18. WITCH:


I'm a bloodsucking bitch; 6

Guess this girl's got some sort of glitch! 8

Now that we're face to face, 6

I'll put you in your place! 6

Here's an open invitation; 8

Just use your imagination. 8

I'll seduce the simpleminded; 8

You've no need to be reminded. 8

I see it in your eyes; 6

I can tell you hate me. 6

I hear it in your cries; 6

I know that you fear me. 6

You can't run from the truth, you see; 8
I realize you're afraid of what might be. 10

I know every secret you keep; 8

Might as well show and tell - you're in too deep. 10

I've become the victim of my own success; 11

Poor princess - you just can't stand the stress. 9

Share in my strength, and weaknesses as well; 10

There are some secrets you should never tell. 10

I know your hopes and dreams too; 7

I'll make your worst nightmares come true. 8

I am your pain, doubt, and fear; 7

I'm growing stronger with each tear. 8

I'll pull the puppet strings of your soul, 9

Toy with your mind, and eat you whole. 8

You want to kill me, but do you know how? 10

Time's up! I'm the one who's real now! 8

I doubt that you can cross the line! 8

Am I your reflection or are you mine? 10

My kiss will make you feel so fine; 8

Come closer to this wicked web of mine. 10

Revenge will be sweet 5
With the curse complete. 5
Trapped in a trance, 4

Child, you don't stand a chance. 7

You're fading from reality; 8

As I become you, become me. 8

When you die, I shall be 6

The last thing that you see. 6


All that I require 6

Is one spark of desire 7

To set your soul on fire 7

And make the flames rise higher. 7

So cast the spell you know so well, 8

And drag them all back down to hell. 8

Don't play with fire or you'll get burned; 9

Those who do so never return. 8

Follow me into the fire; 8

Let your lust and hatred lift you higher. 10

The gates of Hell are open ever wide 10

Calling any foolish mortal to come party inside. 14

If you can bear the load, 6

Then follow the blackened brick road. 8

For if you walk the way that's black, 8

Each step you take leaves no way back. 8

Sister, you were wrong; 5

We were all along. 5

You've been led astray by lies; 7

The innocence has left your eyes. 8

I'll make you regret the day we met; 9

You'd better not forget - this isn't over yet! 12

Your joy brings me such pain; 6

It's driving me insane. 6

I can see through your soul; 6

Now how will you ever be whole? 8

On the outside, you may smile; 8

Inside, you worry all the while. 8

The love you speak of will not last; 8

Your flame of faith shall fade so fast. 8

This hope you feel - it's not for real; 8

Life comes and goes. What's the big deal? 8

I'll take the throne by theft; 6

Dear, when I'm done, there will be no one left. 10

I'm just a figment of your imagination; 12

You can't recognize your own reflection. 10

Your wings broke when you fell, 6

But you won't need them here in hell. 8

So hang your halo up at the door; 9

You aren't an angel anymore… 8


A castle's just ahead; 6

My heart is full of dread. 6

The gates were left open wide, 7

Like it was calling me to come inside. 10

I've never seen this place before, 8

Slowly walking up to the door. 8

I can't tell, but from what I see, 8

It looks normal enough to me. 8

The castle is covered with clouds, 8

Surrounded by sinister shrouds. 8

This place is haunted, and men fear it; 9

In there lies a tortured spirit. 8

In her hand, a scepter glows; 7

From it, a burning flame goes. 7

Standing on top of the tower, 8

Taking pride in all her power. 8

There is a black-hole in her eyes, 8

No love or light - just lust and lies. 8

Her eyes are dark and black; 6

Her hair is long, draped down her back. 8

The witch looks out across the land, 8

A fallen kingdom under her command. 10

The witch comes in the dead of night, 8

To fill the hearts of men with fright. 8

Evil floats around in the air; 8

Be careful of the hidden snare. 8

The air fills with a strange black mist 8

No mortal can resist. 6

Her world is dead, but mine lives on; 8

Her kingdom has fallen - the people are gone. 11

I'm trapped in this world now, 6
But I have to leave somehow! 7


