The unicorn standing in the moonlight was white; 12

His horn glowed bright with light. 6

The dragon's gaze fills mortal hearts with fright; 10

Wings black as night, 4

The dragon and unicorn looked into each other's eyes; 14

Before the hour passed, one of them had to die. 12

In fierce combat they will fight; 8

Dragon and unicorn unite. 8

The unicorn circled around, 8

But the dragon never let his guard down. 10

Hooves hit the ground 4

With a thundering sound. 6

Charging into the night, 6

His horn burned bright with light. 6

He went to slay the deadly beast; 8

He wasn't afraid in the least. 8

The purity of the horn in his heart 10

Would shatter his soul and break it apart. 10

Perhaps light could pierce through the beast's pride; 10

It divided the darkness deep inside. 10

A young girl watched as he did fly; 8

The beast winced with pain in his eye, 8

Her faint heart skipped a beat, 6

As the dragon crushed him under his feet. 10

The princess fell onto her knees; 8

She screamed out loud, "No, please!" 6

It was too late - tears filled her eyes; 8

The unicorn lay down to die. 8

His pure white coat was stained with blood; 8

His mane was messed up in the mud. 8

His last breath had been spent; 6

His life ended in a moment. 8

The princess held him in vain; 7

She could not stand to see his pain. 8

His blood was spilled - it left a stain; 8

Then the sky started to rain. 7

His horn, like starlight, stopped showing; 8
Glittering, gleaming, and glowing. 8
In the end, her wounded friend 7

Had no more light to lend. 7

The unicorn had met his death; 8

He fell down with a drop. 6

The whole world seemed to hold its breath, 8

As time came to a stop. 6

The unicorn no mortal could kill 9

Fell to the dragon's dark will. 7

Time itself stood still 5

Upon that high hill. 5


It's the most wonderful thing I've ever seen; 11

This meadow is like no place I've been. 9

I ran through a great forest and soon I came 10

To a hidden valley that had no name. 10

I stopped and turned - what did I see? 8

There was a unicorn, proud as could be. 10

A clever creature that no hunter could capture; 12

Who would resist its radiant rapture? 10

It looked at me as if I were a child; 10

Its manner was mild, though it was wild. 10

It saw through my soul with a glace; 8

I found myself lost - trapped in a trance. 9

Its eyes were deeper than eternity, 10

For they could see beyond reality. 10

And for a while, we stood there silently; 11

Waking from this dream, it turned from me. 9


To the top of the mountain it came, 9

The unicorn that couldn't be tamed. 9

This is a world where you can't be, 8

A magical place we can't see. 8

At the world's edge, where earth and sky are one, 10
From a distance, I saw it in the setting sun. 12

