Chapter 1- Prologue: Klair and Scarlet
Author Note: Okay, this story is mainly daydreams I have of me and my girlfriend. :P

The computer screen lazily hummed as Klair stared at it with a hands-free phone on her ear as she rested her head on her hand.

She glanced at the heart-shaped clock next to her computer and sighed in relief quietly as it read 7:32.

"Three more minutes…" She mumbled to herself while rubbing her eye with the hand her head was resting on.

Klair looked around her cubicle until an important looking man walked up to her cubicle's wall with a smile.

"Klair. We have a customer on Line 4. Could you help them before going home?" He asked and Klair groaned mentally as she nodded slowly.

The man smiled again and walked off as Klair glared after him. Those weren't the words you wanted to hear on a Friday night.

Klair poked a button on her keyboard and sighed quietly as she heard voices on the other end.

"Hello, welcome to Electronic Life Inc., thank you for holding." Klair said automatically as she slumped back into her chair before fixing her pinkish red hair that was up in a bun.

"Ah, yes. Could I get customer service?" The customer asked and Klair rolled her eyes as she stared at her fingernails.

"This is customer service, sir."

"Then why didn't you say so? Honestly, you need more training."

Klair licked her teeth bitterly as she rolled her hand into a fist. "Of course, sir. You are absolutely right, sir." Klair said sarcastically and the customer sighed in relief on the other end.

"That's better. Now about my machine…"

"However, we are experiencing technical difficulties and will have to put you back on hold." Klair said, interrupting the customer.

"But I've been on hold for half an hour already! I want to speak to your boss! Put your boss on the phone!" The customer snapped and Klair rolled her head to the side before examining a fingernail again.

"Don't worry, sir. Your call is important to us, now hold damn it as I get someone who isn't leaving on the phone for you." Klair said cynically before poking a button on her keyboard before the customer could complain.

Klair removed her headset and tossed it onto her desk briskly.

"Susan!" Klair called out as she reached down for her bag.

"Yeah?" A voice asked as a petite brunette poked her head over the cubicle wall.

"There's a rude customer on Line 4. Patch him through to the CEO." Klair stated and Susan shook her head quickly.

"You know I'm not allowed to." She said, but all the same walked off to her own cubicle and started typing on her keyboard.

"Thanks, Susan." Klair said when she walked past her cubicle, and Susan nodded happily while waving after Klair.

"Have a good weekend!" She called after Klair before returning to her work.

Klair adjusted her bag under her arm as she walked across the parking lot towards a deep purple car waiting at the end of the lot.

Klair got into the driver's seat after unlocking the door, and she tossed her bag to the passenger's seat before tucking her bangs behind her ears.

She calmly batted at the small plastic ball of yarn that hung from her rearview mirror before shifting into drive.

The street was crowded as Klair parked her car in what seemed to be the only spot left.

She got out of her car before putting her bag on her arm. Klair looked over at the apartment complex next to her.

She raised an eyebrow when she saw the front door wide open while held there by a box.

Klair stared at the box as she stepped inside and up the stairs.

The sound of boxes being placed down on the floor reached Klair as she stopped on the third floor.

Klair looked into the hallway to see the door next to hers wide open as some boxes were out in the hallway.

'About time someone moved in there. Honestly, this city is deserted enough so why have an entire floor just so it can be empty except for me?' Klair thought as she walked to her door and swiftly put the key into the keyhole.

Suddenly, one of the boxes next to Klair and hit the floor, causing Klair to jolt in surprise with a yelp.

"Oh dear, I am so sorry!" Someone in the apartment said as they rushed into the hallway.

Klair perked up as she stared at the long blonde haired girl around her height.

"No problem. It didn't hit me." Klair said as the girl quickly picked the box up and placed it back on top of the others.

"Do you live here?" The girl asked as she pointed to the door to Klair's apartment.

It took Klair a second to realize what the girl had asked, and she quickly nodded.

"Oh, it seems no one else lived here, so I thought I might be alone." The girl said with a small smile as her bright blue eyes sparkled from behind her glasses that only covered half of her eyes. Klair sighed sadly with a nod as she looked at the boxes again.

"So where are you moving from?" Klair asked and the girl blinked a few times before answering.

"Oh, from Italy. Sorry if my English is not that good." She said and Klair shook her head quickly.

