Chapter Seven.

I couldn't breathe, let alone think. How was I supposed to deal with this? Danny being mad at me. That was a foreign concept all on its own, but how am I supposed to understand this? I think I just might die. And I honestly do not mean that figuratively. Here I am, clinging onto a railing for my life.

I mean, have you ever decided to just hang on the monkey bars? Just holding all your weight up with your hands? Yeah, me too. Sadly, I wasn't always the best at it. It's not like I weigh all that much, but when you're trying to hold it up, yeah, i'm pretty sure it magnifies. So, under no circumstances must we mention the scream that then errupted from my mouth again. It was, by far, the loudest scream i've ever screamed. I must admit, it was horror movie worthy. It's not my fault though. I was in a lot of pain.

I don't really think it did much though, Danny was downstairs and all the windows I saw were closed down there, only the balcony door was opened. It was at least worth a shot, and in my panicked state, I was taking all the shots I could get. It felt like i'd been hanging there for an eternity, but it may possibly have been only a couple of minutes—i wasn't really concerned with the time at this moment.

Thinking quickly, I toed the heel of my shoe so that it nearly fell of my foot. Swinging in a way that scared me half to death, I kicked my leg out in the direction I knew the living room living room was—with most of my strength...which wasn't much. After a couple of seconds, I heard the satisfying Thud noise the shoe made when it came into contact with the window.

I admit that I kind of felt pleased and disappointed at the same time when I realized it didn't break the window. Pleased, because well, would you like to come up with the money to pay for the damn window repairs? Yeah, didn't think so. Disappointed because well, what if he didn't hear that?

My worries were rest assured though within the next thirty seconds when I heard the noise of the window opening.

"Riley, is that yo—"

"IF YOU DON'T FUCKEN HELP ME RIGHT NOW I'M GOING TO FUCKEN DIE!" I screamed at him, not caring what the hell he was about to say. My palms were fucking killing me. And I'm pretty sure they were slipping. Oh my fucken shit lord. I don't know if that made sense, but I am FUCKING SLIPPING. I whimpered. I don't know how long it took Danny to process, but I heard the sound of the window slamming shut. Please, let that be a good sign. What if he hates me so much that he's going to let me die? No, he still loves me, right? RIGHT?

Thirty seconds passed. My body was slick with sweat and water, thanks to the rain. I made the internal promise to exercise from now on. I will build muscles. I will work so hard that my muscles will have muscles. Oh, please God, if you don't let me die right here, I will start going to church every Sunday. Heck, I will make it every single day if that saves me from dying.

I didn't realize my eyes were squeezed shut, until I opened them to look heaven-ward. And then I squeezed them tightly shut again when I lost my grip on the bars I was holding onto. I lied. That scream I produced earlier? Not my worst/loudest scream. This one tops it, hands down.

But, then I felt warm hands grab onto my wrists. Oh thank God. I love you, really, I do. I promise, I will never sin again. Never. Okay, maybe a couple times, but i'm young, it doesn't count. Actually, the hands were actually hurting me. I think I just heard my wrist pop. Is that possible? Ow.

And then, I was being lifted up, over the railing. Smashing my already bloodied and bruised knees. At least, I think they were bloodied and bruised. I wasn't exactly in the most comfortable position to look. But judging from the sticky liquid I could feel running down my left leg, I assumed so. No way did I piss myself, so I can rule that theory out. And rain is so not sticky.

Danny crushed me into a tight hug, while I just stood there limply. I think I was in shock. I noted with satisfaction that my knees didn't hurt to stand on. But, then I realized I wasn't standing on my own. My feet were actually in the air while Danny held me. Well, I would figure it out eventually, when he put me down.

I noticed then that Danny was breathing fast and from what I could hear of his pulse, his heart was racing.

"How the hell do you manage to get yourself into these kinds of situations?" He murmured into my hair. I wondered the same thing, actually. I opened my mouth to respond, but found that I couldn't. It was then that I realized I was shaking, and crying. I hadn't even noticed the tears that were streaming down my cheeks, but they made themselves known when I made to move my face from Danny's chest and felt the wetness that was upon them. My throat felt raw and I just couldn't stop shaking.

