Sarcastic, rude, Judgemental Adrian Demera is the boss you've always wished to kill, painfully. Yet when he meet's the violent and bitter bastard ancient Vampire he's been born to serve, how far will Adrian go to try and kill him or will he fall for the Vampire? :. I absolutely suck at summary's for stories but at least give it a try. Warning will be added as the come, so far only violence .:

Sweet temptation


"Child there's something I must tell you before I die" a sickly old man lying in a hospital bed coughed out. Next to him was his grandson a pretty child of 16 whose stony expression showed no emotions to his grandfather.

"The door, the door at the mansion that I told you, you cannot enter. Do you know of what I speak of?

The boy nodded knowing it was the door without a handle to the other half of the old castle, which he often tried to open without any success. Finding the door locked, even though there was no key hole or door handle.

"Good, if you ever I repeat ever feel an eerie or unnatural presence in the house, you must quickly send for at least three male prostitutes and direct them to that door. Don't enter yourself!"

A fit for coughs halted the aged mans speech, realising he would not last much longer he pulled out a wrapped parcel and handed it to the boy.

"Open this parcel after sending them in. Inside you will find a letter and a leather book, read the letter first." The boy took the parcel eying it suspiciously wondering if in his last moment his grandfather had finally lost it completely.

"Don't open it until then, now get out."

"Yes sir" As the boy exited the room he heard the machines connected to his grandfather signal his death.