13. LIGHT:


I close my eyes; 4

I'm not sure what to do. 6

That's when I realize 5

I have to trust in you. 6

I can't see ahead, 5
On this perilous path I tread. 8
I need your bright light in the life I led 10
To face the dark I dread. 6

Let your light shine on me, 6
And lead me through this day. 6

I may be blind, but I can see 6

There has to be a way. 6

So save me from this emptiness 8

And make me whole. 4
Like a candle in the darkness, 8

Light up my soul. 4

Let your light shine in me, 6
So the whole world will see. 6

Now I'll be a willing servant for you; 10

Show me what you want me to do. 8

The fear I felt has left me now; 8

I want to trust you, but I don't know how. 10

Whatever tomorrow may bring, 8

I'll take shelter under your wings. 8

When I was drifting far astray 8
From the straight and narrow way, 7
A man was born who paid the cost; 8

He gave his life to save the lost. 8

A Savior came to rescue me; 8
His love means everything to me. 8
Through the blood of the Lamb, we can find peace; 10

Soon to be perfected, you are God's masterpiece. 10


I'm all alone in this fight, 7

Like a flame in the night. 6

My life got too hot to handle; 8

Now I'm blowing out the candle. 8

All it takes is one spark 6

To light a candle when you're lost in the dark. 11

A warm glow comes back to the wick; 8

This has to be some sort of trick. 8

Old skeletons I find 6

In the back of my mind. 6

They scream and shout, 4

But they can't blow it out. 6

There's no light anywhere, 6

Only this darkness everywhere. 8

Beyond all shadow of a doubt; 8
This candle cannot be put out. 8

What is it like to lose your light, 8

And embrace the emptiness of night? 9

The flame of faith burns oh so bright, 8

But will it last through this dark night? 8

In this dark world, there is a light; 8

Don't surrender to the shadows tonight. 10

One little light can chase away the night, 10

But when it's gone, then who will fight? 8


Lonely warrior - fight in the dark, 8

A force that comes from one small spark. 8

The flame may flicker, but it never dies; 10

The wind can't blow it out, however hard it tries. 12

I'm just a candle dancing in the dark, I say, 12

And my flame is about to fade away. 10

I hope tomorrow brings with it a better day, 12
A star in the sky to show you the way. 10

This pain and sorrow eats me inside-out; 10

There are many memories I could do without. 12

The faith I found gave place to doubt; 8

The light got weaker like a candle going out. 12

These nightmares are starting to come every night, 11

But I don't know how long I can keep up this fight; 12
To learn the difference between wrong and right, 10
Only to find I've already lost the fight. 11


There is a truth no lie can kill, 8

And it never will. 5

The darkness can't conceal the light, 8

Not even for a single night. 8

Jesus is the light of the world today; 10
No darkness can keep Him away. 8

He is the truth - what a wonderful sight; 10

God is the source of all pure light. 8

Maybe something is blocking your view; 9
Let Him take the darkness away from you. 10

There is no night He can't shine through; 8
Just open your heart and see what He can do. 11

Darkness disappears in the presence of pure love; 12

Shadows scatter in the light from up above. 11

The future seems brighter if you just say 10
He'll make a way when there's no way. 8


Something is wrong on this dark night; 8

The stars in heaven won't lend their light. 9

If you're lost in the dark, look for the light; 10

Don't close your eyes. Keep it in sight. 8

There will be an end to this night; 8

Don't fear the darkness. Look for the light. 9

Though things look dark and life is hard, 8
There's a light ahead, so stay on guard. 9

You may find somebody who puts hope in your heart; 12

As time goes by, that light might die. A flame fades from the start. 14

Sometimes a friendship can rekindle a fire growing weak; 14
And if you long for that lost glow, I hope you'll search and seek. 14

I'll light a candle tonight and put it out for you to see; 15
Then when you're alone and afraid, you'll come back home to me. 14

You glow so bright, just like a star; 8

You're the closest to my heart anyone has made it so far. 15


This day is full of darkness, 7
But some choose to live in the light. 8
Fewer still reach for that brightness, 8
Beholding what is right. 6

My life shall not be lost in vain; 8

The sun will shine right through the rain. 8

A moment of pleasure - an eternity of pain; 13

I have nothing left to lose or gain. 9

Stars are so few and far apart; 8

Hope is a fire burning in your heart. 10

Dare to dream like you never have before, 10

Because one candle can become a thousand more. 11

When shadows surround you and try to hide your light, 12

You'll just shine bright, like a star in the night. 10

The light of love continues to shine on, 10
Even after the spark of life in us is gone. 12


