Anti Gravity

Synopsis: Julian Rhett is an average man with two average jobs. He works at the bank part time and helps at the library. People pay him to research different subjects for them, and he loves every moment of it. His ordinary life is forever changed when his German Shepherd Missy digs up a bizarre treasure in his backyard. It is a golden triangle with an eye engraved on it. It reminds him of the "All Seeing Eye" he has seen on $1 bills. When strange events start occurring he remembers; 'it's better to leave the unknown in the unknown.'

Chapter 1--A Normal Day Turned Abnormal

Julian Rhett considered himself a rather joyful man. He led a pretty typical life, unless one would consider having two jobs typical. He was perfectly happy living the life of a bachelor with his German Shepherd, Missy. But one day, all the serenity that came from returning to his home, which he considered his sanctuary, would be greatly disrupted.

After finishing a month-long research project on Napoleon, Julian had felt as if he had accomplished a great feat. Of course, it wasn't anything compared to bigger projects he had done in the past considering heady science research on string theory which he had finished about 4 years ago and had gotten quite a bit of recognition on.

When he had arrived home, he had come through the gate to be greeted by his constant companion, Missy. Missy was covered in dirt and smelled terribly of mulch. Julian covered his nose with one hand and petted her with the other.

"Yes, girl. Glad to see you too. We're going to have to get you cleaned up though, you smell horrendous !", Julian said, not noticing that Missy's mucky paws had gotten his suit dirty. Julian paused momentarily, observing from the corner of his eye that his yard had been ransacked. At first, he was frustrated, knowing the cause was Missy. Apparently, Missy had been bored while he was away, but that wasn't like her.

"I don't know what's gotten into you recently, girl, but I'm thinking of getting you a playmate so you don't do this again…", he said, rubbing her forehead affectionately. Looking around at the devastation, he saw something unusual poking out of the ground. Upon closer investigation, he had discovered what that something was. It was a golden triangle, a bit heavy, but not heavy enough he couldn't carry it in his hands. In the middle was an 'all-seeing eye', which unnerved him slightly. He wasn't certain why the eye gave him an uneasy feeling, but it didn't help much when he noticed he felt as if he was walking on air. A bit surprised, and certainly shaken by the sudden loss of ground beneath his feet, Julian dared to look down. As he feared, he was levitating. Upon dropping the triangle, he came to the ground with a thud.

"Missy, I don't know what we found here, but it is clearly not of this earth, and I must find a safe place for it.", Julian said as he hustled inside his home, wiped off his Italian leather shoes from the muck and mire that he had accidentally dredged up after coming down upon the sod so roughly and placed the golden triangle on his secretary desk. At least there, it was away from prying eyes. But it unnerved him. That large, circular, unblinking eye was still there: staring at him, watching his every movement. It caused him to audibly shudder.

"Maybe it's better if I cover it ?", Julian pondered to himself as he swore the pupil of the triangle tracked his motion. Without ruminating on that topic too much longer, he took his handkerchief and threw it over the triangle, settling down considerably. But, this didn't help matters either.

"I just levitated. Floated, when that object in my possession.", he thought. He didn't know if he should contact his friends that were UFOlogists or not, since the item was indeed, not of this Earth. Then again, he pondered, if he did contact those people, they would probably get involved with the media by inserting their foot into their mouths. That was a bargain he couldn't afford taking. The discovery of the golden pyramid was only the start of his troubles, however. And he was about to understand just how troublesome such a strange item like his could be.

Chapter 2--Everything in Place, Neat and Tidy

After another day of work, Julian had arrived home to Missy's sloppy affection, nearly knocking him over.

"I know, I know ! It's good to see you too !", he said, laughing as he turned his back to her and she backed off. She wanted to play Frisbee in the worst way.

"I'll get to you in a moment, Missy !", Julian said, as he opened the backdoor and went outside, still in his best business suit, to play with his beloved quadruped.

By the time he came back in to fix dinner for Missy and cook for himself, he noticed that everything in the house was in its place, so straight and clean that one could possibly eat off the floor if they had truly wanted to. Julian, surprised, looked through his day planner on his home computer rapidly, seeing that he hadn't had a maid scheduled to tidy up his house. Usually, he was the one cleaning up during the weekend, but it wasn't even Saturday. He raised an eyebrow and wondered how this was possible. From atop the place where he had originally covered the all-seeing Eye, he saw a perfect handwritten note--in cursive.

"Noticed that you were having some trying times and thought we would help. Be sure to keep this artifact safe. We will come to retrieve it. Respectfully, the Soldats.", Julian read. He bit his lip. Real, living, breathing aliens ! It was almost too good to be true that they would be coming to visit him. Hopefully they wouldn't be like anything he pictured in magazines or what he imagined from reading science fiction novels. "Soldats, hmm ?", he thought to himself. Then, he realized that he had been commissioned to do another research project considering economics and the rough draft had to be into his friend's office by Tuesday or he'd be put on the chopping block. With the difficulty the whole world was facing, he couldn't let his friend Lenny down or he knew he would regret it for the rest of his life and never live it down. He leaned over and patted Missy on the head.

