Made: Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time: 10:31pm


Dark and cold,
Try to stop the thoughts,
But everything is too slow,
Thinking how you want to get caught.

Memories fade in and out.
Wanting to give out a shout,
But you are silenced.
It doesn't matter anyhow.

Why were you left all alone?
Doesn't anyone care at all?
What happened to those friends
That said they'd be there 'till the end?

Cheeks wet and burning eyes,
You see the tears
But they just won't stop,
Hoping that someone will hear.

You see the options now,
A pill, a blade, and the dark.
Now what is there to do?
You're alone and there's no one for you.

Forever more,
The pills will make it go away,
Sleep peacefully,
Just like the promise made.

The blade
Will cause more pain,
But in return,
You'll forget all about this day.

So lost, lonely, confused.
Not sure which to choose.
You pass them towards the shade--
It's all about the decision made.

You reach into the dark,
Find a rose left messily
With a promise
Left desperately.

Now alone, you smile.
The petals make you sleep soundly;
The thorns cut only gently--
As promised, you will never be lonely.