10. NiGhTmArE:


Have you ever had a dream 7

Where things aren't what they seem? 7

And no one's there to hear your prayer 8

However hard you scream? 6

A dream is a wish your heart makes; 8

What happens when the bubble breaks? 9

Grass is always greener on the other side; 11

Now you must decide whether to face the fears inside. 13

When reality becomes too much to bear, 11

And your dreams turn into nightmares, 9

Yet you have no answer to your prayer, 9

Don't give up if life doesn't seem fair. 9

You don't have to run away and hide; 9

Take a long look at the darkness inside. 10

So find the faith to face your fear 8

And all your doubt will disappear. 8


Reality collides with fantasy; 10

A nightmare is born for eternity. 10

This place of joy and happiness 8

Is full of sadness and madness. 8

A shadow sweeps across the land; 8
Thus falls the last small grain of sand. 8
Dreams turn to dust - love turns to lust; 8

And all things go just as they must. 8

It's a sweet sleep, so it may seem; 8

When will I wake up from this dream? 8

For the moment, there's no faking; 8

Something in my soul is waking! 8

No salvation's in sight, 6

On this never-ending night. 7

All hope is lost and dreams are dead; 8

Now darkness rules instead. 6


All I can hear is screams 6

In this world of forgotten dreams. 8

I'm living in a nightmare now; 8

I have to stop it and wake up somehow. 10

In this world, dreams become nightmares, 8

And screams are all that's left of prayers. 8

Dreaming in a land of nightmares, 8

In a world where nobody cares. 8

Reliving the pain of the past, 8

Every moment worse than the last. 8

I fear I shall forever dwell 8

In this horrendous place called hell. 8

At first, I thought that I was strong; 8

My life made sense, just like a song, 8

But now, I see that I was wrong; 8

I could have fallen all along. 8


Things aren't always what they seem; 7

Nightmares start out just like dreams. 7

First impressions are deceiving; 8

Sometimes seeing is believing. 8

Don't let this dream come true; 6

Keep it from entering reality. 10

So never let go, whatever you do, 10

Or you'll be lost for eternity. 9

Your troubles seemed so far away, 8

But now they're here to stay. 6

Your only hope is to pretend 8

It will eventually end. 8

Opening your eyes to the light; 8

Wake up from this eternal night. 8

The truth is there for you to see; 8

It's not a fantasy. 6


A sense of powerlessness 7

A loss of control; 5

A feeling of hopelessness 7

Deep down in your soul. 5

In your darkest hour, 6

Heaven with its power 6

Can't save your soul; 4

You'll never be whole. 5

The silence has spoken; 6

Blood falls like rain. 4

Their bodies are broken; 6

And souls are slain. 4

Turn around and see 5

Your footsteps in the fiery coals. 7

This is your destiny; 6

You're one of us now. 5


Don't let your doubt 4

Kill all your dreams. 4

There's no way out; 4

Or so it seems. 4

Open up your eyes; 5

Look beyond the lies. 5

The truth can set you free, 6

But you don't have to be. 6

No time for tears, 4

Can't stop to scream; 4

So face your fears, 4

And end this dream. 4

No, this is wrong; 4
I can be strong! 4
This can't be right; 4

I have to fight! 4