wait; 8

They use the light of truth as bait. 8

Now you're trapped in this nightmare; 7

The demons use dreams to lure you there. 9

A look of fear is on your face; 8

You must escape this haunted place. 8

They'll lock you up without a key; 8

Then you'll never be free. 6


I'm a phantom or a ghost; 7
I'm whatever scares you the most. 8
I'm the demon in your dreams; 7

I'm whatever makes you scream. 7

I'm the monster under your bed; 8
I'm a voice in your head. 6

I'm the footsteps down the hall; 7

I'm a shadow on the wall. 7

You can run, but you can't hide; 7

From the fear you find inside. 7

You know it's true; 4

I'm coming after you. 6

You can't escape me; 5

You won't get away. 5

You'll never be free; 5

I'm here to stay. 4