I was just relieved that I didn't have to keep holding myself up anymore. My arms felt stiff; tired. I knew that would hurt in the morning. I'm just covered in bruises today. Ugh. I'm starting to regret waking up. Actually, this whole weekend sucks. Let's go back to last week. Oh, wait. They haven't invented time machines yet, have they? No? Oh. Damn. Alright, we'll just continue like this then.

Danny carried me carefully back into the room. Well, when I say "carried", I mean, he just kept his arms wrapped securely around my waist and backed into his room while I just pretty much dangled in his arms, crying.

I feel and sound pathetic. Siiigh. This became more apparent to me when sobs were emitted from me. Quite frankly, I think i'm going through shock. Or something. My body just does not want to cooperate with my brain. I wonder if that's normal...?

Regardless, before I knew it, I was on Danny's bed being cradled in his lap.

"You scared the crap out of me, Riley. If you ever do that again, I'll kill you." He growled, pulling me closer.

"I...I'm S-sorry." I managed to gasp out. I was still shaking. I was getting quite annoyed.

"Shh," He whispered as he began to rub my back, soothingly.

Stubborn as I was, I didn't listen to him. "W-w-we-e aren't d-d-dating-g. I-i-it's-s-s p-pret-t-ten-nd." I shuddered involuntarily.

"I know, Riley. He called me about ten minutes ago. I went to go find you, but you weren't outside, so I came back inside until I heard your shoe on the window. God, Riley, must you really always find ways to nearly get yourself killed?" I felt him shake his head, and a small smile appeared on his face.

I felt a huge wave of relief hit me. I silently thanked Devin in my head. I hate angry Danny. Especially when the anger is at me. It doesn't happen often, but this was the worst i've ever experienced.

We sat on his bed with him cradling me for a few hours. At least, I think so. My concept of time hasn't exactly always been the best, and it's worse when i'm in shock. Actually, I'm just guessing that, because I don't actually go into shock all that much to tell the truth, so im not all that familiar with how it works. I'm just assuming that that's what would happen to most people. It sounds plausible, doesn't it? I think so.

When we finally decided to move, I found that it hurt a lot to walk. I tried avoiding doing that as much as possible, but it was inevitable. I also tend to forget about them, and a couple times I hopped up to either grab something or demonstrate something. Then I realized I was in pain, and I went crashing down. Literally. I dont think that did any good for them, either.


By the time I got home, it was a little past eight o'clock. Danny had dropped me off. We ended up talking the whole thing out. He had me explain some things that Devin hadn't been to clear on. Which was fine by me. As long as Danny was no longer angry, everything was alright.

At least, that was what I thought before I walked into the house. What I didn't anticipate was that when I walked into the living room, I would find Alex, pacing back and forth with an unbelievably angry look on his face. In his hand was his cell phone.

Thinking back, I remembered how Danny had said he had received that message on his phone. Along with Devin. I seem to have no doubt in believing that on the cell phone in his hand is the same picture that I witnessed with my own eyes on Devin's phone. I gulped.

I'm not certain how loud my gulp was, but Alex suddenly stopped pacing and turned his wrath towards me. I'm guessing he heard me gulp. UGH. Why can't this day end already? How many more people are going to be getting mad at me? I think they should just all get together and yell at me at the same time. Oh, wait. That would probably be worse. They might decide to form a mob or something and decide to kill me on the spot. So, no. Bad idea. Very bad.

Suddenly, he was right in front of me. He moved so fast, I didn't even realize he moved until he was right in front of me. He was practically a blur. Sigh. I guess the reasoning behind how he could move so fast was because I forgot to mention one thing: we're vampires...

No, i'm kidding. The real reason he was so fast and I didn't notice was because I kind of zoned out. Doesn't that sound more plausible? Yes, yes it does. Sorry if I dissappointed you. Sadly, I sometimes wish I were a vampire. Not really. But it would be pretty cool. I could just kill the people I hated. Bye bye Mark. Bye bye Sandra.

I think it should alarm me that I didn't immediately think of killing Devin first. Crap. That means nothing. Just that I have a lot on my mind. Oh, just so you know, i'm not crazy. I wouldn't really kill people. Only if it were legal. Then I would. Oh crap. That makes me sound even crazier. Shit. Let's just ignore this, and get back to the situation at hand.

