She grabs him by the collar,

Crying to just know why.

He said that he's sorry,

But she just looks so pretty when she cries.

Delirious and angry,

She sought for a weapon to kill.

She kept asking herself "why?"

He grabs her by the hair,

And in her despairs says

"You can never kill me."

And she begs him to please let her die.

Then he left her in the dark,

Unable to see, unable to walk.

She screams to the darkness,

but the darkness was still, mocking her lack of will.

In court she defies him,

Charging him guilty of every crime.

He calls her a bitch,

And the judge says, "son, all you have is time."

As they took him away,

he passes by where she stood and says,

"I've wanted to torture a girl.

And you my sweet cousin

Are guilty of not only that,

but you are such a pretty girl,

As a matter of fact..."