22. LOSS:


I wish I could sit with you on this spot, 10

Face blushed and passionate, so full of thought, 10

Your soft voice calling out my name, love; 9

But alas, I have only shadows, my dove. 10

I'd trade anything for the happiness you bring; 12

Every moment I'm with you, I feel like a king. 12

If I found you alone outside, I would kiss you, 12

But I can't stand the pain when I miss you. 10

Seems like the clouds are oh so gray, 8

Ever since the day that you walked away. 10

Once the skies were so blue and clear, 8

But color never came back without you here. 11

I wrote your name in the sky, but wind blew it away; 13

I drew it in the sand, but the waves washed it away. 13

Then I wrote it in my heart and forever it will stay, 14

Until you're safe back in my arms someday. 10

You're beautiful beyond compare; 8

You won my heart with one lock of your hair. 10

You stole my soul with your emerald eyes; 10

I'd rather live an instant with you and then die. 12

Could there really be a reflection of me; 11

Was I a fool to think you had any feelings for me? 14

You're never around when I need you most; 10

Perhaps you're a phantom – guess chasing after a ghost! 14

Once she lay down there in the lawn, 8

Frightened away just like a fawn; 8

And though it seems the girl is gone, 8

Yet I dream before the dawn. 7

Why was I made with half a heart? 8

I knew something was missing from the start! 10

You broke my heart and stole my soul; 8

Now only you can make me whole. 8

Why did we wait so long 6

To tell each other how we truly feel? 10

I fought all that was wrong 6

For a chance to be real. 6

I've waited an eternity 8

For just one moment of reality. 10

I came too far for it to be 8

Like a fading fantasy for me. 9

If I took back everything, 7

Would it change anything? 6

Without you, I'm nothing, 6

So give me a reason to be something. 10

Wish I could turn back time for you, 8

And make all of our dreams come true! 8

Could you see the love in my eyes, 8

Or would you fall for Prince Charming's disguise? 10

I swear I thought you were the one, 8 But waving goodbye is easier said than done. 12 All these little lights never meant for me; 10 Wish I could capture every star I see. 10

When I look into the mirror, 8

Answers are crystal clear; 6

Nothing could be better than to have her 10

Up here, my dear. 4


I just hope you can see 6
How much you mean to me. 6

I should have let you know, 6
But instead I let you go. 7
Why can't we just get along? 7

You know that what you're doing is wrong! 9

What did I do to make you sad? 9
Please tell me. It can't be that bad! 8

What a mean thing to do, 6
To let me fall in love with you. 8

What a cruel game to play, 6
To make me feel this way. 6
You promised me forever, 7

