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.The Prologue:: Erastos.

I watched as the Immortal Council hovered over the gold-rimmed hole in the ground in the center of the marble floor. They whispered among themselves and my younger sister leaned against the wall; a worried look in her golden eyes and she twirled her ruby red locks around her finger nervously. Amora must be about 2,000 years old but she's still the spitting image of beauty locked forever in her 17 year old body.

My older brother, Caris, stood near the council and his gold eyes shone with fear from beneath his blond hair. Caris had been around almost since the 5th or 6th century but he himself was forever locked in the body of a…a what? A 25 year old body, maybe?

And then there's me. Brown hair, gold eyes and forever frozen in my 22 year old body.

"Erastos, how can this be happening?" I jumped a little as Amora appeared at my side in the blink of an eye. It a talent all gods have – Twizzling, it's called. It's kind of like teleporting only faster and not as uncomfortable.

I shrugged.

"I don't know…I think it's kind of funny." I told her and she glared at me. "Oh lighten up, Amora. It is funny! I mean, they came here to talk about un-cupiding me and instead some crisis comes up, how funny is that?!"

"It's not funny! They're thinking of 'un-cupiding'- and is that even a word? - you because you're so much of an-"

She was cut off when the IC (Immortal Council) approached us. The seven people (not including my brother) of the council stood in front of Amora and me and as soon as Caris joined us, Falon – the leader of the IC – spoke.

"When Caris first informed us that the Love wasn't replenishing, we were sure he was mistaken." He told us. Love was a clear liquid that filled the gold rimmed basin in the floor. It was a liquid that Caris always dipped his never ending supply of arrows into before letting them dry and shooting them at people. It was a liquid that Amora bottled up and sprinkled on the heads of the people she was planting the love within. It was a liquid that I dunked my golden sling-shot in twice a week because whenever I pulled back the shooting part and released, some of the liquid would fly off and land on the respected future couple.

It was a liquid that always, since the dawn of time, had replenished itself. Until now, that is.

"But, as it turns out, our son was right." Our mother, Annabel, cut in sharply, sending Falcon an annoyed look. Our father squeezed our mother's hand because, as members of the IC, they had to put their emotions on hold for a moment or two.

"Yes, Annabel is correct – Caris was right and the Love is running out. We've discovered the reason is because…well, do you three understand how the Love is replenished?" We all nodded.

"We make people fall in love and as their love grows stronger, the Love continues to replenish and live on."

"Right. And there's your problem." Falon told us. Amora's eyebrows scrunched together in confusion and Caris raised his eyebrows. I raised a single eyebrow and crossed my arms.

"I don't see the problem." Caris told and Falon nodded.

"Well, the problem is that people aren't falling in love."

"Excuse me?" Amora replied. "Are you trying to tell us that we're not doing our job?"

"No, of course not! You three are doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing–actually, make that you two." He stated, giving me a pointed look. "But we'll get back to Eros in a minute. Anyways, you're doing your jobs. You just plant the Love seed. You make everything possible but you all know that it's up the humans to do the actual falling in love part. However, lately no one seems to be doing that. It's all about sleeping around and summer flings. Divorce rates are higher than ever and people just don't feel like putting in the work that's necessary in order to fall/stay in love and made the seeds that you all plant, grow."

"Sweet." I told everyone after a few seconds of silence. "So what does this all mean for me?"

"Basically what has happened is that since there's no true love, there's not much Love left to go around. What you all need to do is prove make two people fall in love and prove that true love still exists."

"Fine. Done. Is that all?" I asked, boredom evident in my voice.

"No, that's not all." Falcon told me firmly. "You need to do this without the help of the Love-"

"But that's impossible!" Caris cut in, a slightly hysterical note in his voice.

"Well you better make it possible because in order to prove to the Love that true love exists, it needs to be created from scratch. No magic, no potions. Just plain, raw, and passionate love. So, which of you three is going to hang out on Earth and pretend to be a human being in order to find – or make – this true love thing happen?"

I looked at Caris who looked at Amora who looked at me.

"I need to stay up here to watch over everyone's love," Caris told everyone. "I'm the oldest of us three and therefore, it's my job to keep watch. Plus, I need to keep track of how much Love is left."

"I'm the youngest one here! I wouldn't be able to last in the human society – I'd blow our secret in no time." Every nodded in agreement at that – Amora may be beautiful, smart, silly, and loveable but she can't keep a secret to save her life. Queen of Blabbing. That's what she is.

And so everyone looked at me and I couldn't help but let out a laugh.

"Me? Oh, this is a joke. Hello! Do you all not remember who I am? I am Erastos. Eros – you guys originally came down here in order to find a proper way to punish me for having a little too much fun screwing with people. I've created every romance tragedy known to man. If the prince fell in love with a peasant girl, I'm the one who planted the seed. If the daughter of one rival family falls in love with the son of another, I'm the one who planted the seed. I love watching people and their love obstacles. You can't expect me to find a real couple to fall in love…plus, falling in love without a cupids' help?" I scoffed. "Impossible." I told them.

"Well, sorry Eros, but you don't have much of a choice. Even before your siblings let us in on their excuses, it was decided that you're the one who will have to spend some time on Earth. You'll have to pretend to be a Human Being until you find a prime example of true love. And you're going to have to do it before the Love runs out." Falon told and I raised my eyebrows curiously.

"Or what?"

"Or," He told me, a serious look in his dark eyes, "not only will you be out of the job and eternally punished, but there will be no more love to go around. That'll be it, forever."

I sighed. Eternally punished? That doesn't sound too good…maybe I shouldn't have messed with people and their love lives…

"Fine. I'll take the impossible task." I growled.

"Good." Falcon stated. "You start tonight."

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