A/N: This is just the prologue or whatever. The story has but just begun. I don't know what inspired this particular story, but its mapped out in my head. I will finish it with or without reviews. For now, enjoy the mystery of what is to come.

Years Past:

A city by the coastline was once plagued by crime. In it, a stone prison had been built. Its metal cells and iron bars held in dozens of criminals, cleared off the streets by a legendary police department. The true psychopaths, the serial rapists, the murderers, and those to frightening to take a meal to without gloves on and a gun ready, they were housed in the basement. The bars there were thicker, and ran deep into the ground, and several rooms there were sound proofed and padded. By the end of the city's golden era, the officers had taken crime down by nearly 100%.

Several years later, the police department was found to be corrupt, and nearly all of the criminals remaining in prison, had their cases thrown out, even many of the basement dwellers. They were released, and while many committed new crimes to be prosecuted for later, others simply disappeared from sight and mind. The building that housed these men, was destroyed.

Over it, business men turned the area into a boardwalk on the beach, with an arcade, seaside markets, and of course, a strip club and bar. The foundation stood atop the basement of the prison, which contrary to most opinions, was never fully destroyed.