I am darkness. I am death. 7

Tonight I'll make you take your final breath. 10

I walk among the living and 8

I choose which life I wish to end. 8

Who will my next victim be? 7

Do you wanna come with me? 7

I can make up your mind, you know, 8

Whether you will stay or go. 7

My dear, death comes to all; 8

Forget about your faith - let go and fall. 10

I could kill you with just one touch; 8

I promise it won't hurt much. 7

Your conscience is cute. It's pointless to pray, 10

But I don't have all day, so get out of my way! 12

No one can see the tears you cry; 8

I'll let you be the first to die. 8

Just like a breath, life goes so fast; 8

The next you take could be your last. 8

The future looks bright - you've seen the light; 9

You might think you have won the fight. 8

So face your fear if you know how; 8

You have the strength to fight back now. 8

You can't beat me - you don't know how; 8

Nothing's going to stop me now. 8

You thought you could get away, 7

But I'll come back to haunt you someday. 9

You might have thought the fight was won, 8

Not yet - the battle's just begun. 8

Turn around to face your fear; 7

You think I'm gone, but I'm still here. 8

Look behind you and you'll see 7

You haven't gotten rid of me. 8


Villagers gave her an ugly glare, 9

Whenever they walked by and stopped to stare. 10

She was different from the world and misunderstood, 12

Living a lonely life no one ever should. 11

The witch saw a sword at her head; 8

"Don't make a move, or you'll be dead!" 8

Practicing magic was against the law; 10

This mistake was her only flaw. 8

Thrown into a dungeon, they chained her to the wall; 12

They left her there to die. They had no proof at all. 12

Her wrists were wrapped, bound together with rope; 10

They crowded around her. She had no hope. 10

The town put her on trial, 6

Though she cried out in denial. 8

With a deep breath, she took her place; 8

No trace of fear was on her face. 8

As they called out her name, 6

She hung her head in shame. 6

They took her by the hand, 6

And led her to the stand. 6

They dragged her to the flames, 6

Then tied her to the stake. 6

There was no times for games, 6

And it made her heart break. 6

They knew for sure she was a witch; 8

As she screamed out, they didn't even twitch. 10

They watched her burn there for a while, 8

But when they left, nobody saw her smile. 10

Now that her fate has been forever sealed, 10

The truth will finally be revealed. 9

She'll burn in the fire forever, 9

To be released never. 6


I'm lost inside of this illusion; 9

Now it's happening all over again. 10

Caught in a net of confusion, 8

Trapped in the webs I'm wrapped up in. 8

I saw you standing alone there, 8

The dark angel from my nightmare. 8

How did you get here? I don't know! 8

And why is it you hate me so? 8

What is this spell you put on me? 8
My mind is blind, so I can't see. 8

One of these days, I will break free; 8

You have no power over me! 8

I am stronger than you know; 7

I'm scared, but I won't let it show. 8

It's time for you to see 6

Another side of me. 6

Careful what you touch; 5

The fingerprints you leave 6

Might not seem like that much, 6

But they may move the web you weave. 8

She comes to me at night, 6

Standing in the moonlight. 6

Her dark voice calls to me, 6

Like a siren of the sea. 7

Evil sister, twisted twin, 7

Image of wickedness within, 8

I won't give up or let you win; 8

I've got the guts to get up again. 7

Dark Angel, this is no surprise; 8
You tricked me once with little white lies. 9

You managed to trap me before; 8

I won't fall for it anymore. 8


You believe I'm evil? I disagree! 10

My power brings balance to things that be. 10

Without wrong, there cannot be right; 8

Without darkness, where is the light? 8

Consider this, you fool; 6

Next time you meet me, keep your cool. 8

No good deed goes unpunished; 7

But I'm not finished! 5

The very idea makes my blood flow fast; 10

I'll find a way to forget about my dark past. 12

Not only their hero, but also a queen; 11

I'll make this world better than it's ever been. 11

