Just outside your window,

A mother cries for a gang-beaten son.

The homeless shiver in the cold,

The hungry pick their way through your garbage,

The sick are hoping that someone will help them.

Victims of a hurricane still don't have homes,

And victims of a typhoon have long been forgotten.

The diseased die for what they can't afford,

The oppressed and the murdered cry out, but no one hears.

And what are you doing?
Sitting in your room,

Reading, writing, watching that rerun for the thousandth time.

Worried that he just might not like you.

Well, wake up people!

Just look outside your window.

Do something.

It's not that hard.

Be a voice to the silenced.

Write, call, and message those who aren't listening.

Be worried about something more than yourself,

For once.

Only then will this world look a little brighter.

Because we're not done yet.