"No! No harm really. I also thought neighbors with accents are nice! We actually had a couple live across the hallway from Romania, and it was hell to figure out what they were trying to say! They were really nice though until they found a better place and moved." Klair said while wondering why the girl was staring at her calmly like that.

"I see… That must have been a nice exper… experti…"


"Yes, that one." The girl said with a giggle and Klair smiled slightly to her.

"Oh, and my name's Klair." Klair said as she held her hand up to the girl, but the girl only stared at it.

"My name's Scarlet. It's a pleasure to meet you, Klair." Scarlet said with a strange smile and Klair started to feel uncomfortable all of a sudden.

Scarlet completely ignored Klair's hand and with impressive speed, stepped past it and kissed Klair softly on the lips.

Klair froze up as Scarlet stepped back before giggling at Klair's face.

Klair watched in shock as Scarlet took the box that had fallen earlier and walked back into her new apartment.

Klair stood there for a few moments, trying to figure out what had happened, and she snapped out of it when she heard Scarlet's footsteps again.

Klair quickly unlocked her door, and rushed inside before Scarlet walked back out into the hallway and smile at Klair's door calmly.

Klair tossed her bag absentmindedly onto the dining table before raising her hand to her mouth.

"Did that seriously just happen?" Klair whispered to herself as she ran a finger over her lips.

Klair stood there for a few seconds until she suddenly remembered the time, and quickly rushed for her fridge for some food.

Klair put the frozen meal into the microwave and sighed sadly as she pressed the time and watched the meal spin around.

"At least the weekend is here…" She muttered bitterly to herself until the doorbell rang.

Klair, somewhat startled, looked over at the door in surprise before walking over to it.

She opened the door and her stomach plummeted as Scarlet smiled at her calmly.

"Y-Yes? What is it?" Klair asked trying not to let the nervousness in her voice show.

"Well, I was cooking dinner, and I just wanted to see if you might want to join me. Of course, that's only if your husband agrees!" Scarlet said rather nervously, and Klair glanced into the apartment sadly.

"I'm not married. But I was just fixing my dinner right now." Klair stated and Scarlet pursed her lips in silence before smiling.

"I take it you are having one of… oh, what do you call them… frozen dinners?" Scarlet asked and Klair nodded embarrassingly.

Scarlet's smile widely slightly as she looked past Klair and into her apartment.

"You are not married?" She asked and Klair felt the urge to close the door in Scarlet's face, but she noticed Scarlet's foot in the way and Scarlet noticed Klair noticing it.

"So you live… alone like me?" Scarlet asked and Klair gulped nervously as the microwave went off, but she didn't dare move.

Scarlet slowly tilted her head to the side, but didn't lose her smile as she stared at Klair.

"Do I make you nervous?" She asked and Klair quickly shook her head, but paused for a second before asking. "Why'd you kiss me then?"

Scarlet giggled playfully as she put her hand on the doorframe.

"You are quite bella. How could I not?" Scarlet said while Klair gulped nervously again.

"What about your stuff? I'd take it you couldn't have unpacked everything in five minutes." Klair said trying to regain composure, but Scarlet just pursed her lips.

"You don't need to worry about my stuff, Miss Klair." Scarlet said before stepping inside Klair's apartment and closer to Klair before closing the door behind her.

Klair went her face grow hot as Scarlet's was only a few inches away.

"So…" Scarlet started to say as she put her hands around Klair's neck.

"Any boyfriends?" Scarlet asked and Klair shook her head slowly while trying to get away from Scarlet's hold.

"Any family nearby?" Scarlet asked and she giggled as Klair struggled.

"Uhh… No, not really." Klair said still trying to be polite. Scarlet's smile turned into a sly grin as Klair backed up against the wall with Scarlet still next to her.

"Are you feeling naughty, Miss Klair?" Scarlet asked as she pressed herself against Klair so her lips were barely touching Klair's.

Klair didn't, and couldn't, answer as Scarlet kissed her gently but soon got rougher.

Klair felt Scarlet's tongue lick her lip and she opened her mouth in surprise.

Scarlet's tongue darted into her mouth and almost down Klair's throat.

Klair's tongue smacked into Scarlet's reflexively and Scarlet smiled as she removed her arms from around Klair's neck so she could push Klair fully against the wall.

