To be, or not to be...

No, this isn't another 'pillowbook'. Okay, perhaps I'm lying to you. This will probably end up being a multi-chaptered public-viewed journal on my confusement about my sexuality, and desperately wondering if anyone is sane enough to help me out.

Advice is always wonderful in my eyes.

I guess I'll start out by telling you who I am, generally. The name's Jessica. I'm sixteen, but that's about as personal I'll get. What you need to know is that I'm bisexual, currently in a five-month relationship with a guy I'm starting to doubt my feelings for.

On Saturday I went to my friend's sweet sixteen, an all-girls sleepover. During the party we played a game of Truth or Dare (go figure, I know it's typical). Nothing exciting really happened, but there was one kiss in the game - between me, and the girl I had been eyeing. I've known I was bi for years but let me just make it known that I have never had much experience with me, I just knew that I was attracted to guys the same way I was with guys.

Anyway, that kiss did much more for me than I thought it would. For a while now, I've been noticing that my feelings for my boyfriend have been nothing but mere sexual attraction. Now that I think about it, every guy I've been looking at hasn't been doing anything for me.

I've got a problem. Obviously. Could I be a lesbian? I've never even considered it, but, now I'm beginning to wonder.

So I ask you, good people of FictionPress... HELP!