the smell of the sweatshirt
you gave me when i was cold,
makes a flood of memories
run behind my closed eyes.

the way your walking slows
when we know we have to leave,
brings a sigh up my lungs
and a rise to the heels of my feet,
i stand on toes to wish you off.
you lean your face down to my level,
seems these are the only times
when i can look you straight on,
brief seconds and we take our seperate paths
we do this several times a day,
these moments together are the same and vague,
but i wouldn't spend them differently,
i like having you near me.

the sight of that early morning grin,
turns my frown into a sleepy bliss,
these heavy eyes stay open just to see you
the seek your fresh brushed kiss.

the river of thoughts behind these closed eyes dries
as the promise of your presence is once clear to me again
i am still cold, with the scent of you haunting my apparel,
i shall see you soon,
but you are too close in my mind
to be thought of as far away.

again i sleep,
a slumber deep and dreamless runs quick and unremembered.
all the sooner to see you again.

i stand on tips of my shoes,
my arms engulfed in you
for you are everything around me
invisible, the world just seems to be.

the smell of your sweatshirt
as you hold me tighter and tighter
sings me into a seranade of those cheesy feelings.
why remember our times when we're living them?