Scarlet took Klair's hands that hang loosely at her sides and placed them on her hips before she put her hands onto Klair's C-Cup breasts.

Klair moaned into Scarlet's mouth as the Italian girl rubbed her breasts while her tongue wrestled Klair's.

Klair's hands gripped Scarlet's hips and further pressed the girl against herself.

Scarlet slowly leaned back while Klair's tongue tried to follow, but Klair quickly opened her eyes to stare at Scarlet in shock.

"Feel good?" Scarlet asked as her hands reached for the top button of Klair's black blouse.

Klair suddenly smacked Scarlet's hands away and pushed the girl away from her.

"Just go! Get away from me!" Klair snapped and Scarlet looked hurt for a moment, but all the same left after slamming the door behind her.

Klair slid down the wall and panted heavily.

Her entire body felt hot as she wiped her forehead with the back of her hand.

Meanwhile, the microwave continued to beep out that it was done cooking as Klair remained on the floor.

Klair didn't feel like moving the next morning as she stayed in bed while her alarm clock continued to beep angrily at her.

Klair moved and slammed the alarm clock off before checking the time.

Klair groaned as she turned back onto her side and tried to fall asleep again.

Her body still felt hot from Scarlet's "attack" last night, and Klair couldn't get the whole thing out of her head.

How her hands had started to join in and how hurt Scarlet looked when she had moved her away.

Klair groaned again as the alarm came back to life, and she sat up before almost smashing the clock into the floor.

Klair got changed slowly and she slowly buttoned the black blouse before smoothing it out.

She looked back into her closet and at the several more black blouses in there.

One look is all a girl needs is what Klair was told by her mother.

Klair closed the closet and walked into her dining room before grabbing her bag and fishing out her cell phone.

She flipped it open and stared at the screen filled with names.

She selected one and put the phone to her ear as a voice came on.

"Hello?" It asked and Klair sighed in relief.

"Susan! It's Klair!"

"Oh, Klair! What did you need?" Susan asked and Klair thought about how to word her question for a second.

"Have you… now don't take this literally… Have you ever been kissed by a girl?"

"What? Were you?"

"N-No! I was just wondering for a friend that called last night!" Klair said quickly and Susan was quiet before answering.

"I might have… Okay, I was 15 and it was just a stupid joke on me by my best friend at the time. We were inseparable and some boys started making fun of us. Calling us lesbians and all. I shrugged it, but my friend, I guess, didn't. Three days later, she kissed me just to see what so was so big about it." Susan stated and was silent as she, unknowingly to Klair, wiped a tear from her eye.

Klair nodded as she gulped nervously before her next question. "How did you feel though? Did you push her away or…?"

"Oh, goodness! No! I felt confused and all, but I didn't push her away! I just sort of waited for her to get out of it like it was some sort of phase. She soon did, and we never spoke about it again." Susan said and Klair licked her dry lips with another nod.

"I see… Sorry to bring this up. Bye." Klair said before removing her phone from her ear and closing it.

Klair glanced over at the clock that read ten o'clock and she then groaned loudly.

The door opened and Scarlet stared at Klair in surprise before it turned to coldly.

"What is it?" She asked bitterly and Klair gulped at Scarlet's dangerous tone.

"I-I just wanted to come say sorry… I shouldn't have pushed you and shouted at you like that…" Klair said and Scarlet looked behind herself before sighing.

"It's okay. I deserved it for being blunt." Scarlet said as she looked back at Klair.

Klair's hands played with each other behind her back, as she really didn't know what to do next.

Scarlet was silent a few seconds before moving aside.

"Do you want to come in?" She asked and Klair quickly nodded before stepping inside.

Scarlet closed the door behind her and watched as Klair looked around the neat apartment.

All of Scarlet's things were out and no boxes were in sight.

"You sure work fast." Klair said in amazement, but Scarlet just shrugged.

"I had helpers help me. They were working when we met." Scarlet stated and Klair nodded slowly in embarrassment.

"So you really were done when you came over…"

"Done with everything but my bedroom." Scarlet said and Klair nodded while looking around some more.

Scarlet walked past Klair and moved some hair out her eyes before opening the fridge nearby.

"Would you like a…"


"Yes, that."

