Started June 14, 2008 Finished June 30, 2008 (Stalks of Corn)

*There I am kneeling on my roof

Counting the tiles

Completely aloof

That you have the perfect place to stare at me

At the top of that dying oak tree

*There I was sitting on the couch

Absorbing the pain

Feeling the ouch

Ignorant of the fact that you do stare

From the broken window over there

*Here I am motionless in my bed dying

Counting the seconds

And the tears I'm crying

You stand above me holding my hand

Telling me tales of a far off land

*Now I rest under a concrete stone

I cannot move

I do not groan

You carry flowers and wounds down deep

Wishing you could join me in my sleep

*Secure I abide always in your heart

Gone in body

Our souls one part

You carry me happily day by day

And I will never go far away

*I feel you weaken with each step

You're almost there

Close to my depth

Now we will be living forever cold

On my face forever you will behold