Since we decided to go to the party we were now walking down the street. Michelle was talking with James and I was next to them trying to fit into the conversation. We were talking about school, I was mostly nodding because I didn't know any of the people they were talking about. Some girl named Missy and how she's trashy and sluttish. Michelle did tell me about her once but that was because she stole her boyfriend or something and since then Missy has been a bitch to her. I know were not going to get along.

"So how's Lisa?" Michelle asked as we went up a little hill.

He smiled and looked over to her, "she's good. At the house doing god knows what."

I looked over curious, "who's Lisa?"

Michelle smiled and tugged on James arm. "Its his girlfriend for a year now."

Heart stopping moment.



"Oh that's so cute, a year, really?" He nodded and blushed a little. Wow he must really like her.

We were getting close to the house, I know this because we were walking strait for the house with many cars parked outside and some teenagers outside mulling around. Someone was walking around with a beer in one hand and a roll of toilet paper in the other. James saw he was up to no good.

"I'll catch you guys later, hey man what are you doing!"

I watched him run off until Michelle brought me out of my thoughts. "Hello? Jillian?" I shook me head and smiled at her.

"Yeah what?" I asked.

She giggled and rolled her eyes as she flipped her brown hair over her shoulder. "You were so checking him out."

"No I wasn't!" I yelled as a blush crept up my neck.

"Dude, I can so tell. Don't even try to deny it."

I sighed and walked up the steppes on the house with Michelle, "he has a girlfriend so it doesn't even matter," I whispered to her making my way through the crowded hall. Michelle led us to the kitchen where there were some drinks and people getting food. A Tall kid with brown hair was standing at the other side of the island serving people drinks. I smiled at him as he offered me a beer.

"Thanks," I took the drink in my hand and took a quick swig, then I felt in my pocket to make sure that I had gum for when I went home. Good thing I did.

"You want one Michelle?" Michelle shook her head at the boy.

"You know that I don't drink Craig," she grumbled to him.

I sense some tension.

He let out a laugh, "well I am still hoping that you might get drunk and come to your senses to get it on with me and not your dead beat boyfriend."

She was about to flip on him when Brad shoved Craig into the counter. "Don't you fucking talk to her that way, got it."

Brad is a six foot three basketball player at the high school, and Michelle's current boyfriend. They have been dating for a year and a half now and are going strong. I only have heard good things about him and have meet him a number of times to prove those things. He's pretty much laid back but when it comes to Michelle he will get into your face. He has shaggy dirty blond hair that goes to the tip of his ears and sparkling green eyes. most girls love him.

Craig shoved back only to be socked in the stomach.

"Guy's stop!" Michelle yelled and tugged on Brad's arm. Get off him okay? He's a bastard we already know that, come on don't get into trouble over him."

Brad listened to his girlfriend and walked out of the room, with her following. Craig shrugged off the punch and then stormed out of the room. Most people in the room were now just looking at me. Uncomfortable much? I quietly walked out of the room and into the living room where people were grinding to music. You could smell smoke from people smoking and there were cheers coming from the beer pong table to the right of the room. I looked around for my cousin but couldn't see her anywhere. Great, leave your cousin who is new in town at a party full of people she doesn't know.

I took a sip of my beer and bobbed my head to the music slightly, trying to not look so lost.

"Jillian? Is that you?" I looked behind me to see my cousins friend that I had met a couple times over the last two years.

"Oh my god, Mary hey," I hugged the brunette with a smiled on my face feeling relieved to see someone.

She let out a laugh, "what are you doing here? I thought you weren't moving in for another week," she asked pulling my arm to the side of the room so that we could hear each other better.

"Well," I sighed, "we decided to come a little early to get settled and everything before school starters."

I took in the appearance of the spunky, tall teen. She didn't change much since I saw her considering I had just seen her about two months ago when I came to a party my aunt was having. Her hair looked different now, from getting a hair cut. Now it was laying at her shoulders. Her naturally wavy hair was now straightened and she was wearing a casual but stylish dress that went to her knees. It was black and nicely form fitting. Her eyes stood out even though they were a light brown, and the makeup she was wearing made them more noticeable.

"That's good though, more time to hang out," she laughed.

"True," I agreed. "So did you see Michelle, she went off with Brad and I can't seem to find her."

She rolled her eyes with a smile, "well good luck with that. If she went off with Brad you probably wont be seeing her for some time. How about you come and hang out with me and I'll introduce you to some friends?"

I nodded and began to follow her, "thanks, just don't leave me," I joked not wanting to be left alone here again.

