8. HELL:


My spirit shuddered violently, 8

So troubled it withered within me! 9

The thing I feared has come to be; 8

What I dreaded most has happened to me! 10

The sorrows of death surrounded me; 10

A flood of fear overtook me at night. 10

Pain promptly pierced and perplexed me; 10

I should have called upon heaven's holy light. 11

Nobody cared if I would live or die; 10

No one bothered asking why I'd go off to cry. 12

When I was worried and thought I'd lost my way, 11

I should have put my trust in You and started to pray. 13

Once I was merry and full of wine, feasting like a king, 14

But I never tasted Your love - it was too rich a thing. 14

I was in charge of my life then, or so it seemed to me; 14

I thought I'd never want again - had everything I'd need. 14

I never realized I was lost and on my own; 12

One night I woke finding myself standing before your throne. 14

Seraphim around me sang of His unfailing love; 13

I saw a consuming fire towering up above. 14

I fell and moaned out loud with tears; 8

The cry - "His name doesn't appear" echoed inside my ears. 14

I should have been prepared for Judgment Day, 10

But wasted all my time on Earth anyway. 11

I looked back on my life of lust and hate; 10

I watched men starve to death - I'd feast and celebrate. 12

I'd stored up power, fortune, fame - in myself did I trust, 14

But these temporary treasures were foolish worldly lust. 14

God in heaven above, is there still time to change my fate? 14

Oh Lord of light and love, tell me it's not too late. 12

Could You please hear a prayer from the dark gate of Hell? 12

I'm warning the reader of this terrible tale! 12


From the heavens, an angel fell 8

Into a spiral that led straight to Hell. 8

A place of torture and pain, 7
Where lost souls will cry out in vain. 8

Their screams aren't heard; 4

No prayers are answered - not even one word. 10

So go ahead and cry your eyes out; 9

Lift your voice and let it all out! 8

They lost their light – went the wrong way; 8

Their very souls were led astray. 8

The pleasures of sin exist for a moment; 11

Afterwards, there's eternal torment. 9

For the bad things they've done, lost souls are sent 10

To the place below, where none can repent. 10

Where the flames will burn forever, 8

Were you there when I needed you? NEVER! 10

You can't get away; 5

You know your soul is here to stay. 8

The gates of Hell are dark and black; 8

You know there's no turning back. 7

The time has come - now it's too late; 8

No prayer can save them from this fate. 8

For this is the path of the dead, 8

And to the gates of Hell it led. 8

The darkness has entered this dimension; 10

It's within the world - inside us as well. 10

Though innocence is our one intention, 10

Corruption comes from the very fires of hell. 12

So learn the truth - turn from God's wrath; 8

Who knows what lies down that dark path? 8

You who are living, beware those now dead; 10

Many suffer torment instead. 8


Hell has a casino fools visit every day; 12

You think they'd take a hint, yet they can't wait to play. 12

This world is not perfect now, but once it was; 11

God doesn't play dice with the universe, but the devil does! 15

They got hooked when they took the first look, 9

Placing bets on their past regrets, those crooks 10

Gambled their prayers and dreams away, 8

Trading tomorrow for today. 8

Pride promised pleasure, but brought pain; 8

Can't you see all the souls it's slain? 8

The devil can make your dreams come true, 9

But after that, he'll own you! 7

With death, they made a deal, 8

Sold what was real for what they feel, 8

Trading the Truth for a lie, 8

But why did they want it to die? 8

Even if you're a beginner, 7


You came, you went - your time is spent; 8

Now there's no chance to repent. 7

No matter how you roll the dice, 8

You'll have to pay the price. 8

Cuz each time there's a chance you take; 8

It might be the last mistake you make. 9

How rude of you to run away, 8

Wouldn't you rather stay and play? 8

I'll have your heart either way; 7

Make up your mind. I don't have all day. 9

If you chose to lose all self-control, 9

Don't blame the devil for stealing your soul. 10

The room is full of such fancy reflections, 11

