My God:

My bible is within own on verse,
My own mind,
My own heart.

It is not the accounts of older man,
Nor is it even worth the breathe of me as a man,
But it is my belief, my life, and the reason i'm alive.

My religion is not Christian, Catholic, Jewish,
or anything else I'm supposed to follow.
My faith is in my God,
My God of love,
And choice.

Not a God of slavery,
Not a God who would threaten me
To follow him and worship him,
But a God who would appreciate my love,
And would understand if I did not show it to him.

My God
Understands if I don't kneel
Before somone who has
Only spoken to me through metaphors
we call our day-to-day lives.
And he knows I have no reason to worship
A character created by man to sooth the soul
And to explain things that we shouldn't worry about.

My God watches.
My God Loves.
And my God gives me choice,
I do choose to meet him after death,
And share an eternal conversation with him,
But I don't choose to live for and worship
A story book character.