I gave him my heart thinking he would take care of it.

He watered it care, and fed it love.

I didn't see the need to put up walls around it.

Now here I am alone

Trying to keep my heart together.

Never thought it would hurt so much to be so alone

I used to go all day with the stereo on full blast

Now I can't even bare turn it on

Afraid a song might come on

That will remind me of you

And it will be like a punch to the gut

Knocking me to the ground

Scared it will return me to the hell I've been

Trying to escape

To the tears I've been desperately holding in

To the pain of my heart braking taking my breath away

To the flashbacks rushing inside my skull

Causing the water to flood out of my eyes

What did my heart ever do to you!?

All it ever did was love you endlessly

Why is my heart still beating for yours?

While yours forgot all about mine…

You stopped feeding, and watering my heart..

Now it's a useless dying flower

No longer blooming it's blackened pedals

Falling off one by one everyday

While yours is still a blooming flower growing everyday…

What the fuck did my heart ever do!?

It's not fair!

Give me my fucking heart back!