But the path to hell is paved with innocent intentions. 14


There is no sanctuary, 7

No place in paradise for me. 8

I'm alone here in this hell 6

I've come to know so well. 6

A ray of light falls on my face; 8

I know I'll never leave this place. 8

I whisper every word, 6

But fear my prayer will not be heard. 8

I can't get back the soul I sold; 8

I didn't know death could be so cold. 9

Feels like my life's been put on hold; 8

First it was fun, but it got old. 8

If you ever feel the terror, 8

You will keep from every error. 8

The halls of hell will make you mourn 8

The day that you were born. 6

Deliver me from death, I pray. 8

Don't let wickedness have its way. 8

The crimes you've committed too terrible to say; 12

Now they have come for you. For your sins you shall pay. 12

So often, I've heard them pray; 7

I won't hear what they have to say. 8

I pushed all my friends away; 7

None of them want to stay. 6


If all you knew was hate and fear, 8

With no one there to dry each tear… 8

If you lived in the dark and hid from sight, 10

And the thing you feared most was the morning light… 11

You'll find you can be stronger, 7

Though your journey will be longer. 8

Which one is stronger - which one lasts longer? 10

The power of love or love of power? 10

There is a world where no light shows, 8

Where truth is hid and no one knows. 8

A star shines bright in the midst of the night; 10

It's giving away the last of its light. 10

Truth is lost in a sea of lies; 8

Joy and peace have turned into hopeless cries. 10

The skies have been stained black with sin; 8

Terror rises deep within. 7

Watch as each mortal 5

Passes through the portal, 6

Thrown back to the flame 5

From which they came. 5

They scream and shout, 4

But there is no way out. 6

Don't come too close or get too near; 8

Abandon hope, you who enter here. 9


If at no time you have sought salvation, 10

And never acknowledged being God's creation, 12

Hell is the place where lost souls go to separation, 13

Those who never accepted this invitation. 12

Unless you change your wicked ways, 8

Time will catch up with you one of these days. 10

It's the beginning of the end. You have some work to do. 14

The old must die before the new can become true. 13

Things won't get better before they get worse; 10

Now you're running out of time to reverse the curse. 12

Why would you expect for the God you never knew, 12

To forgive you anyway, just because you're you? 12

If you were loving and giving, 8

You prepared for death while you were living. 10

If within the darkness, you chose to dwell, 10

Then you've bought a one-way ticket to Hell. 10


I'm dying deep down - I feel it inside; 10

As the forces of good and evil collide. 11

My heart is half bad, but half good; 8

I don't understand it - I wish I could. 10

Now it seems like a fantasy to me, 8

When hope was more than just a memory. 10

So different now from what it first seemed, 9

This world has killed the wish I dreamed. 8

This is the end of everything 8

That might've meant something. 6

And all I want is one more chance, 8 To dream my dream and dance my dance. 8

Far away - in a place I might've known, 10

I was abandoned, afraid, and alone, 10

Wondering what life might have been; 8

I'd trade it for a chance to start over again. 12


The path to life is long and hard; 8

If you walk it, then stay on guard. 8

The truth you haven't yet received; 8

Do not let yourself be deceived. 8

If you listen to the lies people say, 10

They will turn you from the right way. 8

If you are wise, you won't turn around, 9

Building your life on solid ground. 8

If you're a saint, you shall walk and not faint; 10

Your heart and mind lust will not taint. 8

So watch your step as you pass the hot coals; 10

Don't tread the path of these lost souls. 8

You can try to escape eternity, 10

But you can't run from reality. 9

There's only one way to leave; 7

But first, you have to believe. 7


Failing to follow instruction, 8

Twisting the truth, destined for destruction. 10

They close their eyes and shut them tight 8

So they won't see the light. 6

They wasted all of their time on earth; 9

They cursed the day of their own birth. 8

They've sunk so low, in their blind state; 8

