Losing Your Mind

It happened again today, I couldn't believe it. Somehow I knew.... but it hurt all the same. It always hurts, it always stings. Always fresh. Always vivid.


There's the moment of shock when it first hits you; when they open their mouth and the syllables slip out. Your eyes go wide and your heartbeat increases in pace.

Then realisation hits. And it hits bad.

You can't bring yourself to believe that they could to that to you. You feel betrayed, and all the while they smirk and laugh at your misery.


You begin to realise just how much you've lost. You had tried so hard to keep it there, and they took it away heartlessly.


They're all heartless. The loss and the grief tear up your mind and still they laugh.

You're so disappointed in them, they said they were your friends! But to think they could do something like this?


Even though you are mostly disappointed with yourself, you want to lash out, you need to lash out. It helps the pain. You know it does. So you swear at them, you curse at them, you give them a vicious piece of your mind.

They take it in their stride though. However much you rant, they still smile.

Damn them. Damn them all.






And then you go and make someone else lose The Game. Just because you can.

Author Note: *-insert evil laughter here-* Review/send hate mail as you like, folks! Also, for those of you who do not know what The Game is...

You are now playing The Game. You have no choice in the matter. Whenever you think about The Game, you lose it. Simple as. You must announce your loss out loud, so that anyone else playing will lose too.

The objective of The Game is to forget it exists.

Author Note Part 2: Enjoy life, no one gets out alive.