"Sure." Klair said before walking past Scarlet and seeing two glasses already out.

Scarlet looked up from the fridge and frowned. "I was hoping you would come over last night." She said and Klair grimaced as Scarlet straightened up and poured some deep red drink into the glasses.

"Um… What is it?" Klair asked as she stared at the drink and Scarlet smiled slightly.

"Ah, you call it… champagne?" She said as she took her glass and slowly took a sip of it.

Klair stared at the drink cautiously, but took a sip anyway.

"So, anyway, I work at this really jerk-filled place called Electronic Life Inc. and it's so boring! All I do is help customers who have no respect for me!" Klair said as she and Scarlet were sitting on the couch with their glasses in their hands while the bottle was on the table next to Scarlet's side of the couch.

"It must be hard working here in this city." Scarlet said before pouring Klair some more as she had her hand out for it.

Klair smiled widely before drinking some more while Scarlet sipped it calmly.

"So where do you work? Or have you not found a job yet?" Klair asked and Scarlet shook her head sadly.

"I still am taking English classes before I can work. They pay me for coming too, so it work very well." Scarlet said and Klair nodded before taking another swig of the champagne.

"This stuff is good!" Klair said as she put her empty glass down and Scarlet offered to refill it, but Klair shook her head sloppily.

"You must really like the taste of it. I find it more… plain, as you would say." Scarlet said as she put the bottle down along with her glass.

"Meh, your lips tasted better." Klair said seductively into Scarlet's ear, and Scarlet stared at Klair in surprise before the pink-red head kissed her sloppily on the lips.

Scarlet leaned her back away as Klair pouted at her.

"What's wrong? Don'tcha want to do this?" Klair asked with a slight sway and Scarlet pursed her lips before smiling slyly.

"You're drunk." She said as she lay down on the couch while Klair got on top of her.

Klair smiled as she stared down at Scarlet before sliding herself down until her whole body was pressed against Scarlet.

"And you're mine." Klair said drunkenly before sloppily kissing Scarlet again.

Scarlet smiled happily as she put her hands on Klair's back and started to rub it as Klair got rougher.

The two started to moan as their tongue wrestled each other fervently.

Scarlet slid her hands under Klair's blouse, but Klair suddenly sat up with her legs straddling Scarlet's waist.

"Here… let me help…" Klair said slowly as she swayed some more. Scarlet watched as Klair started to unbutton her blouse slowly.

Scarlet licked her lips when Klair tossed her blouse behind her, and Scarlet sat up before running her finger along the edge of Klair's black bra.

"Ask me." Klair said as took Scarlet's finger and started to suck on it slowly.

"Ask you what?"

"What you did last night." Klair said and Scarlet smiled devilishly before running her finger along Klair's lips.

"Are you feeling naughty, Miss Klair?"

"Damn right." Klair said before kissing Scarlet heatedly.

The two moaned into each others mouth as their breasts pressed against the other.

Scarlet ran her hands up her own white button shirt and started to take it off with Klair's help.

The two tossed the shirt away and Klair moaned as she stared at Scarlet's large breasts that were barely held by a black lace bra.

Scarlet licked her lips happily before leaning towards Klair and she started to kiss her neck passionately.

Klair moaned as she grabbed Scarlet's breasts and palmed them as Scarlet's mouth kissed down her collarbone and stopped before Klair's breasts.

Scarlet straightened back up to stare straight into Klair's muddled eyes with a sexy smile.

Scarlet's hands reached around to Klair's back and swiftly unclasped the bra before letting it drop.

Klair's exposed breasts gleamed in the sunlight and Scarlet's mouth started to water before she quickly enveloped one of them in her mouth.

Klair moaned loudly while Scarlet sucked, nibbled, and licked her breast before doing the same to the other.

"You are so bella." She whispered and Klair smiled as she took Scarlet's bra off and pushed the Italian down onto her back. "My turn."

The couch moved slightly as the two consumed the other with a heated passion induced by the champagne.

Scarlet moaned loudly as Klair bit down on her large breast, and Scarlet arched her back to give Klair more access to them.

After half an hour, the two panted heavily while Klair collapsed onto Scarlet with her head on Scarlet's shoulder.

The two stared at each other unwaveringly as they ran their hands down their own bodies.