I rule the world, slaves heed my call; 8

Now that I can have anyone, I want no one at all. 14

Say you love me, but I don't care; 8

You can't break a heart that's not there. 8

Though hope is lost and your peace of mind robbed, 10

Please don't take it personally. I'm just doing my job! 14

I weep for you - I do, it's true - and I sincerely sympathize; 16

I've enjoyed destroying your dreams more than you realize. 14

Everybody would be me if they could; 10

I'm not insane - I'm just misunderstood. 10

I don't want to do what I should; 8

Being bad never felt so good! 8

Some souls have filed for complaint, 8

But more or less, I've been a saint. 8

You find life confusing? 6

I think it's amusing! 6

You say that I should share; 6

You think life's unfair? 5

Well to tell you the truth, 6

I really don't care! 5


Do whatever thou wilt, 6

Granting yourself no guilt. 6

God can't see everything; 6

Nobody will know anything. 8

Submit to your senses, 6

And obey your thirst. 5

Now double your defenses; 7

Reach out - take the glory first! 7

With a heart cold as ice, 6

You don't have to think twice. 6

With a mind made of stone, 6

You're not afraid to be alone. 8

Your heart is pitch black as the night; 8

Even demons hide from your sight. 8

To serve in Heaven or rule in Hell? 9

That's why you would rather rebel! 8

I'm the wind upon your shoulder; 8

Ice is nice, but my cruelty is colder. 10

"Come a little closer," said the spider to the fly, 13

"I'll suck out all your blood until it runs dry." 11

I'll play with your mind like a puppet, 10

And the worst part is you won't even know it. 11

There's a monster in the mirror – hidden within my mind; 14

Every night I see her sneaking up behind. 11

What are you waiting for? Is that all you've got? 11

Let me show you what I'm made of! Here I come, ready or not! 15

The king would see you bound, captured within his chains; 12

Raise your fist! Rise and resist - vengeance in your veins! 12

You came so far on a falling star and still will your greed grow, 15

You'll find there's so much more to know. 8

With sword in hand, you'll stand against all heaven's host; 12

Let not your pride be broken, though scorning their utmost. 13


My love is a black rose 6
Held out to you by the hand of fate; 9
Gradually, our romance grows 8
In the patch, beyond the pitch-black gate. 10

Though it seems to suffer decay, 8

It's full of charm in its own way. 8

There is a rose in the devil's garden, 10

Full of faithless hearts that hardened. 8

In the shadows, it stands alone, 8

For this flower has the power to turn a heart to stone. 14

Sometimes weeds look just like flowers; 8

Watch out for its wicked powers. 8

In the moon's light grows a rose bred from pain, 10

Fed by tears that fall like acid rain. 9

Rooted in the fertile soil of broken hearts, 12

And no one can see where it starts. 8

Growing in the shadows 6

Where no one knows, 4

Rooted in your fears, 5

Watered by your tears. 5

Fading from mortal sight 6

In the pale moonlight, 5

The petals are falling, 6

For death is calling. 5

Isn't it so pretty? 6

It's beautiful, but deadly! 7

How much life might there be 6

Left here in this black rose for me? 8

Take it if your heart's true, 6

Yet if you die, it won't hurt much. 8

Don't pick it or it could cut you; 8

You can look, but don't touch. 6


My power over you 6

Is growing stronger too. 6

It's useless to resist, 6

So just do as I insist. 7

For when I came 4

And spoke your name, 4

You made the choice 4

To hear my voice. 4

Already open to attack, 8

No second thoughts - no looking back. 8

Beyond questions of if or when, 8

There is no use resisting then. 8

I can force you - I can make you; 8

Take - shake - bend - and break you; 6

Let me touch and caress you; 7

Let me enter and possess you. 8

Your soul is mine to keep; 6

It's just a dream - go back to sleep. 8

Now close your eyes - turn from the light; 8

Follow me into the dark night. 8

The bridge is crossed - the dream is done; 8

It won't be long until we are one. 9
So stand back now and watch it burn, 8
Because we've passed the point of no return. 10