A bright light came from the tip of its long white horn; 12

From it, a rainbow was born. 7

Then in a moment, the magic was gone, 10

Fleeing through the forest like a frightened fawn. 10

The mist swirled around and made it disappear, 12

Leaving me to wonder whether it was here. 11

Round in a circle, her hooves flashed away; 10

Then the trees stood alone in the light of day. 11

Her neck drawn down, graceful gaze so serene; 10

She left without a trace of having been there at the scene. 14


The enchanted forest was such a peaceful place; 11

And the breathtaking beauty made her heart race. 11

Light filled the little meadow where she stood, 10

As a white unicorn came through the wood. 10

Walking to her, at first shyly, it shook its mane; 12

Hearing hooves pounding on the path, she turned just as it came. 14

The princess gasped, taking a step, gently reaching with grace; 14

The unicorn came forth and emerged from his hiding place. 14

His ears twitched forward at the slightest sound; 10

He stopped, looking to see who was around. 10

And with one touch, her wish was made, 8

Sealed in the silence of a solemn serenade. 12

In that touch, their souls joined in song; 8

For they had always been one all along. 10

The unicorn made her heart sing, 8

It was the rarest living thing. 8


Innocent infinitely, 7

Perfect in your purity; 7

Cunning creature of love and light, 8

Matchless majesty and might. 7

All that is left of mystery 8

And legend lives inside of me. 8

Spiraling around times seven, 8

The horn on my head points to heaven. 9

They say my horn is made of magic; 9

If I should die, it would be tragic. 9

I have a horn of power so pure, 9

For any known illness, it is a cure. 10

Fleeting glimpses are all that I can give 10

To the pure of heart so they know I live. 10

A noble creature - a true work of art; 10

I'm only seen by the innocent of heart. 12


I'll hold you in my arms; 6

There's no need for alarm, 6

For your magical charm 6

Protects from any harm. 6

I was sent to trap it, you see, 8

But as I watched, it occurred to me: 8

Who could do such a terrible thing? 9

I thought about the pain it would bring. 9

Such a heavenly sight, I felt no sense of fright; 12

Meeting this creature of pure light. 8

You wander the world, but cannot be caught; 10

Like the hope I once had - the faith I forgot. 11

The unicorn runs wild and free; 8

That's the way it was meant to be. 8

But in my heart, there'll always be 8
The magic of this memory. 8


Once when he was younger, 6

He laughed at the thought of capture; 8

But now he fears, though he was free, 8

Something has happened to his family. 10

He runs from those who would 6

Try to capture him if only they could. 10

He hides by day and travels by the night, 10

The unicorn whose coat is white. 8

He is the last one of his breed, 8
The rest are gone, for all man's greed. 8
For no more will be born, 6
To take the place of the last unicorn. 8

Is he the last one of his kind? 8

Are there others he left behind? 8

He has a home no one will find, 8

For he lives in my heart and mind. 8


Walking under a waterfall, 8

I could hear a distant call. 7

The unicorn remained unknown, 8

But appeared to me when I was alone. 10

He stared, challenging me to ride; 8

I couldn't keep up even if I tried. 10

He turned and passed me by; 6
I had to catch him, or at least try. 9

I felt the wind rush past my face 8

While we flew through the forest and raced. 8

Branches swayed softly in the breeze; 8

Lush green leaves fell from trees. 6

Racing at the speed of light, 7

I couldn't follow him in flight. 8

Then it span and ran out of sight, 8
Leaving me there alone that night. 8


The unicorn ran through a forest of green, 10

So swiftly she was seldom seen. 8

Wherever she went, with each hoof-beat, 8

Flowers grew down at her feet. 7

With each step, I could hear no sound, 8

As if her feet never touched the ground. 9

Then she stopped and paused at a pool; 8

The crystal cascades felt so cool. 8

For a brief moment in time, 7

Her emerald eyes met with mine. 8

I searched for words, but there were none; 8

The unicorn and I were one. 8

The unicorn came closer; 7

I reached out to touch her. 6

Then it turned and ran away, 7

Leaving me alone that day. 7


The princess just wanted a look; 8

Slowly she knelt beside the brook. 8

The unicorn stepped out into sight, 9

Walking in the warm, lovely light. 8

And as the unicorn stood there, 8

She could not help but stop and stare. 8

But then, as she reached out her arm, 8

Its ears pricked up, for fear of harm. 8

She touched him ever so gently, 8

But scared him accidentally; 7

For at the soft touch of her hand, 8

The unicorn could understand. 8

The unicorn neighed softly 7

And galloped away gracefully. 8

The vision took her breath away; 8

Would she see it again someday? 8


I knelt down by a stream; 6

Did I just see it there? 6

I knew it was no dream; 6
I stopped to stare. 4

I see it every day, 6

Before it bounds away. 6

I feel it's near; 4

I know it has been here. 6

They are still unaware; 6
They don't know that it's there. 6
They wouldn't know where; 5

