Today is no more than the tomorrow that I feared yesterday

No more than a blank slot of time

That no one can fill with anything of real meaning


No more than the sun rising in the east

And settling in the west

No more than clouds filling across the sky

Hands reaching to part them and open the blue


No more than a fly against the pane

Or a moth dancing shadows against a bulb


No more than the cars of the streets

Than the planes that fill the sky

No more than a road that leads to the mountains

And a trail that weaves the skyscrapers


No more than a tree alone on a hill

Or a field of flowers against the forest


No more than laughing, dancing, talking

With soles against the concrete path

No more than smoke spiraling from a chimney

As mindless chatter fills the room


No more than a lullaby

Sung when no one can sleep

No more than the wind

Billowing and tangling at loose hair


No more than your laughter

Smiling when I'm too mad to feel

No more than a hand in mine

When I'm too scared to move my feet

No more than your hold

While I'm too fragile to pull myself together


No more than you fading to nonexistence

As I wake from my daydream


No more than a blank slot of time

That I am once again apprehensive to fill

Today is the tomorrow that I feared facing yesterday

Knowing that it would be another day alone


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