Halloween Night

The kids run down the sidewalk hoping for a treasure of sweet treats before the end of the night. There were little ghosts and cats all around peeping behind trees looking for the hidden dangers of ugly witches with warts on their noses and slow walking zombies.

A little Dracula with a white painted face and red lips runs up the walkway of a house. He knocks on the door and when the nice folk of the house come out he sings, "Trick or treat!" They exclaim how frightfully cute he is and give him a big handful of candy. He races down to the next house and does the same routine.

At the end of the street a little witch with a pointy hat looks nervously at the old house in front of her. There are foam gravestones stuck in the ground and there were ghoulish looking faces looking at her from the windows. Her father gives the little witch a nudge forward and she attentively creeps forward as she heard the creepy organ music coming from the speakers hidden somewhere. She heads to the porch where she saw a kindly old man in a scarecrow costume beaconing her forward. She finally goes up and gets the chocolate bar from the smiling man. She runs down the sidewalk with a triumphant smile on her face and runs into her father's arms who says he's so proud of her.

A little mummy yawns and snuggles in his mother's arms with his bulging candy bag over her shoulder. The night is over and done with. The last candy piece was given away and all the spooktacular decorations waving sadly to the last little monster going home. The mummy waves back with a smile not wanting to wait till next year to do it all again.