Chapter One

Pretty But Dangerous.

In life...we all do things we don't want to do, sometimes we hurt a loved one, sometimes we lie, cheat, steal, anything deceiving, you name it. When we are confronted with our mistakes, we always say we never meant to do it, but not everyone is apart of that ''we''. Some people don't care, some people don't feel a bit of remorse for their actions, and the sad thing is, some people don't feel the guilt even if they do such a thing as to take another souls life away. Some people do sadistic things, but instead of turning themselves in, and doing what they should do.....they cover their tracks..they laugh it off and think to themselves in their twisted minds ''poor unfortunate soul'', some people can look their victim in the eye and kill either way after seeing all the horror in their eyes as if they did nothing wrong. Some people just let their jealousy and rage get the best of them and they act on their emotions without considering the outcome before its too late....but the twisted thing is.... even though they know what they did wrong, they don't care at all. You think that this doesn't exist? You think its all just an illusion that you can escape within the depths of your imagination? Well your wrong.. some people fit this description, for example Kacey Johnson. She was every kind of twisted, sadistic, psychotic that you could ever meet, you think you've seen crazy people? Well Kacey Johnson had nothing on them. She was the true example of looks can be deceiving... she was beautiful, the idol to most girls, but very dangerous. If you let her into your life... you would become vulnerable to her manipulability, and a victim in her path. Shanna McCullough didn't know that, and she was the first victim on a long list of gruesome murders that would never be solved. It was either Kacey's way or no way, but no guarantees you'll live even if you do it her way. It all started with jealousy, and it ended with revenge....cold...sweet...bloody revenge.

Kacey Johnson sat in her room in her average middle class neighborhood studying for her exams. She was everything a high school girl would want to be, she was popular, smart, pretty, and head cheerleader, from what most people knew she was a sweet girl, but they never ever knew that they would be oh so wrong in the end, some never living to tell the tale. Kacey had her group of friends, but only one that she could truly rely on...and that was Shanna McCullough, she was also in the varsity cheer leading squad at the high school, and had been Kacey's best friend since she was ten. They did everything together, and there were no secrets whatsoever. No one knew yet, but this too would also change. It all started this one very evening. Kacey heard her phone ring.

"Hello?'', she answered

"Hey Kace", Kacey could tell from the tone of the voice that it was Shanna.

"Whats up? So are you still coming over later so we can study for that one history test?'', Kacey asked while summarizing her notes for English .

" ha.. yeah..thats actually what I wanted to talk to you about"..... Shanna said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I'm sorry Kace, but I'm gonna have to bail on you tonight.


"because Brett wants me to study with him, and I really want to''

"Brett as in Brett Smith"? Kacey asked clinching her teeth.

"yeah...", Shanna said.

"Um okay, yeah, I dont know if you remember, but I like that kinda means you need to back off"

"Well Kacey, I'm sorry, I mean I hate to sound bitchy, but I really think he likes me more, and I dont think he cares much for you. I mean have you seen the way he flirts with me? Its like I have him eating out of the palm of my hand, so I'm sorry, I wont be studying with you tonight"

"Thats fine"

"You sure?"

"Well yeah, I mean whats the point if hes not into me right?''

"Now you got it ", Shanna said with a bit of a mordant tone.

"Well I'll be talking to you later, bye", Kacey hung up without even letting Shanna say bye. Kacey may have seemed like nothing was wrong, but oh yes,there was, she had liked Brett Smith for a year and a half, and now Shanna was going for him? Kacey felt so betrayed, and she felt like she just couldn't let this go. Some people may have thought it was nothing big...but to Kacey, it was everything. She couldn't trust the rest of the cheer squad, because they were gossipy, fake , and a bunch of big mouths, Kacey made the mistake of confiding in Sarah Parker once and she regretted it by the end of sixth period, she decided that would never happen again, therefore she never told the squad any of her secrets..except for Shanna. Kacey didnt know what to do, Shanna was her best friend, Kacey sat on her bed speechless for about literally ten minutes.

"I cant fucking believe her", Kacey thought to herself in rage.

"Who the hell does she think she is? Letting me confide in her, about my crush for Brett for a year and a half, who I plan on getting together with some day".

Kacey had had plenty of boyfriends before, but no matter what, she always wanted Brett, he was perfect for her...or so she thought, and he was quarter back of the high school football team. Kacey thought that they meshed well together, she just couldnt believe it, the only person that she trusted had just betrayed her. Kacey didnt know how to react, she didnt know what to think, for all she knew Shanna and Brett could be having sex! But she didnt even want to think about that. Kacey sat on her bed again and thought to herself

"I'm going to get her for this, she has no right...I will get her back..even if its the last thing I do", Kacey got out of her hateful daze and was shocked at her malevolent thoughts, Kacey suddenly got out of shock and began to realize she didnt feel one bit guilty about her thoughts of violence and harm towards Shanna... Kacey thought again to herself.

''best friend my ass 8 years gone down the toilet''. They were graduating this year, Shanna and Kacey were supposed to go to Paris for their graduation trip, but Kacey wasnt so sure she wanted to go with Shanna anymore. Kacey knew what she had to do. In order to make her devious plot work, she had to pretend that nothing was wrong, as much as it bothered her that Shanna was most likely going to be riding to school with Brett in his mustang convertible the next day, she was not going to let it show, she couldnt trust anyone, so in no ways would her plan be foiled. Kacey wanted revenge, and at this point, she didnt care If Shanna was her best friend or not, betrayal was betrayal, and Shanna hadnt made the ''oops, I accidentally lost the homework you let me copy'' mistake, she had made the ''I'm sorry but I'm taking your crush, and I dont care whether you like it or not'' mistake, and boy had Shanna crossed the betrayal line by a long shot. Visions of Shanna's murder kept re playing in Kaceys head and the more she imagined it, the more sweeter it became to her, the more blissful it seemed to her, as she smiled to herself seeing Shanna die in several different ways, for example an anvil crushing her skull, a gunshot blow to the head, chopping her head off with a sword, any other gruesome way to die, most likely Kacey invisioned Shanna dying that way.

Kacey was starting to see a new side to herself that she had never seen before, she didnt know what it was, but she liked it a lot, it gave her sort of a since of empowerment, like she was in control, it gave her the feeling that if anyone messed with her...then they would be dead. Kacey decided to go on with her plan and somehow kill Shanna. Kacey knew that whatever she did, she could never let her plan leak out because her parents would want to throw her in the psych ward and have her be put in a straight jacket. Shanna's parents would call the police, and Kacey would be locked up forever. Kacey knew what she had to do, and what she had to do.... was cover her tracks.