Red is the heart that beats inside of me,

Orange is the juice that I must drink everyday to make me stronger than I can be,

Yellow is the sun that rejuvenates my soul,

Green is the Earth's beautiful nature that makes me whole,

Blue is the sky that connects my eyes with the land above,

Purple is the lilac plant that I have grown to love,

Pink is the color of my cheeks whenever I go out in the cold,

Brown is the color my hair will always be until I grow old,

Black is the color of the place where people go when they feel sad,

Gray is the color of the Heavens when it wants a break from being glad,

White is the color of purity, which is fading quite fast,

Silver is the color of the money that's hard to make last,

Gold is the color of the ring encircling the finger for commitment,

Bronze is the color of third place, coming so close, that it makes you feel bent,

Turquoise is the color of the ribbon that clutches my heart with worry, hope, and fear,

Neon green is the color of the costume of my final year.