Hello everyone!

It's been many years since I updated this story, but now all but the first chapter has been removed because it will be published as an ebook by Full Fathom Five! The release date is 5/27/15, and it can be pre-ordered through Amazon for $4.99 a pop. Even if you've already read the story, this new and improved (and edited) version will be a great way to support moi, as an author, while also getting an updated story with a *gasp* NEW SURPRISE ENDING. OMG.

Anyway, you can visit Full Fathom Five's website, where there are links to pre-order it on Amazon or check it out on Goodreads. Since Fictionpress is such a huge dick about links (it erases the dot-ay com-ay), it'll probably be easier to check it out on my profile page.

fullfathomfive (insert usual ending address here) (slash) writers (slash) angela-walker (slash) the-king-and-the-courtesan (slash).

This will be my first published book, so I'm super excited. I'm so happy to have had your support way back when, and I'll be just as happy to get it now. ;)

Stay fierce, errybody.