Scarlet glanced down at smiled as her hand went from her stomach to Klair's jeans.

Klair sharply inhaled as she felt Scarlet slowly remove her jeans.

Scarlet gently kissed Klair on the lips as her hand slipped into Klair's purple and black panties.

Klair moaned in Scarlet's ear as Scarlet's fingers played at Klair's entrance.

"Take me, damn it!" Klair snapped and Scarlet grinned widely before plunging three fingers into Klair's pussy.

Scarlet swiftly, and somehow, rolled over so Klair was on the bottom as she pumped her fingers in and out of her.

Klair's moaned turned louder as she started to buck against Scarlet's fingers.

"More!" Klair shouted and Scarlet quickly slid Klair's panties off before shoving her entire hand in.

Klair screamed out in pleasure as she madly humped against Scarlet's hand.

Scarlet suddenly felt jealous of her hand, and swiftly removed it, but before Klair could catch a breath, Scarlet went down and thrusted her tongue into Klair's pussy.

Klair screamed in pleasure again as Scarlet moved her tongue around the wet passage that got wetter and wetter until Klair came into Scarlet's mouth.

Scarlet continued to taste Klair until Klair couldn't go any further.

Klair collapsed onto the couch as Scarlet licked up the remaining cum from Klair's legs and pussy.

Scarlet slid her self up Klair's body and kissed her tenderly, letting Klair taste herself for the first time.

Scarlet panted quietly as sweat dripped off her body and made her own jeans feel weird on her skin.

She reached down and slowly removed her jeans to see her soaked panties glisten with cum and sweat.

She took the wet panties off and put them with Klair's before pressing her pussy against Klair's.

The two girls moaned again from the sudden pleasure, and Klair's hands came alive as they grabbed Scarlet's hips and pressed their pussies together even more. The two kissed ravenously as their pussies kissed as well.

Scarlet suddenly felt something run down her body, and the next second she felt Klair's fingers enter her pussy excitedly.

Scarlet moaned into Klair's mouth as the fingers swirled around in the juices inside Scarlet.

A few minutes later of enticing Scarlet's pussy, she came all over Klair's hand and pussy.

The two moaned on contact as their now cum-covered pussies kissed again.

Klair ran her hand back up Scarlet's body and left a trail of cum up to her right breast where the cum-soaked hand started to palm as Klair kissed Scarlet deeply.

"This feels so…" Klair started to whisper before she suddenly stopped and blacked out. The champagne had caught up to her finally.

Klair came to and instantly felt like her head was splitting.

"Oh… too much…" She muttered to herself and she opened her eyes and her head suddenly hurt again.

She was lying on Scarlet's couch still, but with all her clothes back on.

Klair slowly looked around with one hand against her head as she tried not to faint again.

"Are you up?" Scarlet asked from the kitchen, and Klair groaned a yes before Scarlet poked her head out from the kitchen.

"You really shouldn't have drunk so much. It ruins the fun." Scarlet said as she walked over with a glass of water.

"Fun…?" Klair asked slowly as she took the water and started to drink it while Scarlet giggled.

"Our fun, Miss Klair. Remember? If not, please…" Scarlet trailed off as she lowered Klair's hands that were still holding the glass of water.

Klair closed her eyes when Scarlet kissed her on the lips, and Klair quickly realized her taste in Scarlet's mouth.

"Oh, god… We did…" Klair muttered after Scarlet leaned back and smiled at her.

"What's wrong with doing it?"

"Doing it with a girl is what's wrong with it!" Klair snapped, but flinched in pain from snapping too loudly.

Scarlet smiled lightly before fixing her glasses that were still on her nose.

"How so? Me and my sister did it all the time back in Italy." Scarlet stated and Klair's stomach did several back flips.

"Your sister!?"

"Of course. How else would we live? If we didn't, we wouldn't have got paid." Scarlet said calmly and Klair went quiet as she stared at Scarlet sadly.

"Oh… So…" Klair started to say but was hushed by Scarlet's finger.

"Rest, Miss Klair." She said and Klair didn't complain as she lay back down and stared up at the ceiling.

"You can call me Klair, Scarlet." Klair called into the kitchen where Scarlet had gone, and Scarlet smiled before turning the oven on.

"Okay, Klair. What would you like for dinner?"

