A short poem entered in the literary club a few months ago when the topic was 'dreams'. Didn't win, but I really didn't expect it to as this is my first poem ever XD

I'd like to thank Xerophyte and a bunch of other random people for helping me by beta/edit/proofing/whatever it.

And I hate FP for screwing up the spacing I worked so hard on -_-

Anyhoo, enjoy.


Give me a ride on their soft, downy feathers,

Lifting me above and beyond

Through tranquil or turbulent weather.

Swaddling me in their drowsy blanket

They give me peace.



And fear.

In their ethereal disguise

They can turn at any moment

To distress.




Do you dare take the gamble?

Do you dare take the risk?

Of flying high,

Above this bleak and dreary place,

Just to have the demon, once angel, turn face?

Only to leave you- forsaken-

In the darkest abyss of your