Chapter 5- Erica and Daila
Author Note: Sorry for the wait and shortness of this chapter! Enjoy! This is to Raven-kun, who gave me the names and pairing

The bell dully rang to signal lunch, and Erica sighed happily as she put down a stack of papers and sat down behind her desk. She lazily ran a hand through her short black hair with her eyes closed.

"Boring, boring, boring…" She whispered to herself before opening her eyes to open her desk's drawer and pulling out her schedule for the rest of the day.

"Oh, great… I have detention duty now…" She muttered bitterly with a frown as she squished the schedule back into the drawer. Erica looked over at the door to await the students for detention.

A little while later, the door slammed open and Erica looked over from her small tower of paper clasps to see the girl stroll in and roughly sit down.

"Name?" Erica asked while taking out a sticky note. "Daila." Daila said bitterly and Erica didn't bother to ask for her last one as she scribbled down her name.

"Okay, sit there and be quiet." Erica said and Daila rolled her eyes before fixing her black hair that had pink stripes in it. Erica went back to working on her tower of paper clasps until it fell from loss of balance.

Erica sighed while leaning back in her chair and she slowly glanced over to Daila to see her playing with a ring that hung from a dog collar around her neck. Erica shifted slightly as she silently watched Daila play with the ring until Daila looked up and caught her staring.

"What?" She asked sharply and Erica smiled slightly. "That ring is nice." She said and Daila shrugged quietly before lowering her hands.

"May I see it?" Erica asked and Daila looked at her questioningly before getting up and walking over. Erica got up too and smiled as Daila reached her. Erica slowly raised her hand and tilted the ring up so she could see it.

Erica noticed Daila move slightly, and she glanced up to see Daila staring at her. "It's a… very nice ring." Erica said slightly uncomfortable by Daila's stare.

Daila didn't say anything as Erica's hand slowly moved from the ring to the collar around Daila's neck. "Nice collar too…" She whispered and Daila still didn't say anything.

Erica gulped as she stared at Daila's neck while Daila continued to stare at Erica. Erica then removed her hand and quickly went back to her desk while Daila remained standing.

Erica opened her desk's drawer and slipped something out of it. She slammed the drawer closed and then motioned for Daila to follow her, which she did.

Erica smiled to herself as she walked out to the parking lot where her large white car sat waiting. Daila followed in confusion as Erica took out her car keys and quickly opened the car's back door.

Erica looked back to Daila and smiled sweetly to her. "What do you have after lunch?" She asked and Daila fiddled with the ring on her collar.

"Gym and Free Period." She said slowly and Erica's smile widened before she took Daila's hand and brought her into the back of the car. She followed in and closed the door behind her.

Daila stared at Erica in puzzlement until Erica put her hand on Daila's knee and kissed her on the lips. Daila's eyes widened at the soft velvet touch of Erica's tongue that rubbed against her mouth.

Daila moaned softly as Erica' tongue slipped into her mouth and started exploring slowly, which made Daila squirm. Erica suddenly removed her tongue and Daila looked at her in confusion. A dark smile played Erica's lips as she then ran her hand on the collar around Daila's neck.

"M-Miss Erica! What are you doing?" Daila managed to ask and Erica shifted Daila so she was lying down on the wide back seats. "You're having Gym class now." Erica said seductively as she put her hands on Daila's uniform top and started to unbutton it.

Daila didn't resist as her top was removed so her white bra was all that remained covering her ample chest. Erica then removed Daila's skirt and giggled. "Are you nervous?" Erica asked as she ran her hands down Daila's arms. Daila slowly shook her head before smiling slightly.

"What about you? Don't you have classes after lunch?" Daila asked and Erica pursed her lips cutely. "Yeah, but I'm sure they can find a sub to do them for me." Erica said and Daila smiled before raising her hands to her chest.

"So then you want to play?" She asked before slipping her fingers underneath her bra and rubbing her nipples while licking her lips. Erica's mouth twitched as she watched Daila intently.

"Oh, I don't want to play. I want to make you scream, girl." Erica said before slipping her hands beneath Daila and unclasping her bra. Daila giggled as her bra was dropped the floor of the car.

She removed her hands from her nipples to let Erica see them hard. Daila moaned as Erica's hands quickly grabbed onto her breasts and started playing with them. Erica slid herself down so she could lie on top of Daila.

She kissed Daila briefly before removing her left hand and taking the hard nipple into her mouth. Daila's moans increased greatly as Erica devoured the nipple excitedly.

Erica left the nipple and kissed Daila again before sitting up to see her work on Daila's breast. Daila looked up at Erica questioningly until Erica quickly removed her own shirt, revealing her large braless breasts to the student.

Before Daila can get up to take what she wants, Erica gives it to her as she shoves her breasts into Daila's face. Daila lets her tongue leave her mouth and starts to lick all over the globes squishing against Daila's head and the seat beneath her.

Erica moaned loudly as Daila's tongue found her now hard as rock nipples. Suddenly, the bell for the end of lunch rang, and the two jolted. Erica quickly put her shirt back on as Daila put her clothes back on.

But before Daila could reach for the door, Erica grabbed her wrist and swiftly put her lips to the student's. "Where are you going?" She whispered into Daila's ear, and Daila looked Erica in the eyes before shrugging slowly.

"I said we were having Gym class now." Erica whispered into her ear and Daila smiled before Erica slid into the driver's seat and started the car. "Your parents won't mind if you're late coming home, right?" Erica asked with a glance to the rearview mirror.

She paused when she saw Daila's chest beneath the open shirt. "What do you think?" Daila asked seductively, and Erica licked her lips before smiling. "Or if you come home after a few days…"

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