You seemed like the brightest star of all, 9

But then you began to fall. 7

Once you were a bright star, 6

But now look where you are. 6

You were perfect in every way, 8

Lifted up more than the others, 8
Until that fateful day 6

When you turned against your brothers. 8

Seduced by pride's spell, 5

You exalted yourself higher as well, 10
But no one knows why you first fell 8

Into the darkest pit of hell. 8

Who's dream are you now delaying; 8

You're the one you've been betraying. 8

They say you are a star that fell 8

From heaven into hell. 6

Seeking your Master's height, 6
You led them in the sky. 6
Their light went out one night, 6

But nobody wondered why. 7

In their pride, they will fall, 6

And take you with them all. 6

They tried to take the throne 6

And claim it for their own. 6

This is how the angels fell 7

Under pride's seductive spell. 7

Instead of givers, they are takers; 9

They turned against their own Maker. 8

Some of the stars fell out of place; 8

They should have stayed in their own space. 8

Unaware they couldn't do it alone, 10

They weren't meant to shine on their own. 8


I keep staring off into space; 8

This world's so big – my eyes won't leave this place. 10

It feels like I'm going nowhere; 8
I'm never going to get there. 8

There is nothing I can do; 7

I have nothing to hold onto. 8

I'm caught in this world's gravity; 8

I think it has a hold on me. 8

I let my life get out of control; 9

And somehow I slipped into this black-hole. 10

Once there was light, life, and love in my soul, 10

But now it's just a big black-hole. 8

I've witnessed the birth of a black-hole; 9

The stars swirled around and were swallowed whole. 10

Sometimes when stars shatter, they become black-holes; 11

Until your heart's broken, it will never be made whole. 13

Everything is spinning around; 8

Yet when I scream, there is no sound. 8

I should've stopped and turned around; 8

Now I'm falling to the ground. 7

Deliver me from darkness; 7

There's no end to this emptiness! 8

My soul is still stuck in this space; 8

Is there a way out of this place? 8


All of my sin 4

Is pulling me in. 5

Those who fall in 4

Never get out again. 6

I have to hide 4

Everything inside. 5

I can't break free; 4
I'm trapped in me. 4

The circle consumes me, 6

Sucking up my soul. 5

The darkness devours me; 7

I just want to be whole. 6

In my heart, there's a hall 6
No light can reach. 4

My mind is like a wall 6

No truth can breach. 4

Dark forces lay siege to my soul, 8

Who don't want my life to be whole. 8

The nightmare will never let go of me, 10

Because I'm trapped here for eternity. 10

Will I ever escape this darkness and doubt? 11

I'm trapped inside myself - I'll never get out! 11

Don't let the darkness and doubt 7

Eat you alive from the inside out. 9


There are dying dreams; 5

In this world full of woe. 6
And all is lost, it seems, 6

But no one will ever know. 7

Life no longer matters; 6

Death has come instead. 5

The stars have shattered, 6

And the last dream lies dead. 6

There's a world where dreams meet their death, 8

Withering with a touch, and life is lost with but a breath. 14

Faith has fled - dreams are dead - and hope remains unseen; 12

Confusion reigns as King. Chaos is his Queen. 11

When the last song is sung and emptiness is filled, 12

Wandering hearts will finally be stilled; 10

When faith has faded and no stars are in sight, 11

And darkness devours the last of the light. 11


The stars in space 4

Have left their place. 4

They lost their light 4

To the dark night. 4

Time will never tell 5

How the angels fell. 5

They're on their way to hell; 6

Don't come too close - you'll fall as well. 8

Listen to creation cry; 7

Stars are falling from the sky; 7

They've lost their light - no one knows why, 8

But for each tear, a dream must die. 8

Look up at the galaxy in its glory; 11

The stars themselves tell a story. 8

From the beginning of our birth, 8

We enter this world called earth. 7


I stand alone at night as the wind blows, 10
Waiting for the stars to show. 7

There are those who never know 7

The light of their gentle glow. 7

I try to think how would it be 8

To have the light so I could see. 8

Shadows have surrounded me; 7

Only truth can set me free. 7

I want to be just like the light, 8

A star shining and burning bright, 8

But I don't have the will to fight; 8

Now nothing will ever be right. 8

The light is hard to find, and rare, 8

For emptiness is everywhere. 8

Maybe the truth was never there, 8

And if it was, why should I care? 8


It's a swirling vortex some call a soul; 10
There's nothing but a big black-hole. 9

