Hey, this is dedicated to a person who I never really got along with, but is going through a rough time.




Hollow outside,

While crying on the inside,

Desperate for love,


Also desperate for pain.

Hardships and love,

Complicated your life.

Trying to repent for your lies,

Your fa├žade of happiness,


Who needs them?

Your living as it is,

What more do you need?

One sentence, is all it takes,

To describe your whole life,

Unhappiness, loneliness, regret, self pain,

But mostly;

You're empty,

Acting happy,

Acting like you have no shame,

For those awful acts.


Why love them?

They come and go,

Offer help,

To someone who is broken,

But you can't fix,

What wants to stay broken.


Hope you enjoyed, R&R.