"DINNER!? Holy… I was out for practically the whole day!?" Klair shouted in surprise, but regretted it afterwards as her headache worsened and Scarlet walked back in and put another glass of water down.

"Rest." She whispered and Klair did so as Scarlet went back into the kitchen.

Klair heard the sound of something sizzle, and the smell of meat sauce floated into the room.

Klair smiled at the smell, but then wondered why she was still there.

Scarlet came into the room every few minutes to check on Klair's handover, and every time she did, Klair would catch herself staring more and more.

'I am not bi! Stop staring at her like that, Klair! You only did it once! You are straight! Repeat! Straight!' Klair snapped in her mind as she frowned at the ceiling until Scarlet came back in and checked Klair again.

Klair was silent as Scarlet checked her forehead for some reason.

Scarlet smiled softly like she did every time she checked, and she would walk back into the kitchen.

Klair let out a low sigh as she looked back at the ceiling. 'She is so hot though… Her breasts are perfect; her lips are so sweet, her pussy is so… Oh great, I'm horny.' Klair thought before hearing a click and a clatter of a tray being placed down.

Klair slowly sat up as Scarlet walked in with the steaming tray.

She placed the tray down along with some plates and forks as Klair stared at the lasagna hungrily.

Scarlet served it silently before sitting down next to Klair and she glanced over at her.

"Do you mind if I was to move closer?" She asked and Klair shrugged while eating her piece of lasagna.

Scarlet smiled happily as she moved closer so her hip was touching Klair's.

"This is so good! Not like the frozen ones they make!" Klair said and Scarlet giggled as she calmly ate her piece.

Klair put her plate down and was about to get some more, but Scarlet suddenly reached over and pulled Klair's face over to hers.

She slowly licked some sauce off Klair's cheek before licking her own lips.

"Lasagna is quite messy, no?" She asked and Klair nodded while blushing slightly.

After they finished eating, Klair was back to lying down on the couch, but her head was propped up by Scarlet's lap as Scarlet watched the news silently on the television across from the couch.

"The news is always depressing." Scarlet said as she played with Klair's pink-red hair bun.

Klair nodded slowly as she stared up at Scarlet until she noticed.

Scarlet giggled as she ran her finger across Klair's lips. "How about a change in scenery, no?" She asked before pushing the off button and the television blacked out.

Scarlet turned the light on, and Klair was silent in surprise as she stared into Scarlet's room.

"Wow…" Klair managed to whisper as she stared at the large bed, two bedside tables, a CD alarm clock, and a walk-in closet.

"You like?" Scarlet asked with a giggle at Klair's reaction.

"Uh-huh… I sure do…" Klair muttered as Scarlet led Klair into the room and onto the bed so she was facing the wall across the closet.

"Now you don't turn around." Scarlet whispered seductively into her ear, and Klair bit her bottom lip.

"Um… Maybe I should just go sleep in my bed. I'm imposed on you enough for today." Klair said as she started to turn around, but Scarlet's soft white hands stopped her.

"Don't speak nonsense. Stay…" Scarlet whispered before nibbling on Klair's earlobe.

Klair rolled her head back and sighed happily as Scarlet rubbed Klair's chest.

"I guess one night couldn't hurt…" Klair said as she went back to staring at the opposite wall while she heard hangers move and clothes being removed.

"One more moment." Scarlet said softly and Klair nodded as she thought she was a little overdressed.

The thought was interrupted though as Scarlet's hands ran down Klair's front as Scarlet gently pushed Klair's back against her chest.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." She said sexily and Klair moaned as Scarlet's hands started to remove Klair's black blouse.

When the blouse was removed, Klair was pushed onto the bed, and Scarlet straddled her waist with a smile.

Klair's mouth dried as she stared at Scarlet who was now wearing a nurse's uniform, but it was far more revealing and sexy.

Klair moaned as she saw Scarlet's black lace bra through the uniform top.

"Have you been a good girl, Klair?"

"Like hell." Klair answered before the two continued where they left off earlier on the couch.

The two didn't fall asleep till past midnight, and they slept in each others arms while pieces of clothes were scattered all over the room and bed.

Scarlet smiled as she nuzzled closer to Klair, and she ran her hand down Klair's back before giggling to herself. "You are so bella…"

"Hmm… You're so sexy…"

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