Stray into the shadows; 6

They're whispering your name. 6

Once you give up and let go 7

You'll never be the same. 6

Open your mind and let the lies in; 9

Darkness will live within. 6

Open your heart and let the hate out; 9

I'll turn your faith to doubt. 6

The devil's a deceiver, 7

But you're a believer. 6

Pain and fear may have led you here, 8

But they can still blind you, my dear. 8

You thought you were so strong, 6

But I doubt you'll last long. 6

I'll show you how it's done; 6

Then I will be the one. 6

I got the best of you, 6

But I want the rest too! 6

You can't kill me, but you can try; 8

Don't you see? I'll never die! 7

Some men think they're so clever; 7

One kiss and you're mine forever. 8

Let me be your tour guide 6

To the dark side. 4


My heart has turned from white to black; 8

I left the light - there's no turning back. 9

The sky grows dark - I start to scream; 8

Heaven fades just like a dream. 7

I fold my torn wings back and cry; 8

I don't know why my dreams must die. 8

I spread my arms, and though I try, 8

I have forgotten how to fly. 8

In this trance I am suspended, 8

Thinking that my life has ended. 8

And in my dream, I trip and fall; 8

I might never wake up at all. 8

This is for real - I can't stop screaming; 9

Now I know that I'm not dreaming. 8

Descending into the darkness; 8

I embrace this emptiness. 7

I came so close to heaven, 7
But somehow I've fallen. 6

I'm trapped in this needless nightmare; 8

Now I'll never make it there. 7

I didn't mean to fly so high; 10

Once I let my wings touch the sky. 8

So now I close my eyes and cry; 8

Cuz this is my last lullaby. 8


Angel of the night, 5

Staying out of sight; 5

Spreading out her wings, 5

The Dark Angel sings. 5

Chosen for the light, 5

Brightest of the bright, 5

But you turned to the night; 6

You can't stand it, sick at the sight. 8

I risked my life reaching for each star. 9

I soared so high - then fell so far. 8

My wings are broken. I just can't fly; 9

I'll never be free, no matter how hard I try. 12

I lost my wings - my dreams are dead; 8

Now thoughts of fear have filled my head. 8

I have left heaven - now I can never go back. 12

The wind grows cold - the sky turns black. 8


I blink my eyes and rub my head; 10

I should be dead, but I'm alive instead. 10

I fell from heaven - lightning struck me down; 10

The glory has faded from my white gown. 10

Is there a way for me to be whole again? 11

All I want is a chance to start over again! 12

And it's like I'm laughing while I'm crying, 10

But it's like I'm living while I'm dying. 10

I've got the whole world at my fingertips; 10

Men would give anything to lick my lips. 10

Every dream I touch turns into a nightmare; 11

It doesn't take much to ruin what's there. 10

Everything in sight is made of pure white; 10

Why am I trapped in this bright world of light? 10

I'm tired of these stained-glass windowed halls; 10

I'll break free and shatter the crystal walls! 10


In this dusty corner, hope is a blur; 10

The present is cloudy and the future unsure. 12

I'll keep on acting like everything is fine, 11

Dreaming in this dim little world of mine. 10

Back upon my wooden shelf I will sit; 10

I may still smile, but I don't really mean it. 12

I like playing pretend, because faces are fake; 12

Don't worry my darling - I don't mind if I break. 12

And if a tear should start to fall, 8

No one can catch it – nobody at all. 10

Would a face like this lie? A drop stuck in my eye? 12

Must be the rain, since toys can't cry! 8

Just a rag doll lying upon the floor, 10

I'll be waiting here like I did before. 10

Don't you want to play with me anymore? 10

Well then, turn off the lights and shut the door! 10


As a child, I didn't understand 10

How darkness fell upon this land. 8

Now I will stand at your right hand; 8

My life is yours to command. 7

Take my heart and make it your own; 8
I come before you, kneeling at your throne. 10
I've fallen under your dark spell of romance; 11
To escape your enchantment I have no chance. 11

My devotion I declare; 7

I will fall forever into your dark despair. 12

I find myself lost, seduced by your lies, 10
Enchanted by your eyes. 6

So give to me this kiss of death; 8

You steal my soul as I take my last breath. 10

I look in your eyes one last time - my heart grows still; 12
My love, it's you who command my will. 9