A candle once dim now ignites 8

In a brilliant beam of light 7

As it brings truth, out of the night, 8

Back to the mind, restoring sight. 8

Don't give in to your doubt; 6

Never let your candle go out. 8

Be a beacon in the night, 7

A star that shines with a bright light. 8

The world is dark, so we must be a light; 10

Together we can drive darkness out of sight. 11

Light was not put here in our hearts to stay; 10

Love isn't love until you give it away. 11

Now send your light for all to see, 8
And bring peace to the world for me. 8

Light your candle now, my friend; 7
Bring this blindness to an end. 7


The Lord came down for us, 6

And on the cross He bled; 6

So don't curse the darkness; 6

Light a candle instead. 6

Though sometimes it's scary, 6

This candle you carry 6

Can bring truth's light 4

To a dark night. 4

In the dark, there's a door 6

You've never been through before 7

Lost souls laugh and they stare, 8

But to enter they don't dare. 7

If you're brave, cross the line; 6

Leave the black sea of night. 6

Take a step – you'll do fine – let your soul shine, 10

As you stand in the light. 6


My flame will burn 4

Until you can return. 6

The sun is about to set; 7

Night will come, but it's not here yet. 8

If it weren't for this light, 6
I'd be lost in the night. 6

By this light, I will know 6
Which way to go. 4

I'm the candle - you're the flame; 7
It was dark until you came. 7
Ever since you called my name, 7
I have never been the same. 7

When I've lost my way, 5
Or I've fallen and gone astray, 8
Each bright ray turns my night to day; 8
I know it will be okay. 7



All of creation was balanced before; 10

As it once was, so it shall be once more. 10

There will be a rainbow after The Fall, 10

Though for now it seems there's no hope at all. 10

By majestic mercy and glorious grace, 11

Wisdom for which the world prepares no place, 10

They've always been here, before you or I; 10

It's a wonderful world where dreams never die. 11

The River of Life cascades through all creation, 12

Made of our tears - chaos shouts in celebration. 12

If we must walk by faith, not sight, 8

How do you know what's wrong or right? 8

There are different colors of light; 8

But in the end, it's black or white. 8

Love, light, and life last eternally; 9

They are all part of reality. 9

A rainbow is where heaven and earth meet; 10

The circle of creation is complete. 10

It gives its light to guide the way, 8

As we begin a brand-new day. 8

Sometimes it seems like no hope is anywhere; 11

We never notice it's still there. 8

Breathtaking beauty - beyond what we bear, 10

But we can't see it anywhere. 8

God set His bow up high, 6
His covenant with you and I. 8

A promise of hope shining in the sky 10

That dreams will never really die. 8

You left the rainbow behind you, 8

Crying tears of sorrow, 6

But it remains to remind you 8

There will be a new tomorrow. 8


A rainbow is a brilliant beam 8

That fills the sky with light; 6

It's a fantastic dream 6

That lets your soul take flight. 6

What a wonderful sight; 6

It's beautiful and bright. 6

The truth your glow will show 6

To those who wish to know. 6

Enchanting to the eye, 6

Like a symphony in the sky. 8

Colors show me I can smile; 8
Make life more worthwhile. 6

The glory of heaven will glow 8

Down on the earth, far below. 7

May it light up your way 6

With its radiant ray. 6

You'll never be empty, 6

It will make your heart glow; 6

You'll never feel lonely 6

Wherever you may go. 6

You know it starts 4

Deep in your heart. 4

Only heaven knows 5

Where it goes. 3


Rainbows fade, but they will come back again; 10

God's promises are true - we just lose sight of them. 12

There are no tears in heaven, or so they say; 11

Who will wipe God's tears away? 7

Though it seems the sunlight will never shine, 10
He'll make a miracle and all is fine. 10
Though the sun won't come out, 6
He will do whatever it takes to bring it about. 12

Look with your heart, not just your eyes; 8

That's the only way to see past all the lies. 11

If you're lost in darkness, then don't despair; 10

The light of truth waits for you there. 8

Sunlight scatters shifting shadows, 8

Black storm clouds replaced by rainbows. 8

As long as the sun stills shines bright, 8

Darkness will never defeat the light. 9


When I look at the clouds, what do I see? 10

A wonderful world where I want to be! 10

A rainbow is music seen with the eyes, 10

Beautiful colors lighting up the sky. 10

The beauty is there for us to behold; 10

A reminder for the young and the old. 10

What we do in life echoes through eternity; 12

This is where fantasy meets reality. 11

When there's hope deep down in your heart, 8
It will always be with you, even when the world falls apart. 15