We made our way through the crowd of dancers. I was shoved and pushed a few times but I just shoved back in a not so noticeable way, or they were to drunk to notice. We finally got across the room and walked over to a small group of people sitting on a couch. There were three of them. I smiled as Mary tugged on my arm to bring me next to her.

"Hey, guys this is Jillian, she's new, and Michelle's cousin." The three smiled and the first to speak was a red head with green eyes.

"Hey, my names Lisa," she held her hand out and I took it and shook politely. Is this James girlfriend Lisa?

"And I'm Jessica," A blond haired girl smiled. I waved.

"And my name is Sam." Sam is short from what I can tell even though she is sitting down. She has black hair that you can tell is obviously colored by herself but she is still very pretty. Mary motioned for me to sit down.

"So what school are you going to be attending?" Lisa asked, with a friendly smile.

Mary snorted, "way to be formal." Lisa rolled her eyes and ignored the comment made.

"I'll be going to Chilton, do you guys go there?" I asked grabbing a piece of my hair, something I usually do when uncomfortable or in a nerve wracking situation, and sitting in a group of people I don't know can be somewhat of that."

"Yeah," she laughed, "mostly everyone around her does unless you go to the private school by the old church, but no one here goes there. We don't really like them."

"Why not?" I asked. They all couldn't be that bad.

She shrugged her shoulders, "I don't really know why everyone hates them but I haven't had good experiences with them. Just stupid things about them being rude and stuff. I guess you'll see as you spend more time here."

I nodded my head and absent mindedly looked around as they started a new conversation about one dance that was coming up. I didn't pay attention, I probably wasn't going to go to it anyway. It's not really something I enjoy going to. I don't really do supervised parties. I like it better at someone's house like this or at a club that we sneak into or know someone to get into.

"I'll be back," I said getting up, doubt I would come back though.

"Okay, see you soon." Sam smiled.

As I walked away I heard them whisper, "she seems nice, a little quiet but I guess that will change."

I made my way outside, beer still in hand. I decided to explore a little so I went out the back door where no one was. In the backyard there wasn't much. Just a back porch and a pool which was currently cover because of the winter. It was a little chilly so I snuck my hands into my sleeves so keep them out of the cold. Immediately I spotted a porch swing and decided to take a seat and test it out. I took a seat on the Carmel brown swing and lightly punched off making the two person swing to lightly swish back and forth. I smiled lightly, I used to have one just like this at home.

"Having fun?" The smile immediately wiped off my face and I looked over to the person coming outside and closing the door behind him.

"I didn't see you there, James."

He laughed. "Yeah I noticed." After closing the door he walked over to the swing, "May I?" I nodded my head and scooted over a little. He took a seat and out thighs were touching from being close. I didn't mind though. He swung his arm behind me to lean on the wood that my back was laying against. He then started to rock us.

"So how's the party?" He asked with his eyebrow raised. I noticed that when he smiled his dimples showed, so cute.

"We'll its your party. How do you think it's going?"

"I think it's going pretty good. Food, drinks, dancing. That's all you really need to have a good time."

"I agree, and yeah its fun. The most I have had all week between packing and saying goodbye to all my friends," I stated getting a little sad thinking about it.

He looked sorry, "That sucks, but have you made any friends tonight?"

I nodded, "we'll there not really friends but I think they will be soon. I already know Mary so were good and I talked to Jessica and Sam, oh and your girlfriend, she seemed really nice." He immediately took his arm away from me when I mentioned her. Like he forgot she was here or something.

"Yeah she's great."

Awkward silence.

After a minute or so I decided it was time to go. "Do you have any clue where Michelle is?" I asked.

He shrugged, "off somewhere with Brad I'm sure, you probably won't see her for some time."

"Yeah that's the second time I heard that tonight," I laughed. He joined and I couldn't help but notice how his eyes lit up. Damn I need to stop, girlfriend remember and I do have someone back home.

"We'll I better get going, my mom wanted me home pretty early so I don't want to get her mad."

He stood, "We'll do you want me to walk you home or something. It's already dark."

I shook my head, "No it's fine, I can do it alone."

"No really, I wouldn't fell right about just letting you go," as he said that Lisa walked out and smiled as she spotted us.

"He babe," James said as he kissed her cheek when she came over and wrapped her thin arm around his waist. "I was just telling Jillian I would feel better if she didn't walk home alone."

She looked strait to me, "don't walk by yourself, there are some creeps around here, believe me."

"The three of us can go," he suggested. "Come on we can go now."

"Uh okay sure," we made our way to the back gate because it would be easier to leave that way with the house being filled and all.

It didn't take long to get home and it was really boring for me. I walked beside them as the cuddled into each other and whispered cute things to themselves. Not my idea as a fun time. It was actually making me sick.

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