To be there when I call; 6

Now I see you were never 7

Really there at all. 5

Some mortals might think they're clever, 8

But what the Lord does will last forever. 10

Though charmers are clever, guess now I'll never 10

Find my happy ending. 6

Fairytales don't last forever, 8

And I'm so sick of pretending. 8

You don't get what you want, but what you need; 10

Just pour out your heart – make it bleed. 8

Don't fall for a faker who never cared; 10

When the time comes, you won't be spared. 8

Trust can be lost if you're scared; 7

Don't fall in love if you aren't prepared. 9

Your love for me grew cold, 6

By all the lies you told. 6

And I will have no hand to hold 8

When I grow old. 4


I was lost in a sea of lies, 8

Until you opened up my eyes. 8

Deep inside, my heart is beating, 8

But the feeling is so fleeting. 8

I went every day without emotion, 10

Till you put my heart in motion. 8

Going through life like a machine, 8

If you know what I mean. 6

I was better-off without you; 8

I'll change the world without you. 7

I see now, with each step you take, 8

The pain was real - the love was fake. 8

You had to lie and break my heart; 8

I should have known it from the start. 8

Why did I have to use my head? 8

I should have listened to my heart instead! 10

How many times have I told you? 8

I'd give up heaven just to hold you! 9

Too bad it had to end this way; 8

I guess things got carried away. 8

I tried so hard to make you stay, 8

But you left and walked away. 7

Now that I know you're gone, 6

It's so hard for me to move on. 8

And all the tears I could have cried 8

Froze with fear as my dreams died. 7

And all the words I should have said 8

Echoed inside my head. 6

I wish that I could make you mine; 8

But if you want to leave, that's fine. 8

Don't you know that this distraction 8

Won't ever bring you more satisfaction? 10


Time to face reality; 7

Love's just a fantasy. 6

My happy-ending's haunted; 7

This was never what I wanted. 8

Now finally, I understand 8

That love and pain go hand in hand. 8

When no one's there, I cry to myself; 9
No one cares if I lie to myself. 9

How could I be so blind? 6

I must have lost my mind! 6

How could I be so blind not to see? 9

Why did I ever believe you loved me? 10

I thought we'd always be together, 9

And our love would last forever. 8
There will always be a part 7

Of you here in my heart! 6

I'm all sold out of streamers; 7

Please forgive me for the way I feel. 9

Dreaming is for dreamers, 6

But I'd rather have something real. 8

I can't wait my whole life dreaming of the day 11

To say something that words could never convey. 11

If you should leave, my heart would break; 8

How much more of this can I take? 8

I see you now, just like a star, 8

But once I get to where you are, 8

The light would be lost in the past, 8

So I'll leave you to make it last. 8

You thought I was playing games, 7

But I'm in it for keeps. 6

I've been busy taking names, 7

While the whole world sleeps. 5


My world was perfect, 5

Until you came to infect it. 8

You never really cared - I gave to you my all, 12

But you stood there and watched me fall. 8

Take my life - steal my soul; 6

Break my heart - make me whole. 6

I see your eyes are filled with lust; 8

Go ahead then, if you must. 7

If I just had a heart of stone, 8

Then I wouldn't mind being alone. 9

Don't you want to play along? 7

What's the matter? Is something wrong? 8

I'm sick and tired of these lonely sighs, 10

So do you still love me? 6

Each time I close my eyes, 6

You're all that I can see. 6

Time and space can be oh so cruel, 8

So I stay in one place as a general rule. 12

I'm sick with love and I can't find a cure; 10

Wish she could be for me what we never were. 11

I thought I had a chance with you; 8

Guess it was too good to be true. 8

Please break my heart, but I'll make you a deal; 10

The sooner you do, the faster it'll heal. 11

Feed on my fear, 4

Savoring each sweet tear. 6

Devour all my dreams, 6
And silence my screams. 5

Heaven only knows how 6

I'm still all alone now. 6

Lift me up into heaven - drag me down to hell. 12

It was for you I flew and fell. 8


Alone, I'll always be; 6

Nobody was made just for me. 8

I have no one to call my own, 8

But I don't like being alone. 8

I must have lost my mind; 6 Still can't get you out of my head. 8 These emotions keep echoing - I find 10 My heart's broken instead. 6