They're so blind they don't care. 6

You think she's just a horse; 6

Yet you don't know, of course. 6

But if your heart is pure and true, 8

The unicorn will come to you. 8


In an enchanted forest forlorn, 8

A baby unicorn was born. 8

From his parents he was torn; 7

They were killed for their horns. 6

Heaven has been hidden, 6

Forever forbidden. 6

Each tear was worth 4

More than the earth. 4

At the edge of the wood 6

The white unicorn stood, 6

Stepping into the shade 6

Of the forest glade. 4

The unicorn could see 6

That once the world was free, 6

But that was so 4

Very long ago. 5


Early in the morning, 6

About the break of day, 6

Hoof beats came crashing 5

Along the narrow way. 6

The time is near; 4

Let's take a ride, 4

Now that we're here 4

On the other side! 5

Race after the rainbows; 6

Chase away the shadows. 6

Meeting in the meadows, 6

Gallop through the grottoes. 6

I knew my part right from the start; 8

A wish was made - a star was born. 8

I dared to dream with all my heart, 8

And tried to ride a unicorn. 8



In a forest full of twisted, tangled trees, 10

With mysterious moonlight in the air, 10

A girl went farther down a dark path, 9

Unaware that death was waiting for her there. 11

She could not see him anywhere, 8

Never knowing that he was there. 8

Then into the darkness he disappeared, 10

Almost as quick as he'd appeared. 8

The unicorn stopped beside a pool; 9

The water there was crystal cool. 8

He dipped the tip of his dark horn; 8

And then a ring of blood was born. 8

She watched in a trance like a dream, 8

As he stopped to drink from the stream. 8

He paused and turned his head; 6

The reflection's black instead. 7

His eyes were full of emptiness; 8

He led the princess deeper into the darkness. 12

He seemed to stare straight through her soul; 8

Soon it would swallow her up like a black-hole. 11

There he was, standing all alone; 8

He seemed to be made out of stone. 8

When she saw him, she cried a tear, 8
Wondering what had lured her here. 8

Standing in the shadows, 6

In the misty meadows, 6

Staring at her silently, 7

Waiting ever so anxiously. 8

Stepping slowly, coming closer, 8

As if not to frighten her, 7

Ever patiently he waited; 7

Never once he hesitated. 8

In a brief flash of lightning, 7

His dark form was very frightening. 8

If he touched her, then she would die, 8

And there would be no time to cry. 8

His horn pointed at her heart, 7

Ready to rip it apart. 7

It was sharper than a knife, 7

So she ran for her life. 6


I was alone in the dead of night, 9

When suddenly a scream filled me with fright. 10

It felt like something was chasing after me, 10

But I was too scared to look back and see. 10

At first, he was behind me, but now nothing's there, 12

Disappearing in the darkness, but I did not see where. 14

A witch rode on his back with the wind in her hair; 12

The sky turned cold and black - magic in the air. 11

According to legend, only a mortal 11

May pass through the forgotten portal. 9

To this day, the enchanted forest is forbidden; 12

Who knows what secrets it still keeps hidden? 10

His eyes glow like a flame, 6

The unicorn no man could tame. 8

Through the shadows then there came 7

A nightmare without name. 6

Hearing a familiar sound, 7

His hooves fall to the ground. 6

Your heart begins pounding; 6

There's no time to turn around. 7

In the darkness, he stands there; 7

The black unicorn from your nightmare. 9

Never had a nightmare like this been born; 10

Nobody can stop the dark unicorn. 10

He'll catch you if you stay; 6

There's still time to get away! 7

The creature is coming, you know; 8

You run, but there's nowhere to go! 8

You feel the fear as he gets near; 8

He's coming close! He's almost here! 8

Scream out loud into the sky, 7

But no one's there to hear your cry! 8


Fearing my dark fury, 6

At my sight, they will flee. 6

By the power of my pride, 7

I'll make them run and hide. 6

They took my life away; 6

Now I will make them pay. 6

They won't take me alive; 6

No mortal shall survive. 6

Born from a fire, 5

Like a rising flame, 5

I'm your dark desire; 6

Nightmare is my name! 5

From pools of blood I'm born; 6

I'll shatter stars with my horn. 7

I'll make the whole world mourn. 6

For I am a dark unicorn! 8

Nightmare is my name; 5

I'm a dark unicorn. 6

I've never been tame; 5

From the day I was born. 6

The truth is torn 4

By my dark horn. 4

Your sanity I scorn, 6

With anger blood adorns. 6


On this dark night, 4

