The kids raked up the colorful leaves into a huge pile of hours of fun. They take a few steps back and then launch themselves into the heap of colorful merriment. They would laugh as leaves stick in their hair and clothes and throw the foliage of the trees at each other. They would bury themselves in the leaves and wait in hiding for passerby before jumping out as a leaf monster with cries of laughter. Then they would rake it all up and start all again.

The families all gather at the grandparents' farm with stories of years past. The kids play tag with cousins and uncles. Everyone gathers the baskets and head to the orchards where the trees are laden with sweet ripe fruit. Laughter rings through the trees as the children try to reach the highest branches but are more than just lacking. When all the baskets had been filled to the brim and overflowing with the fruits of the year they head back to farm where the harvest would be turned into cider for all to enjoy. As the stronger children take turns turning the handle to make the fleshy bounty into a sweet nectar people sit around on chairs and benches and hear stories of old times while crunching on the sweet crop of this year's work.

The children run through the corn going through twists and turns. The adults follow their lively children with amusement. It takes them back to their own childhoods when they did the same. Going through the corn knowing you're hopelessly lost but hoping you're on the right track. Make a right turn. Go left. Stay straight. Make sure your going the right way. It's all fun and games going through a maze of maize. When they finally make it to their destination they get to turn back around and do it all again in reverse.