The future is unclear 6

Without you standing here. 6

I've lost you somehow, 5

But there's no turning back now. 7

I'm just a traveler passing by, 9

Hoping to somehow catch your eye. 8

You're just a stranger in the street; 8

And this is the last time we'll meet. 8

Once the warm sun has set and gone, 8

I lie there still and dream of dawn. 8

This night no sleep shall touch my eyes, 8

For I will wake under a starlit sky. 10

As the days pass by, I wonder why 9

I can't let go no matter how hard I try. 11

And late at night, I search my soul, 8

For a missing piece to make me whole. 9

And after all I went through, 7

It just wasn't enough for you. 8

So why do I still feel the way I do, 10

And I keep on coming back to you? 9

Why can nobody hear me when I scream? 10

Am I just a reflection of somebody elses' dream? 13

Outside I'm crying, drowning in a pool of my own tears; 14

Inside I'm lying, afraid to face my fears. 11


I came so close to happiness, 8

But now I'm drowning in darkness. 8

A sea of tears - if only you knew 8

I cried them all - each one for you. 8

I can't tell you how long I cried 8

When you walked out and left my side. 8

Why did you have to leave? 6

I tried so hard to believe! 7

I thought with time this wound would heal; 8

I still don't see what's the big deal. 8

I want to remember what it's like to be real, 12

But I can't forget the way I feel! 9

You seemed so sweet and innocent; 8

Did you mean what you said? Did you say what you meant? 12

I gave you everything - got nothing in return; 12

You broke my heart - now it's your turn! 8


I thought I could trust you, but I was wrong; 10

I assumed you were different. I'm leaving - so long. 12

You think I'm just a child and I'll never understand? 14

I might get lost – you'll have to hold my hand. 10

Each day, I played my part; 6

I fooled the world, but I can't fool my heart! 10

I'll bring your sick game to an end; 8

I'm through playing pretend! 6

I treated you like royalty, 8

But you never learned loyalty. 8

Is this how you repay me? 7
Deceive and betray me? 6

I hope you're haunted 5

By what you did to me. 6

I feel so unwanted; 6

Guilt will never set you free. 7


I lost my heart long ago, 7

But I'll never get it back, so I must let it go. 13

I might be tough, but I can't play that rough; 10

If this is love, then I've had enough. 9

Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss; 9

If you love me, then answer me this: 9

So do you love me? Yes or no? 8

If not, I've got to go! 6

It's not that hard to tell; 6

The truth can hurt like hell. 6

So don't say, "I love you" 6

Unless you really mean it's true. 8

Venom in my veins, poison of my pain, 10

Roses in the rain, every thorn is stained. 10

I can't see past this pain. 6

I'll never love again. 6


I hate myself for loving you, 8

Cuz I know my dream can't come true. 8

In my heart, there's an empty space! 8

How could I be so easy to replace? 10

I don't need you. I'm far too smart; 8

Listen to my head instead of my heart. 10

I won't pretend to be something I'm not; 10

Can't you see? I like what I've got! 8

I thought I could trust you; 6

Is that what friends are for? 6

I thought our love was true, 6

But I don't know you anymore! 8

Why does it have to be like this; 8

I need your touch - I miss your kiss. 8

Baby, I don't wanna say goodbye, 9

Cuz I don't want to see you cry. 8


Let me lead you on in this dance! 8

Why can't you just give me a chance? 8

We played a game - one that I lost; 8

You had to win at any cost. 8

Can't you love me like I love you? 8

Why can't you see my heart is true? 8

I'm falling in love - I know it's true; 9

I can't help falling in love with you. 9

My life changed the day I met you; 8

This could be the start of something new. 9

Now I see you were just playing pretend; 10

This might be the beginning of the end. 10

For years, I had no one to hold; 8

I felt so lonely and cold. 7

If you want to hurt me, you succeeded; 10

But you came back and pleaded; that's the last thing I needed. 14


Maybe it's just a memory, 8

But it still means so much to me. 8

Girl, what you've got is hard to find; 8

I can't get you out of my mind or leave the memory behind. 16

You left a long time ago, 7

But still, it's so hard to let go. 8

It makes me sad - it hurts so bad, 8

Thinking about the love we had. 8

Somehow, this doesn't seem quite right; 8

Remember how you used to hold me tight? 10

Now you're with her - you don't love me; 8
What must I do to make you see? 8

Why do you doubt the things you feel? 8
How can you say this dream's not real? 8

How could you have for me such hate? 8

What have I done to deserve this fate? 9


I couldn't keep myself from you, 8

But you were too good to be true. 8

It feels like I've been torn a p a r t; 8

You have the other half of my heart. 9

You said you loved me - that's not true; 8

You must not have a heart - do you? 8

I'm sorry, but I can't close my eyes; 9

I won't listen to your lies! 7

Sorry sweetheart, but I can't stay; 8

Have to meet my dreams halfway. 7

Why should I trust a word you say? 8

Just leave me alone! Go away! 8

I can see right through you; 6

You don't love me, do you? 6

For me, there was no other; 7

Angel, you adored another. 8


I know your game - it's all a lie; 8

You can't fool me, but you can try. 8

You tried to hide the truth from me, 8

But I was blind and could not see. 8

I loved you more than anything; 8

All your empty words meant nothing. 8

Don't tell me all you've done for me; 8

I'm not impressed so easily. 8

You led me the wrong direction, 8

Drunk by your deception. 6

Reaching inside, you stole my soul, 8

Trying to take control. 6

You used my time for your own gain; 8

Now it's your turn to feel my pain. 8

I saw it come right from the start; 8

Why did I have to follow my heart? 9


Somebody end my suffering; 8

I'm in so much pain now I can't feel anything. 12

My heart sees farther than my mouth cares to confess, 12

But it doesn't mean my mind thinks of you any less. 13

Follow your dreams, but don't forget; 8

Looks like you haven't learned your lesson yet. 10

I'm the cliffs and you're the waves of the sea; 10

Time and space strike and break against me. 9

Don't let go, if you dare, 6

Because love is rare; 5

You may never notice or care 8

Until it's not there. 5

I know that you still care; 6

I'm somewhere out there. 5

You're the love of my life; 6

Now will you be my wife? 6


My sorrow's growing stronger; 7

I can't hold on any longer, 8

But I won't let go of you; 7

Somehow, we'll see it through. 6

So I'm wondering why I'm here, 8

Falling into this fear. 9

Together we will get through it; 8

I know we can do it. 6

If I kiss away the pain, 7

It will just come back again. 7

I really can't complain; 6

It was worth all the pain. 6

Pain is all I can see 6

When you're not here with me. 6

I just wanna see you smile, 8

For a little while. 6