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"So....what are we doing today, we only have a few days till we start going to that posh school for heirs of a fortune." Jared asked me while we left the school campus.

We had just enrolled into the school aunt insisted we go to today, we were also given a tour of the campus,it was huge and disturbingly neat. They had seven fairly Large buildings, all were deep red with dark oak doors with golden lettering, showing the name of that certain building. The first Building was for Preschool grades, behind it was a colorful playground and table, obviously for Recess. The second Building was slightly Larger than the first and was used for Elementary Grades, it was surrounded by chairs and Tables, presumably for Lunch breaks. The third building, the Largest one by far, was used for High school grades, once again surrounded by scattered benches and tables.

The fourth Building, Slightly smaller than the Third, was the school's Cafeteria. The Lower Part was reserved for the Preschoolers and Elementary children, and the upper half for the high school students, there were also tables on the roof for those who enjoy the view, there were bars at the sides though, to prevent accidents. the fifth building was a Multi-Purpose Building, it held several purposes, school events were held here, the Infirmary resided here, as did the dark room and some spare rooms for Clubs and other Extra-curricular activities. The Sixth held the Gymnasium below and a Theater above, the gymnasium included several courts, a track, Pools, and outside, two fields and a tennis court. The theater could seat one thousand five hundred at the most, and was often used for a school Assembly or such. The Last building, slightly Larger than the second building, was use for Staff only, it held Faculty rooms, Meeting rooms, Offices, Storage rooms, Janitor's closet, and the Principal's office.

All in all, it was a large School on a Large Campus, it was very clean and Eco-friendly as well, it was a very green Campus with Paved Paths. Jared commented that the only thing he liked about this school was the gym and Cafeteria, he said the Campus all in all was too Neat for him. i laughed at that, The dump would Probably be too 'Neat' for Jared, but I agree with him. It's way too neat, i doubt it'll stay that way on school days.

"Why don't we pay the Mayor a visit, I read in that paper that he was staying at his house here for a week while he searched for his bodyguards. I think we passed the house mentioned when we went to the park." I suggested, the grin on Jared's face told me he would love nothing more than to bother our favorite mayor.

"Let's go see Bill then." he said, the gleam in his eyes told me he had something planned and I knew better than to ask.

/\/\ a Y o R ' S H O u S e

"think he'll recognize you, Pete?" Jared asked. I Laughed.

"coarse, like he could ever forget our faces." I answered, Jared laughed as well, I rang the Doorbell.

We could hear footsteps someone saying 'I'll get it' it sounded like the Mayor.

The door opened, a tall, stout man with little red hair on his head stared at us. Jared smiled cheerfully.

"Long time no see, Old man" he said, I smirked at the mayor's shocked expression.

"What? no 'I've miss you too, boys?' what's wrong, old goat? have you forgotten who we are, Bill?" I said, his expression changed almost comically at the use of the nickname we made for him.

"P..Peter, Jared, good to see you. Peter, what happened to your hair?" he said, once he accepted that we were here, in front of him once again.

"Well, Blondie and I could tell you, aren't you going to let us in, Bill?" Jared said, earning himself a good whack upside his head from me.

"Course' come in" he said, standing aside, We walked in, Jared looked around like a five year old in an unknown place with his mother.

"Hey Bill, we heard you were here lookin' for something" Jared said, Bill eyed us warily

"Lets go to the sitting room." Bill said, Jared followed. I walked in the general direction they were headed.

"Hey Bill! mind if i use your Washroom?" I called, Bill called back.

" third door, on the left Pete" I headed towards the door Bill indicated.

After I washed my hands and dried them in the Biege hand towel in Bill's unaturally neat Washroom. I stepped out and started towards the sitting room, where I could hear Jared telling Bill about the school they had just visited.

"Good to see you awake and sober, General." I spun around to see her bright Green Eyes inches from mine.

"You! what are you doing here?!?!" I asked her.

"You must be confused General, I should be asking you that. After all, I live here." What?!?!! I stepped back, only to bump into something.

CRASH. oh shit.

"what happened?" Bill said, running into the hall.

"Ahh, Sorry Bill, I accidentaly broke this vase." I said sheepishly, pointing at the mess.

The girl with the bright green eyes looked at me with a blank look, then looked at Bill.


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