The fifteen-year-old girl sat on her bed in her room that used to hold so many happy memories but now they're all shattered. She grabbed a new tissue from the box in her hand as a new stream of tears came down her face. She looked at the photograph in the homemade frame and tried to dry up the tears but they just kept coming.

In the photograph there was a tall handsome man in his Army camouflage. He had a carefree smile on his face and had his arms wrapped around the girl and her mother. The picture was taken at the military airport where her father had boarded a plane that took him to fight for his country.

She whispered to the silent picture of happier times, "Why did you have to go Dad? Why? If you had known what was going to happen would you have went anyways? Of course you would have."

She looked up at her ceiling and realized that he was in a better place. She got down on her knees, folded hands and looked up to Heaven.

"Dear Lord, please look out for my dad up there. I know he gets in trouble sometimes but take it easy on him; he's new up there. Could you tell him that I love him and that I miss him? And that I'll love him forever? I know Lord that you must have wanted him but I just wish I could have had another moment with him to say goodbye. In Your Heavenly Name, Amen."

The moment after she finished her prayer she thought she felt a pressure around her arms like if someone was giving her a hug. She smiled and wrapped her arms around herself knowing that her father felt the same.

"Thank you Lord."

She wiped her eyes and saw her mother standing in her doorway smiling and crying at what she had witnessed. The girl went over to her mother and hugged her then together they went down the stairs accepting the loss of the man of their lives.