They envy every other fate. 8

I look in their eyes and see tears; 8

Then into the darkness they disappear. 10

They beg, they scream, their plea is clear; 8

I hear their horror - I feel their fear. 9

Souls are trapped in these flames, 6

But no one knows their names. 6

With one last look, they leave the light, 8

Entering the eternal night. 8


Certain of what I once believed, 8

Only to find I was deceived, 8

Never stopping to count the cost, 8

I feared my soul would surely be lost. 9

I kept on telling myself I could wait, 10

Thinking time would just stand still. 7

Yet, I can change. It's not too late. 8

In the end, I never will. 7

I should have stayed sanctified - set apart; 10

I knew it deep down in my heart. 8

I tried to pray he'd let me stay; 8

I never thought God would turn me away. 10

In the darkness, where demons dwell, 8

There's a place known as hell prepared for an angel who fell. 14

They're awaiting my arrival; 8

I struggle for survival. 7


At night, it's easy as ever to pretend; 11

Darkness is where the light ends. 7

Surrender to the shadows 7

And resist the rainbows. 6

Then you will know, 4

Freedom is found in letting go. 8

You can't describe the endless pain; 8

It's too hard to explain. 6

In Hell, there are no stars in sight 8

To guide you with their light. 6

You won't live through the night, 6

So just give up this fight. 6

In space, no one can hear you scream, 8

But in Hell, God can't hear you pray. 8

Here, Heaven is just a dream, 7

Yet you cry anyway. 6


Between pleasure and pain, 6

I lost my mind, going insane. 8

Beyond happiness and sadness, 8

I'm trying to end this madness. 8

My screams shatter the silent air; 8

These evil creatures laugh with joy. 8

They stand there in the dark and stare, 8

Like I am just a brand-new toy. 8

All around me, the shadows gather, 9

Trying to trap me there forever. 9

The darkness reaches out for me; 8

I don't think I'll ever be free. 8

I let the tears stream down my face; 8

How did I end up in this place? 8

Falling on my knees, screaming out, 8
If this is hell, then I want out! 8


I walk the path I know so well, 8

Stepping into the shadows of hell. 9

I close my eyes and hold my breath, 8

Standing before the edge of death. 8

Traveling through the gates, I came 8

To a river of red-hot flame. 8

I saw the face of one I knew; 8

I couldn't believe it was true. 8

Now they're living in a nightmare; 8

Even God can't hear their prayers. 7

If you look hard, you'll see them there; 8

Their souls have been trapped in a snare. 8

Poor souls cried out as I passed by; 8

Now I know the reason why. 7

My dear lost soul, I wish you well; 8

I hope you don't end up in hell. 8


Take control of me, 5

Until there's nothing left of who I used to be. 12

The road to Hell is easy - it's Heaven I want to find. 14
It's not for the hard-hearted or the weak of mind. 12

Like a lifeless piece of plaster, 8

Man is not his own master. 7

This world keeps on spinning faster, 8

Heading forward to disaster. 8

The road to life is narrow, 7
Full of suffering and sorrow. 8
The map you choose to follow 7

Will determine your tomorrow. 8

It will take faith to find the way; 8

Without it, you will fall away. 8

Don't let me die, for I might fall; 8

Please help me to get through it all. 8


I'm still trapped here in hell, 6

But I can't tell how I first fell; 8

My soul can't get out of this shell! 8

Is there a way to break this spell? 8

I think of what I could have had; 8

I have no place to turn. 6
It's all my fault - I've been so bad; 8
In hell my soul will burn. 6

Lost inside a nightmare 6

I can never wake up from, 7

Now I'm nothing more 5

Than a shadow soon to come. 7

This isn't over yet; 6

It's too good to be true! 6

This can't be happening; 6

What should I do? 4


You pray in tears, 4

But no one hears. 4

No one can tell; 4

You're trapped in hell. 4

They told you not to go; 6

You didn't listen though. 6

Throwing your life away, 6

Now you have hell to pay. 6

You may not like it, 5

But you'll get used to it. 6

Take it or leave it; 5

You don't have to believe it. 7

You walked down a long road 6

That led you straight to Hell. 6

You couldn't bear the heavy load, 8

So bound in chains, you fell. 6