I'm falling deeper into the darkness; 10

I can't escape from this emptiness. 9

I can't keep myself together; 8

How long until I'm gone forever? 9

There's a black-hole inside of me, 8

But I'm trying to break free. 7

I had a dream, but now it's gone; 8

It came and went just like the dawn. 8

I sense light, but I can't see it; 8

I know it's out there, but I can't find it. 10

Then in the dark, there was a light; 8

I saw a star shine in the night. 8

It gave me hope - it burned so bright; 8

I could never forget the sight. 8


When light falls in, 4

It never comes back out again. 8

What's that bright light up ahead? 7
There's a star shining there instead! 8

Off in the distance, there's a dim glow; 10

Focus your eyes on the sight. 7

Then into the darkness you fall down below, 10

Never again to see the light. 8

No light is pure enough to escape it; 10

No force of nature can stand against it. 10

The stars have all fled from the sky; 8
The light has left this world to die. 8

Stars were swallowed whole; 5

They're trapped in a black-hole, 6

In this never-ending nothingness, 9

In this endless emptiness. 7


The universe is unfolding, 8

Exploding exponentially. 8

It's expanding and evolving 8

To echo through eternity. 8

A star once showed us all the way; 8

Someday its light will fade away. 8

Twisting truth, time takes its tolls 7

Shattered stars become black-holes. 7

Giving in to gravity; 7

Destruction is their destiny. 8

Collapsing under their own weight gradually, 12

Falling from within endlessly. 8

Lost sailors used stars to calculate their course 11

Whenever the wind and waves took them with their force. 12

Majesty materializes as the universe unfolds; 16

Who knows what the future holds? 7


In the dark I will stay, 6
Hiding in the shadows. 6

I just want the world to go away; 9

I hope nobody knows. 6
I'm so tired of being alone, 9
But I can't do this on my own. 8

Don't they know I'm not there? 6
Can't they see through the mask I wear? 8

I feel like an empty, broken shell; 9

Because being alone is like being in hell. 12

You don't know how empty life can be 9

Until you are alone, like me. 8

I walk down this dark path alone; 8

The only one I've ever known. 8

It seems my heart has turned to stone; 8

I'll face my destiny alone. 8


The darkness is coming to drag me in; 10
I don't see how this could happen again. 10

I wish my heart would open and let light inside, 12

But I fear it never will. I'm trying to hide. 12

I can feel its powerful pull. 8

I just hope it gets full 6
Before it sucks my soul away; 8
I hope the sun will stay. 6

Look all around you; 5

Their dreams are dead. 4

Maybe you're meant to 5

Go through it instead. 5

If you want to be free, 6

Then run away instead. 6

You can't save me; 4

I'm already dead. 5


The last star starts to fall; 6

Shadows have swallowed up them all 8

No one can hear me scream or shout; 8

Please, won't somebody let me out? 8

It will not let go of the light 8

Until there is only starless-ness left in sight. 12

Darkness devours the sun, 7

So its rays reach no one. 6

Swirling into the shadows, 7

Into the depths of hell below, 8

Everyone tries to fight their fate, 8

Caught in its grip, but it's too late. 8

What can bring this falling star back out 9

Of this black-hole of darkness and doubt? 9

It will fall forever, never reaching the end; 12

In the darkness, there's no dream to defend. 10


My world is spinning; 5

Somehow, I've lost control. 6

Inside I'm slowly dying; 7

It suffocates my soul. 6

I'm a prisoner of my pride; 8

I bottle everything inside; 8

All of the fear and doubt 6

That needs to be let out. 6

My heart has exploded; 6

My brain has overloaded. 7

Trapped in this prison of indecision, 10

There's a veil blocking our vision. 8

I should feel something, 5

But I feel nothing, 5

Empty as space itself, 6

As I destroy myself. 6


I can't touch you - you're so far away; 9

I'm almost there now - please say you'll stay. 9

I made a wish and it came true; 8

Now I'm standing here with you. 7

You are the star that leads me on, 8

The light that shows me where I belong. 9

You shine with light, just like a star, 8

But you don't even know who you are. 9

Let every star in the sky fall; 8

To me they don't matter at all. 8

I don't know when the stars will fall; 8

Forever's not that long at all. 8

Like the stars, we will glow, 6
With the warm light of love we know. 8

When I have you, there's sunshine; 7

Who needs the stars when you are mine? 8


It won't let go of me; 6
I'm slowly sinking in. 6

But why don't you grab hold of me, 8

As I start to give in? 6
They all go on their way, 6
Leaving me alone anyway. 8
It's so dark I can't see; 6
Can anyone help me? 6

The darkness is lonely 6

When no one else is there; 6

Sitting in the shadows, 6

Pretending I don't care. 6

I have to close my eyes; 6

I'm scared of what I'll see. 6
That's who I want to be; 6

So don't try to stop me. 6


Whispering voices 5
Call out for my soul, 5

Running out of choices, 6

Still stuck in this black-hole. 6

Who am I within? 5

Somebody help me win! 6

The end is about to begin; 8

I'll never see the light again. 8

Now I'm falling forever, 6

Deeper into the darkness; 7

The nightmare ends never, 6

In this endless emptiness. 7

Here today, gone tomorrow, 7

Day and night filled with sorrow, 7

Now the flames are rising higher, 8

Burning with deeper desire. 8


I lose my grip, 4

And start to slip. 4

This fear I feel 4
Is all too real. 4
Deep in your eyes, 4

The mask you wear 4

Can't hide the lies; 4

The truth is there. 4

Here I am now, 4

Trapped inside of my own prison; 8

Still lost inside somehow, 6

With each wrong decision. 6

There's simply no faking, 6

The reason why my heart's breaking. 8

My world may be falling apart, 8

But there's a dream deep in my heart. 8