It keeps you going until you catch it, then, 11

There's always another to lead you on again. 12

Your dreams are waiting at the end of the rainbow; 12

They might come true if you don't let them go. 10

When it feels like your hope is hollow, 9

All you need is the faith to follow. 9


When your heart breaks and you look through your tears, 10
Sunshine comes through clouds and a rainbow appears. 11
Rainbows are a promise that the Lord will surely keep; 13
Tomorrow will be better, though today we weep. 12

So don't forget to look up, whenever you're in tears; 13
Before the rainbow comes, the dark clouds disappear. 12
The rain is hard and heavy. It's falling really fast. 13

The storm is dark and cold, but it won't last. 10

After the storm, there's a rainbow 8
To lift our hearts when they are low. 8
Such a sight shouldn't be wasted 8

On a heart that hesitated. 8

Don't let the rainbow fade away; 8

It will come back again someday. 8

Love can take many different forms, 8

So wonderful and warm, like a rainbow after a storm. 14


I feel so cold and lonely, 7

But you're nowhere to be found. 7

I wish you could be here with me; 8

My tears fall like rain to the ground. 8

The clouds are grey - the sky is black; 8

The color is gone - it's not coming back. 10

Without you, the world seems duller; 8

It's like everything lost its color. 9

I can't see the sun - not one ray; 8

I wish that you would light the way. 8

Seems like my world's a shade of gray, 8

Without you there to brighten my day – my heart's only halfway. 15

I tried to win your heart and mind; 8

I gave you all my love, but now I find, 10

I've been racing after a rainbow, 9

Chasing after a shadow. 7


Every ending 4

Has a new beginning. 6

My life doesn't depend 6

On where rainbows end. 5

Open your heart - close your eyes; 7

I'll show you a big surprise, 7

But you can't hold it in your hand; 8

I know it's hard to understand. 8

Somebody help me wake up from this dream; 10

I hear an echo every time I scream. 10

Each time I see a rainbow, I think of you a while. 14

I never saw you crying - you always had a smile. 14
I have to follow my rainbow 8

Wherever it will go. 6

Maybe someday I'll find it though; 8

It's not for me to know. 6


With your eyes, you can't see, 6

But it's more than a myth to me. 8

Rainbows remind us of God's Love; 8

There it is in heaven above. 8

Stars are falling from the sky; 7

Another tear drops from my eye. 8

Without them, there will never be 8

A symphony for us to see. 7

Sometimes weather sends rain, 6
Filling our lives with tears and pain. 8
This world is dark with terrible things; 9

Look for the light - the beauty it brings. 9

It goes far as the eye can see; 8

God put it there for you and me. 8

It has a beginning, but not and end; 10

It's a great gift to share with a close friend. 10


In a valley meadow, 6

There is a land so sweet, 6

Where wild flowers grow 6

And we are meant to meet. 6

Time slows while the sun glows; 6

And you can feel heaven's heartbeat. 8

Where the wind blows and the wave flows, 8

And moss grows underneath your feet. 8

At the end of the rainbow 7

My dreams and wishes came true; 7

With arms wide open to show, 7

I'll be waiting there for you. 7

So remember the rainbow; 7

I put it there for you. 6

I just want you to know 6

That I love you. 4

"SOMEWHERE BELOW THE RAINBOW" Somewhere under the rainbow, 7

Down below, 3

There's a wicked world of shadow; 8

It's not the one you know. 6

Somewhere under the rainbow, 7

Skies are black; 3

There's a place where your fear can 7

Give you a heart attack. 6

Somewhere under the rainbow, 7

Clouds are gray; 3

There's a valley of shadow 7

That takes your breath away. 6

Somewhere under the rainbow, 7

Lost souls scream; 3

There's a dark world of nightmares 7

Where heaven's just a dream. 6


Dream of a rainbow 5
That goes far as the eye can see. 8
It's full of pretty colors that glow 9
With magic and mystery. 7

Let the colors live; 5

Cherish the glow that they give. 7
If you set them all right, 6

They make one bright light that's pure white. 8

I can't seem to get there, 6

And I don't think it's fair. 6

I try to refine them more, 7

But I can't combine each shade in store. 9

The rain is here to stay, 6

And my pain won't go away. 7

The sunlight seems hidden, 6

Forever forbidden. 6


Chasing rainbows isn't easy, 8
Though we think it should be; 6
It took a leap of faith, you see, 8
Capturing it for me. 6
If I could catch a bow, 6
I'd do it just for you, you know. 8
Don't let dreams pass you by; 6

You'll catch them if you try. 6

Live in the light, 4
And see the unseen. 5
One day you'll get it right, 6
And you'll know what I mean. 6

I couldn't catch my rainbow; 7

My dreams were denied. 5

Maybe you could still catch it; 7

It's hard - I've tried! 4