The struggles raging in the air come even to the trees,

As two are given prominence amongst the rest of these.

One tree holds the gift of life, and one the fruit of death,

And man may choose to flourish or to breathe his final breath.

One tree provides the knowledge which will mar this perfect garden;

The other tree is hidden, and the heart of man does harden.

The curse has tarnished everything, all throughout the earth.

Both man and beast, both plant and tree know death as well as birth.

Ages pass, but still the tree has no glad song to sing.

The tree is cursed because its fruit has brought out no good thing.

For days and years and centuries, the tree stands softly by,

Until has come the time in which the Son of Man must die.

The tree is wrought and twisted to an instrument of pain--

This instrument, though made for death, shall bring about great gain.

The righteous one is crucified with sorrow, love, and grace,

And the tree, which brought damnation, redeems the human race.