Chapter Twenty Three:

New Life&Truth.

It had been quite a night for Kyle and Kacey. After all that was revealed, they decided that they needed to get away, and that they needed to be somewhere to start fresh. Although Kyle and Kacey were in the comfort of each other, they found it absolutely impossible to get to sleep. Kyle awoke first, then Kacey woke up quickly after him.

"You know, Kacey I've been thinking hard about how we said that we should move in together, and start our new life together fresh with no secrets'', Kyle said gazing at Kacey.

"Yeah, me too", she replied innocently.

"You know honestly Kace, other than you I got nothin' to lose in this shit hole town, I mean if you want to get technical, my mom lives here in town, but I've never forgiven her for what she did to separate us. .."

"Yeah same here, I mean sure I have cheer leading and what not, but now that I think about it, Shaun and Riley aren't dependable anymore, my parents are rarely home, so I also got nothin' to lose, but what are you getting at Kyle?''

"I think we should leave tonight", Kyle responded broadly.


"Yes Kace, tonight".

"Kyle, we don't have a place to go, or any money", Kacey said timidly

"Kacey, I've been working since I was old enough to get a job. I had been saving my money for when I got to see you again. Just trust me, we will be fine."

"Kyle, I thought we were at least going to leave in a few days or at least a week or so...."

"Kacey, do you trust me?''

"Of course babe, I trust you of all people more than anyone".

"Ok, then please Kace, trust me when I say that you don't have to worry, we will have enough money to find somewhere to live, I can easily get another job, and you will get your GED." Kyle said reassuringly.

Kacey stared into Kyle's eyes, and then she pushed her bed comforter off of her, and quickly stood up, and looked at the time and she saw that it was one fifteen in the morning.

"Kace, what are you doing?''

"Well, if we're going to leave then we should do it now so that no one will have any time to ask questions", Kacey said as she walked towards her closet to start packing.

"Well I've pre meditated everything, and my stuff is already in the car.", Kyle said with a little laugh.

"You would ", Kacey said lovingly rolling her eyes.

"Hey Kyle?'', Kacey asked as she looked over to see Kyle climbing out of her bed.

"Yeah babe?'', he asked.

"Are you sure we're doing the right thing?'', Kacey asked worriedly.

"Babe, I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't think it was the right thing to do", Kyle said reassuringly and walking over to give Kacey a kiss.

Kacey packed her stuff, and after thirty minutes of packing, Kacey decided that if they were going to leave so soon, then she wouldn't make things more suspicious and leave without saying anything. The contents of the note read:

To the most wonderful family that I cherish the most,

I'm sorry to leave without telling you anything in advance, but Kyle and I just want a fresh start so we needed to get away. No worries, he has and always will take care of me. We will call you once we get settled, which may take a few days. I will love you guys always, and please don't be too upset that I didn't tell you sooner. Kyle and I are just going to go wherever the wind takes us. I know this means that I won't be finishing high school, but Kyle and I have enough money saved up to where it won't be a problem for me to get a GED. Mom, dad, Shaun, and Riley I love you guys even though I act like a bitch. In the end, you're still my family and I love you guys genuinely.

You'll hear from us soon,


After folding up the letter to her family, Kacey then laid the letter on her bed. Kyle then helped Kacey get her bags, and then they proceeded to exit the house. Kyle and Kacey also decided to leave through the front door so that there wouldn't be any suspicions. As Kacey locked the door, she took one last look at the house and felt another weight lifted off her shoulders. Kacey had to admit that she would miss her family, but she knew that moving to a new town with Kyle would be the best, because she wanted to start her life with him as soon as possible.... with fresh starts.

Kyle opened Kacey's door to let her in, and then he walked to his side of the car, got in, started it, and then proceeded to put the car in reverse and back out of Kacey's driveway. As they drove away, Kyle took Kacey's hand and as he did, they both just looked at each other. One reason was because they loved each other, another was that they couldn't wait to start their new lives together, and another was that they knew they were truly meant to be because of the revelations they shared that only they knew about, and only they knew what happened, and they knew that they would never tell and those deadly secrets would be kept forever.

Once Kyle and Kacey finally got onto the open road that was a guide to the next city, they felt a sign of relief, and just looked out into the dark starry night horizon, and just envisioned the new life that was ahead of them. Aside from all the bad things they did, the most important thing is that they were madly in love, they were by far a perfect match of soul mates, and although they ended some lives, they life they would share together would most definitely turn out to be a happy ending.

I wish that I could go on and tell you the full extent of the memoir. I wish I could tell you mine and "Kyle's" real names. I wish I could tell you the real names of our families, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent, and to protect the guilty. Although there is a plentiful amount that I can't tell you, what I can tell you is that even though Kyle and Kacey aren't our real names, our story of love is true. Within five months of us arriving to our new relocation we got married. Almost a year and a half later we had a daughter. Our pasts haven't come back to haunt us, and our lives are swell. That's all that can pretty much be revealed without exposing our true identities. Who "Kyle and Kacey" really are and what else happened is nothing that is meant to be known, nothing that is important, and nothing that you will ever know.