The first time I met Michael was on the first day of uni. September 12th—I actually remember. We had a few classes together and I didn't notice him immediately because he was so damn quiet and keeping to himself most of the time.

He's friendly if a bit too shy, but he never ignores you if you talk to him, and he's the sort of person who doesn't talk unless he has a good reason to. And you can tell he's thought about what he's going to say too, while I just keep going like an idiot so I don't have to feel uncomfortable when there's a gap. He has light blond hair that falls in front of his eyes, a nice quiet voice that has an incredibly soothing effect on me when I hear it, a slightly posh British accent that turns me to mush, and he's a couple of inches taller than me, and skinnier too. But I need to talk about his eyes again, because he has the most fascinating eyes I've ever seen. They're not the same colour; his right one's green while the other's more like hazel. It's quite unsettling to start with but after a while you get used to it—like most things, I guess. I've never seen anyone like that before so it makes him all the more special.

Me, I'm a people magnet, simple as that. I like having loads of people I can call my friends. Comes from the number of times we had to move because of Dad's job. When I was young I felt there was no point making friends since I didn't know when I'd be leaving again, but at some point I decided to screw it and make the most of the time I had there. Like I said, he, on the other hand, is quiet and definitely not a people magnet. No one dislikes him—you'd seriously have to be raving mad to dislike him, but I know I'm biased here—but he doesn't surround himself with people the way I do. I know he has one girl friend who goes to a different university, who he's very close with. And yeah, that's girl space friend—I needed to know.

What bothered me most as I slowly got to know him was that, despite all the thinking I'd been doing—and believe me, I had been busy—for quite a long time I couldn't tell for sure if he was into girls or guys. He probably didn't know himself, and that's why I kept getting contradictory vibes. I mean he acted the same way with pretty much everyone. Usually you can tell pretty much immediately when a guy wants to get into a girl's (or another guy's, for that matter) pants, but I didn't get any of that with him, and I had trouble getting my head round that one.

Yeah, I did think about the asexual angel option too, but somehow that just didn't work too well…

Me? Oh, very much into guys. Big surprise, huh? I think I always sort of knew, so in a way it wasn't such a great shock for my parents. I mean of course it still was, especially for Dad, me being his only son and all that, but they just… accepted it, you know? I remember someone on TV once being asked when he came out of the closet, to which he replied that he was never in the closet, he was born in the living room. Guess that kinda works for me.

So anyway, Michael and I didn't actually get to know each other until a couple of months after the beginning of the course, when we got paired up for an assignment—the teacher picked the pairs himself and man, I could have walked up to his desk and kissed him! We started chatting and planning stuff right after that lesson and so I finally got to hang around him a bit and see for myself what a nice guy he truly was. And damn clever too. I really feel he did most of the work but he said we'd be quits if I didn't mind doing more than half of the oral presentation. Well I don't have much trouble with that sort of thing so it didn't bother me in the least. That worked pretty well—and we nearly got full credit, which was a great added bonus.

Yeah, I immediately felt that we were a good team…

So after that I had a reason to talk to him, say hi in the morning and sometimes even sit with him during lectures, since we'd spent quite a few hours together at the library and stuff. And I genuinely enjoyed being around him. Like I said before, I didn't know what it was about him that did it but he always had this soothing effect on me; he was pleasant to be with, period. And I had the feeling he didn't mind having me around. Which, as you probably guessed, made me damn happy.

And then there was this one day when everything changed…