Pretty Boy™

Yes, I'm Peter Reese Adams, the sweet little boy of our town, My mother is Lily Anne Adams the nice college professor everyone loved, my Dad is Paul Christopher Adams the high school basketball, soccer, and baseball coach.\so what happened to me? You might ask, how did I change from the sweet, platinum blond kid to the black haired smart but always in fights teenage boy that everyone fears. Well, at 5 I lost my Mother due to Brain Cancer, at 7 my Dad who was driving home from work got into a car accident and is in a coma. They say he could wake up anytime but for some reason he hasn't I think only mom's voice will wake him up, but she's gone, so now I live with my Grandmother. Why did I get into fights? Why did I change my Hair? Why do I wear theses hideous Glasses? I can answer all those with a story when I was ten.


"Bye Sandy" I murmured as I got out of the black Mercedes, Sandy was the granddaughter of one of my grandmother's friends. My new school was on the way to her campus so she volunteered to drive me to school. She was so happy when she heard she'd be doing so because 'I was just so adorable' I don't know whether to be offended or not. "Have fun on your first day Peter" she called as I trudged to the school's entrance. I waved back before going to the 4th grade classroom. When I entered I spotted the teacher, a brunette 30 year old woman, fixing her desk as the students worked on a Piece of Paper. A Quiz? I wondered No, an activity sheet, I decided.

"Oh, you must be Peter Ress-eee Adams" the teacher had a thick Spanish accent.

"Um, it's Peter Reese" I said. She nodded and pulled me to the front of the class, which I noticed had mostly boys in it.

"Class, we have a new student" She said. The class stared at me.

"Umm…, I'm Peter Reese Adams" I said. I noticed all the girls swoon as the guys tried to burn wholes in my head with their eyes. I instantly knew life in this new school wasn't going to be fun.

After a whole hour of being stared at, we were told to have lunch. I reluctantly went out, leaving the oddly comforting gaze of an adult, to see a rather Large Brunette kid looking at me maliciously.

"Hey New kid! How's about forkin' over yer lunch?" I wasn't a question, but for some reason I answered it.

"I rather not contribute to the making of the worlds most obese." Maybe I should've kept quiet.

"Wha- Hey!!" He said, realizing it was an insult. I ran just before he figured it out.

"Where you goin' Pretty Boy™?" another Large kid said, cracking his muscle less fist. Although He was muscle less, it didn't change the fact he was five times my size, in Width and length.

"Umm… uhh… no need to fight guys..."I stuttered, I was scared out of my wits, I didn't want to die at 10 and a half.

The Brunette had caught up by now and was, once again, grinning maliciously. I glanced nervously at the other boy to see him charging at me.

"Shut up, Pretty boy." He said, taking me by the neck. He raised me up an slammed me against the wall. I resisted.

"Get the hell away from me!!!" I screamed as I punched and kicked but all my attempts were futile, before I knew it, a large fist had come in contact with my gut.

"Take that, Pretty boy." He said. He punched me several more times before dropping me to the ground and kicking me in the gut.

"That'll teach ya to follow what we superiors tells ya" he said, I struggled to keep myself from pointing out that his 'superior self' mispronounced several words and his grammar was worse than an eight year old. He spat at me and left me, bleeding, behind the school.

Narrated again

They eventually found my bleeding body behind the school and took me to the hospital, which I stayed in for 2 weeks and came out in a cast or two. Apparently my 'frail' body couldn't handle the damages and some things just….gave out. As for the two large kids, they were expelled and were given the guarantee that none of the good schools would accept a possible criminal in the future. This didn't change the fact that I was the new number one target for bullies, so I decided to take Judo. Eventually I also mastered kick boxing, wrestling, karate, and boxing, basically all forms of martial arts and fighting. Soon I was the best fighter in every school in the city and not only the one I go to. There was a downfall to this though, friends were hard to find. Those who approach me are usually just suck ups and those who aren't are trying to find out my weakness so they could beat the city's Pete Adams the best teenage fighter. Out of my 7 years in this new town, I have only met one other guy whom I call a friend. Jared was a tall, tan, Black haired teen who could easily be first runner up for the title of best teenage fighter. I think I was attracted to him because of his eyes, Gray orbs, almost Identical to my mother's. We both hit it off fast; we had a lot of things in common. He had lost his mother at 12 and his father was abusive, thus the start of his training. Jared supported me in everything as I did for him. We were always together, we get excelled grades together, we fought, and won, together, we sat together everywhere, when I was expelled for fighting, or getting caught fighting; he had decided to transfer schools. I can honestly say I love him more than I would love a brother and I knew he felt the same. Gran also likes him, she would always say 'Jared is a nice boy, you be nice to him Peter Reese.' My aunt appeared one day and told me I was to move in with her in the next city, So obviously, I told Jared. He was ecstatic, he said 'oh, than ask your aunt if I could stay with you guys, my dad will be more than happy to get rid of me.' I relayed this to my aunt and she lazily said 'sure, what's another rowdy teenager? You two can share a room.' So now I sat in my aunt's car beside Jared, he and my aunt were having a charming conversation about the day the city's mayor called for us and pleaded us to be security for this 'witness' to an important case. At the time, we found it extremely funny and smart because no one in their right minds would approach us when we were armed. Somehow the topic swayed to the day I was officially crowned best fighter, seriously; there was a belt. It was after I beat a professional wrestler and denied all the offers of a future in wrestling by saying 'sorry, I have no interest in fighting big worthless old men with no skill in fighting.' Apparently, that made a good fighter; honestly, I disagree. If you just worked hard, you could definitely achieve your goal. So, after 3 hours of awkward air while Jared talked to Aunt, we finally arrived at aunt's house.


"Here is your room" Aunt said, opening a door to a fairly large room.

There were two White beds, each with two pillows, a sheet and a comforter. The room itself was Dark Green with a window in the east wall, between the beds. The floor was carpeted, a light green shag carpet, there was two dark wooden dressers and a Desk with its own lamp.

"Wow, its perfect, thanks Aunt." I said.

"Okay. now, sleep! that's an order, you can unpack tomorrow." aunt told us. so we went to sleep.