A/N- And now we know what I do during Spanish class.....

Dark days have come again,

We draw you into a life of sin,

Band of thieves in my own den,

You can make it to the end, but, now how did you begin?

Meet your maker in a harsh world,

Make you a killer when you're just a little girl,

Put a gun in your hands and leave you to starve,

Take a step and welcome to the dark;

There are monsters in the shadows, and they're all mine,

It's hard to accept when you're running out of time,

Just lay back now, don't put up a fight,

Just a moment now before the vampire takes the bite;

You're in my underworld now, the doorway to hell,

Make up your mind, the demon or the angel,

The death of life or a life of death?

You can suffocate or just take a breath;

Welcome to the undead.