The moon glows bright. 4

He stands in sight, 4
Ready for a fight. 5

He can't feel pain; 4

It's driving him insane! 6

What do you have to gain 6

By all the souls you've slain? 6

Listening for a call, 6

For some threat to his pride, 6

The unicorn stands tall, 6

With ears open wide. 5

He turns at last, 4

From the long gaze he cast. 6

Stars fall in showers 5

By my dark powers! 5

His cry for violence 5

Is met without conscience. 6

You stand in silence, 5

Then dance in open defiance. 8

Flowing like a fountain, 6

Blood streams down the mountain. 6

The dark unicorn descends 7
To confront his challenge. 6


When the stars fall, and in their place black-holes are born, 12

And the future turns to past without warn; 10

When it seems like dying dreams have left the world to mourn, 13

They'll stare in unbelief at the dark unicorn. 12

Can't stand the light - it's driving him insane; 10

He shook the stardust from his midnight mane. 10

As he raced with the wind, blood fell like rain; 10

His hooves were stained with the souls of the slain. 10

A wasteland of worlds left in his wake, 9

There is no armor his horn cannot break. 10

Never before seen such matchless might, 9

An unstoppable force in each fierce fight. 10

Distorting dimensions of time and space, 10

Let everything balanced fall out of place. 10

The powers of darkness are yours to command, 11

The secrets of shadows few understand. 10


His evil eyes glow just like burning fires, 11

Devouring dreams with their dark desires. 11

His magical mane was made in worlds afar, 11

Forged from the shadow of a fallen star. 11

There he moves quietly in the soft shade, 10

Graceful and gentle in a far-off forest glade. 11

The unicorn stands still, by a red stream, 10

Like a bright vision from some distant dream. 10

He came from the magical pages of story; 12
Surrounding his horn was a halo of glory. 12

His soul was a slave to the power of pride, 11

The hatred that was hidden deep down inside. 11

No one can tame him, though many have tried; 10

Are you brave enough to take the ride? 9

Many brave men have already died; 9

If you are willing, stand by his side. 9


Sorry, but it's your turn to die; 8

No one cares about you - goodbye. 8

Drops of blood fall down from the sky; 8

This world will drink the tears I cry. 8

Into the darkness I will drag them all; 10

I'll show them no mercy when they fall. 9

It'll be a pleasure to destroy them all; 11

I will not hear their cry or heed their call. 10

Attempts to escape my wrath are in vain; 10

I'll make you feel every last pound of my pain! 11

This day, I'll dance upon your broken bones; 10

I can't help laughing at your terrified tones. 11

Feed my endless hunger. I'll devour you whole; 12

To face me is to live in fear. To see me is to lose your soul. 16

I want to watch when you take your last breath, 10

As the light leaves your eyes and you slip off to death. 12


A thunder clap - a lightning bolt, 8

The lifeless body of a colt; 8

A crimson color stains his mane, 8

As he lies dead there in the rain. 8

Charred ground - black skies, 5

Growing feeling of despair, 7

Fear filled wide-open eyes; 6

Death's scent is in the air. 6

A stomping hoof - a swishing tail, 8

Just like a ghost, it leaves no trail. 8

Then into the darkness he disappears, 10

With no trace he was here. 6

In a forest forbidden, the horse remains hidden, 12

The demon that was never ridden. 9

It's not a dream - I saw it there, 8

Somewhere in my nightmare. 6


Stay by my side; 4

Let's take a ride. 4

Poisoned by my pride, 5

Consumed from the inside. 6

Reality can't restrain you; 8

No truth could ever tame you. 7

I saw you standing all alone; 8

No man can claim you as his own. 8

Led by lust - guided by greed, 7

Take no thought for those in need. 7

Now nothing stands in your way; 7

It's time to make them pay. 6

For every light, a shadow's there; 8

For every dream, there's a nightmare. 8

The laws of logic could never contain you; 11

The rules of reason have never bound you. 10


My mane is made of fire; 6

My tail burns like a flame. 6

So let the smoke rise higher; 7

Inferno is my name. 6

My mane flows like a waterfall; 8

When the waves crash, I answer their call. 9

Standing in the snow, when the winds blow, 9

My horn of ice gives a pretty glow. 9

Racing with the wind, I soar with ease, 9

Bounding off of trees - gentle as the breeze. 10

In the mist of the cool night air, 8
I ride clouds without a care. 7
My fury puts chaos to shame, 8