I saw her there, standing in the moonlight; 10

She walked through walls, silent as the night. 9

She wore a pale white gown that fell down to the ground, 12

Yet as she moved, it made no sound. 8

Now I'm caught in her spell; 6

Looks like the web she weaved worked well. 8

I knew she was a witch from hell, 8

But no one else could tell. 6

From the moment I looked into her eyes, 10

My mind was mesmerized - my heart was hypnotized. 12

I hear her voice whispering in the wind; 10

I have no choice but to obey again. 10

Though she may wear a dress that's white, 8

If you walk through the woods at night, 11

And meet her under the moonlight, 8

The sight will fill your heart with fright. 8


Hiding places no one can see, 8
That's where the witch will be. 6

She sits upon a beast black as midnight; 10

The air around her absorbs all the light. 10

Lost in the dark, she haunts me there, 8

A vision of my worst nightmare. 8

She looks like the angel of my dreams, 9

But she's not what she seems. 6

That witch had you going for a while, 9

Tempting you with her wicked smile. 10

You can't trust her - better watch your back; 9

When you let your guard down, she'll attack. 9

I would not let my true thoughts show; 8

My face won't let her know. 6

I took a chance, but with one glance, 8

She trapped me in a trance. 6


I have visions in my head; 7

The people around me are dead. 8

I smile as the bodies fall, 8

For I'm the one who killed them all. 8

I want this world to feel my pain; 8

So let their blood fall like the rain. 8

I'll kill them all - I swear they'll die; 8

One life lost for each tear I cry. 8

Another body falls to the floor; 9

Why isn't it moving anymore? 9

You think I'm not right in the head? 8

Don't say such things - you'll wind up dead! 8

I think once you're done screaming, 7
It's time for me to end your dreaming. 9
I'll turn your dreams into nightmares; 8

So now's your chance to say your prayers. 8


I walk with the wind at my feet; 8

I'm the demon you can't defeat. 8

Put my power to the test; 7

I'm a witch - more ruthless than the rest. 9

Even demons flee from my sight, 8

For I'm the Dark Angel of the night. 9

My eyes are filled with emptiness; 8

I'm the Soul-less, Heartless Princess of Darkness. 11

I'll be waiting here for you, 7

To make your darkest dream come true. 8

I prefer to work from behind the scenes; 10

I'm the scariest thing that you've ever seen. 11

I tell you here and now, 6

I am a Queen and to me you will bow. 10

And so with great glee, I hereby decree, 10

The world will bow down before me. 8


I'm left staring off into space; 8

The color's draining from my face. 8

I see a princess - she looks like me; 9

Where is the girl I used to be? 8

There is a black rose in her hair; 8

Her face looks radiant and fair. 8

So cold and cruel - pale white and dead, 8

Her bloodstained lips are ruby red. 9

Her eyes are black - her face is pale; 8

A spider-web - her wedding veil. 8

Her face is white - her dress is black, 8

Hiding a knife behind her back. 8

Her world is dead, but mine lives on; 8

Her kingdom has fallen - the people are gone. 11

My heart stops beating - my blood runs cold; 9

The terror I felt could never be told. 10


Take aim now and don't you dare miss, 8

Or she'll kill you with just one kiss. 8

At first, you think she's quite a catch, 8

But it looks like you've met your match. 8

She'll gently gesture with her hand, 8

To keep you under her command. 8

You'll listen to her lovely voice, 8

As if you have no other choice. 8

Don't fall for the first disguise, 7

Or you'll be in for a big surprise. 9

Look into her eyes, deep and hard, 8

Or else she'll catch your mind off guard. 8

They say she's a white witch; 6

She might seem nice, but she's a bitch! 8

She'll hunt your soul just for the thrill; 8

Your heart would stop if looks could kill! 8


I have no protection 6

From my dark reflection. 6

I have to do this on my own; 8

I'll face myself alone. 6

I turn to face my foe, 6

Someone I already know. 7

I don't know how to defeat her; 8

Do I have the strength to beat her? 8

Blood splatters on her naked breast; 8

She pulled the sword out of her chest. 8

I feel myself fall - the whole world's spinning, 10

While the witch stands above me, just grinning. 10

There's no turning back from here; 7
I know I have to face my fear. 8

Evil forces growing stronger; 8

I can't hold on any longer. 8


Your beauty blinded me, 6

Designed to deceive me. 8

I quickly fell under your spell; 6

No one could tell it led to hell. 8

But the beauty of your skin 7

Can't hide the wickedness within. 8

You might have a black heart, 6

But you're a work of art. 6

You're evil in its purest form, 8
Like the lightning in a storm. 7

You look innocent on the outside; 9
Now I see you have a dark side. 8

You used to be an angel, perfect in every way, 13

But you weren't like the rest. You simply couldn't stay. 12

One day, you gave in to your pride; 8

How can you be so beautiful, yet so ugly inside? 14


I'm a master of illusion; 8

I'm the cause of your confusion. 8

I'm the fear that terrifies you; 8

I'm the demon that defies you. 8

I'll never go away, 6

No matter how hard you pray. 7

I might look like an angel of light, 9

But I'm a demon of night. 7

I'll make heaven hell for you; 7

You'll beg for death before I'm through! 8

Trade your smile for a frown; 7

I'll turn your whole world upside-down! 8

I'll be waiting for you there, 7

Like an angel from your nightmare. 8

And for each laugh, there is a scream, 8

On this dark world, where light is but a dream. 10


The Angel of Death spreads out her wings; 9
The time has come to end all things. 8
Her eyes flicker like a flame; 7

