A/N: I had to write a poem for a literary competition thing... and this is all I came up with. I'm not sure if I like it tons or not.... but ehhh it's alright? Kinda?


I'm just a little suburb girl

With big city dreams

Ready to stand in a

Streetlamp spotlight

Telling the world my life story

And never sparing the details

But I need some flashing lights

For my flashing eyes

And my pipe dreams won't come true

With restriction

Yes, I will fantasize of

Dancing through life

And rummaging through worthless riches

I know I will thrive on a quick pace

Moving forward, faster, but with no destination

In this world that is beautiful

Even when it's raining outside


They told me that I am no more than

Just a little suburb girl

With big city dreams

But life is unpredictable