Playing with natural forces like it's a game. 12

Hooves pounding like thunder, fear is my form, 10

Bolting like lightning in a storm. 8


He holds his head up high; 6

His horn spirals into the sky. 8

He stands there still up on the hill; 8
Nothing can ever break his will. 8

He'll fight with all his might 6

Against light and all that's right. 7

He could kill you with just one glace, 8

But would you want to take the chance? 8

Unless your heart is pure and true, 8

The unicorn will stab you with his horn. 10

He'll lift it high and thrust it through; 8

You'll curse the day that you were born. 8

You never knew he was there, 7

So come and ride him if you dare. 8

Toss your midnight mane in pride; 7

I'd give my heart for just one ride. 8


I'll take you all on one by one; 8

You'll beg for death before I'm done! 8

So come and face me if you dare! 8

You don't even have a prayer! 7

And if my heart should one day stop, 8

I'll spill my blood to the last drop! 8

I saw dark visions of violence 8

That shattered the silence. 6

I'll fight my fate for eternity, 9

For this is my dark destiny! 8

It's time to redefine reality, 10

And live forever in a fantasy. 10

Two advocates sitting on my shoulder, 10

Revenge may be sweet, but betrayal is colder; 12

Feel the flame burn and hold it in your hand, 10

Cuz death and destruction are all I understand. 12


Destroying dreams with haste, 6

He's laid many worlds to waste. 7

The stars above shine in vain; 7

Someday even their light will wane. 8

Ashes are now all that remain, 8

Since this wonderful world met death. 8

By his dark horn the stars were slain; 8

Now there's nothing left. 5

As life is lost to lies and lust, 8

Forsaken faith and betrayed trust, 8

We all fall and then turn to dust, 8

And all things die just as they must. 8

The dark unicorn will never be free, 10

Seeking his revenge restlessly, 8

As cold and cruel as he can be, 8

Fulfilling his destructive destiny. 10


The unicorn stood still 6

On top of the dark hill. 6

He rises high into the air, 8

And lets the wind whip through his hair. 8

The beast comes back, 4

Turning around to attack. 7

With his power at its prime, 7

They will taste fear for the first time. 8

Now he knew that their faith had failed 8

In this land of pointless pain. 7

Ending everything, they wept and wailed, 9

For the soldiers had been slain. 7

A knight knows he's about to die, 8

The dark horn on its head held high. 8

He charges with a fierce cry, 7

Rising up high into the sky. 8


One bright day, there was born 6

A unicorn with a white horn. 8

The horn was made of pure white light 8

Glowing like a gemstone at night. 8

The unicorn born one dark night; 8

Filled mortal faces with great fright. 8

Leaving their bodies in the mud, 8

His hooves were stained wet with their blood. 8

In a world where wrong is right, 7

Somewhere between day and night, 7

For years, each went their way, 6

But they would meet again someday. 8

The unicorns of black and white 8

Stood between both day and night. 7

They couldn't stand each other's sight; 8

And there forever they would fight. 8


The unicorn I see is black; 8

Who is this monster staring back? 8

My reflection is a dark shadow 9 In the pool of a moonlit meadow. 9

From white to black, through shades of gray, 8

My color changed to night from day. 8

What once was white has been made black; 8
I lost my life - can't get it back. 8

For now my soul is just a shell; 8

Why am I trapped here in this hell? 8

My eyes are empty, like my lost soul; 9

Why can't I be made whole? 6

How many lives have I taken; 8

How many stars have I shaken? 8
Have I come so far all for nothing, 9

But to find I've lost everything? 8


I am not what I seem; 6

I'm from your darkest dream. 6

Bathed in blood, my hooves gleam; 6

I will go wherever I deem. 8

My mane is as black as the night; 8
My eyes burn with a flame of light. 8

I stamp upon this bloodstained hill 8

In triumph over my last kill. 8

It looks like a twisted thorn, 7

The spiral of my hellish horn. 8

Pure poison - trouble tipped, 6

Into the darkness, dipped. 6

Death is my desire; 6

I'll consume you in the fire. 8

Your loss - my gain; 4

I'll take pleasure in your pain. 7