And now she'll end this game. 6

Don't look into her empty eyes, 8

She's the Dark Angel of Death in disguise. 10

Her heart is cruel. Her wings are black. 8

The banshee is back. 5

Hide your face under your hood; 7
The mistress of evil is here for good. 10

The night has come - a cold wind blows; 8

The witch is here, but no one knows. 8

With a wave of her hand, 6

Darkness spreads across the land. 7

With a nod of her head, 6

Men fall down dead. 4


There is a path that you can't see; 8

You still can't tell what lies in store. 8

This is an enemy unlike any 10

You've ever fought before. 6

You feel so weak and helpless, 7
But can't trust anyone. 6
When you're at war with yourself, I guess 9
You turn on everyone. 6

You will always have a shadow by you 10

As long as the light is outside you; 9

But when it shines from within, 7

Darkness has no place to begin. 8

Where can you go - what do you do; 8

When the one you fear most is you? 8

What will it take to make you see? 8

You are your own worst enemy! 8


Like a living shadow, 6

It grows alone in the meadow; 8

Sheltered from the sunlight, 6

Protected by pitch-black night. 7

Before me, there's a red rose, 7

And with the light of life, it glows. 8

The rose will turn from red to black; 8

It lost its life - it won't come back. 8

My laughter makes the angels cry; 8

Why do things die when I walk by? 8

My blood is as black as my heart; 8

The things I touch fall apart! 7

Let every dream meet its doom, 7

For this is my best time to bloom. 8

Let all their tears fall like the rain, 8

For I will flourish - prosper within their pain. 11


Somewhere in a meadow, 6

In a valley full of shadows, 8

There is a rose that grows in hell, 8

Planted by an angel that fell. 8

Long ago, a seed of hate was sown, 9

But now look how the rose has grown. 8

Its leaves are black as night, 6

And absorb some sunlight. 6

The white flower begins to fade 8

And turns into a darker shade. 8

The petals fall onto the ground, 8

Never making a sound. 6

So lonely, left behind, 6

The rose is there for none to find. 8

Its ashes taken by the wind, 8

So no one will ever see it again. 10


Paint the roses red, 5

But with blood instead. 5

The bud was dead; 4

Colored black, it bred. 5

She held it in her hand, 6

And crushed it, unable to understand; 10

Letting sharp thorns pierce her skin, 8

Filled with poison within. 6

A drop of blood falls to the ground, 8

Landing without making a single sound. 10

This rose, as black as night, has lost its light, 10

But once it was so beautiful and white. 10

And as the life faded away, 8

The air filled with the scent of decay. 9

There's magic in that fragile flower; 9

Each petal had power. 6


Angels dance all around; 6

They fall gently to the ground, 7

Screaming without a sound, 6

For no hope can be found. 6

The fallen angel with black wings 8

Has been through so many things. 7

Everyone feels the pain she brings, 8

But no one hears the song she sings. 8

The sky is dark - the moon glows bright; 8

It gives me peace on this violent night. 9

Moonlight shines on the land below; 8

This land has fallen to shadow. 8

It's time for me to wear this crown; 8

Ashes, ashes, they all fall down. 8

My heart is made of stone; 6

I'll rule this throne alone. 6


I'm like an infection 6

That won't go away. 5

I'm your dark reflection; 6

I'm here to stay. 4

Just because you can't see me, 7

That doesn't mean I don't exist. 8

I possess your body; 6

It's useless to resist. 6

I'm the evil force you find 7

In the mirror of your mind. 7

I'm the shadow of your soul 7

That you can't control. 5

And once you set me free, 6

There will be no stopping me. 7

I'm the enemy you can't see; 8

Slowly you're becoming me. 7