Next thing I know, i'm being tossed onto the couch, and Alex is standing in front of me with crossed arms. Seriously, though. Why, pray tell, is everybody fine with seeing me in pain? Being tossed around right now is definitely not what I need. Like, hello! Bruised knees, face, heart. Sore, blistered hands. I'm probably forgetting an injury. But no, it's okay to just toss me around! If I had a lawyer, he would so be hearing about this. Alas, I do not. If I were to become one though, I would have a heck of a chance at winning these cases.

"I do not need to receive text messages from people informing me that my little sister and my friend are fucking dating. I for sure didn't believe it until I received the picture message," At this point, a phone is being thrusted into my face. "This is unmistakeably you and Devin, is it not?" He didn't even let me answer. "Yes, it is. Now, will you kindly explain to me why I wasn't told about this before you two started sharing a bed?" I'm not certain, but he kind of looks like he is about to have a heart attack. His face is a purple colour. I wasn't even aware that that was actually possible.

Alright, Riley. You can do this. You can tell him the truth. Just like with Danny, because we both know that Devin didn't call and warn Alex. He'll get a kick for that later. You can be sure of it.

I had it all prepared of what I was going to tell him mapped out in my head. Really, I did. So, when I opened my mouth to begin my tale, you can imagine my surprise when, "He scares me so much, Al." came out instead. There was even a little quiver in my voice. I actually wasn't certain where I was going with this. Some other part of my brain knew though, so I followed with that.

Alex's crossed arms lost their firmness, and his expression became much softer. I tried to desperately think of a way to continue this. TEARS. They always work on him. He is such a sucker once he sees a tear. He tries to comfort me and sometimes forgets about what he was yelling about completely. So, I tried to think of sad thoughts.

Trying to channel my inner emo, I opened my mouth to continue talking, but was (rudely) interupted.

"What the hell did that mother fucker do? I'll fucken kill him. Did he threaten you? When he gets home, i'm going to fucken kill him. You're not sharing a room with him anymore..."

He shouted,his face hardening again and his arms flailing about with fists forming as he let his anger take hold of him again.

PUPPY DOGS. No, wait that's happy. DEAD puppy dogs! That's it, all mangled and gory. The tears came much quicker than I anticipated. "No, Alex! No, Not Devin...I—Mark..." I managed to choke out. I avoided looking at him, and opted for my feet instead.

Then, I began to tell him how scared of Mark I was, and that Devin and I had developed feelings for each other, but we didn't act on it because we didn't believe in cheating. Somewhere between telling him this, he sat beside me and rubbed my back soothingly as I cried. Deja vu, much? Just with a different story, and a differnet person, but this is what basically happened with Danny. Sort of. I contirnued to tell him how I was too scared to dump Mark, but he was pressuring me last night, so I just got angry and dumped him, then he hit me and said he was cheating on me.

It was partially true. The only lie was saying that Devin and I had developed feelings for each other. Yeah, right. Excuse me while I go laugh my brains out. And, he believed me, too.

What can I say, when you're good, you're good. And i'm good.

And just as soon as I finished recounting the story, and alex was still rubbing my back soothingly, we heard the unmistakable sound of the front door opening and closing. Alex shot me a quick look. A few seconds later Devin strolled into the living room, stopping short at the site of Alex and I, a look of alarm on his face. I smiled at him, amused. Don't tell me that big tough Devin was scared of my big brother?

"Don't worry Dev, I told him the truth." He looked relieved for a fraction of a second. That is, until Alex threw himself off the couch and practically tackling Dev to the floor. I winced slightly as I heard them hit the floor, but otherwise watched in amusement.

"Don't you ever start liking my sister without telling me first! Do you understand?" Alex ground out to him, as he pinned him to the ground. I wiped the tears off my face as I watched Devin steal a glance my way, a bewildered look on his face.

"Yeah, sorry." He grunted out. Satisfied, Alex released Devin from his hold and walked out of the room, throwing a glare at him over his shoulder as he went. Devin got up from the floor slowly as I started to laugh at him. I stopped short as I felt Devin's arms wrap around me, picking me up. I let out a little shriek as he threw me over his shoulder. What did I say about tossing me around? Does nobody listen to me?

"What version of the truth did you tell your brother, exactly?" He asked as he exited the room, with me dangling over his shoulder. I kicked my legs in annoyance, then felt the pain of my knees and gave up with a slight whimper. There goes my plan of kicking Devin. I guess that will have to wait until my knees stop hurting.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I answered with a smirk, as I pinched his back. My smirk widened as I felt him wince.