Macbeth and Beowulf were the main characters of two famous stories. They had their similarities and their differences. Although written in different time periods, they compare and contrast nicely. Macbeth had a bigger ego problem than Beowulf. Selfish attitudes got in the way of both of them.

The similarities between the two of them are more than meets the eye. They both had a sense of smugness upon them, like they could never be brought down. They were both wrong. They had no sense of remorse when the fighting begun. They also considered themselves heroes, and not the villains.

Contrasting wise, Macbeth had a guilty conscience at the beginning. He also relied on sneaky ways, the witches, and outside help. But, when the fighting came for him, no matter how many, he knew he would win. He became cocky easily and Beowulf already had that imbedded in him. Beowulf seemed stronger, but his insides were the opposite.

In conclusion, Macbeth used his strengths he discovered with help, and played everyone. He acted innocent, when Beowulf wore his heart on his sleeve. Macbeth hid well, but Beowulf took it on his shoulders. It takes a person, as a whole, to be truly egotistical and impermeable. You just have to make sure you are not the one getting fooled.