"I'm going out to the library and I probably won't be back for quite some time, my dear girl. Now remember to watch the house and keep it safe while I am gone. Don't let anyone loot us blind while I am away, hear me ?", he said, knowing full well that Missy understood. Rubbing behind her ears, he kissed her nose and left to take care of his work. Meanwhile, the golden triangle glowed mysteriously and left him another gift while he was gone.

Chapter 3--A Woman ? In This House ?!

When Mr. Rhett came home, the rough draft was complete and he placed it on his secretary's desk. Missy was fast asleep in her bed, and it had grown dark outside, making it necessary for Julian to turn on the lights to navigate through his house. By the time he had a chance for his eyes to adjust, he saw a woman sleeping on his couch, without a care in the world. Thinking his house had been broken into, he nearly panicked, but saw that she was no harm. Still, he wondered how this woman even knew where he lived, or got into his house to begin with. He had only recently unlocked the door. There was no possible method of her entry unless she had known the security code to his Briggs' Security Code Lock, which was impossible. Begrudgingly, he decided to look under the scarf where he was hiding the golden 'artifact'. Again, there was another note that had been left atop it.

"We have observed that your species hardly ever lives a solitary existence. From the manner of your exchanges with this woman here, we feel you would become well-suited to be together. If we have been in the wrong, forgive us. If need be, we can erase her memory of any experiences she may have with you. Respectfully, the Soldats." Julian groaned and mumbled, doing his best to stay as quiet as possible. Of course he liked the librarian, Katharine Cleary, but he wasn't sure how receptive she'd be to finding herself in his house. Not knowing what else to do, he picked her up as gently as he could and carried her to his car. He started the motor and took her back to her house. Somehow, strangely, he knew the way because he had noticed her address had been written on her day planner that she kept on her desk behind the helpdesk at the local library.

"Soldats, I don't know why you decided Katharine would be helpful to me, but…thanks anyway.", he said, beginning to take her back home.

Chapter 4--Awkward Moments

Suddenly, the svelte dark-haired, emerald-eyed woman began to awaken.

"Julian ! What are you doing here ?", she asked, surprised.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you.", Julian began, placing his hand behind his head and laughing nervously. He had begun to sweat quite profusely, as he often did if there was a rather attractive woman that he happened to be fond of speaking to him.

"Try me.", she said, unamused and crossing her arms defiantly. Julian began to tell her what had been occurring. Fortunately, she seemed to be understanding. She was the type of woman who believed that there were elements that could be quantified, and then came the unknown, which humankind had ridiculous ways of defining. This definitely fell into the 'metaphysical' and 'supernatural' file.

"So, these 'Soldats' as they are calling themselves somehow materialized me into your house ? I find it all very illogical !", Katherine stated, chuckling, adjusting her black-rimmed but chic glasses.

"Apparently so. But I have no idea why they wanted to do that. All I have been doing is taking care of their object. It's only been a few days, and all of these unusual events have been taking place.", Julian responded.

"Don't worry. I'm sure everything will start falling into place. I know this is a bit impertinent, and perhaps a little forward of me to ask, but would you like to grab a bite to eat later ?", Katharine asked, sweetly. Julian's Adams apple felt hard in his throat and he swallowed. He was actually getting asked out on a date.

"S-sure ! I'd be honored ! I have wanted to ask you for the longest time, but…", Julian stammered. Katherine delicately put her finger to his lips and giggled girlishly.

"Stop right there. Don't ruin the moment with excessive babble.", she said.

"I'll be here, at my house at 6:00 pm tomorrow. Don't be late !", She said, thanking him for the ride before she left.

"Should I come as I am ?", Julian questioned.

"Of course. Don't change that, you look terrific !", Katharine complimented. With a huge grin, she left. Julian Rhett, the man that had no time for love, suddenly found himself blushing and his body crackled electrically.

"This is what love feels like ?", he asked himself. Again he turned his eyes skyward and smiled incandescently.

"Thank you Soldats !", he mused.

Chapter 5--Our Work Here Is Done

Julian's date with Katharine was successful and she actually asked to see him again some time. She realized that he was busy in research and working at the bank just to keep himself alive in this dog-eat-dog culture. But he was more than willing to go out with her again. She had a magnificent sense of humor and her wit; divine. He didn't know why he hadn't noticed it earlier. The two seemed to be equally matched. For once, the notion of ending bachelorhood entered his mind and he thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad to live a life with someone of like mind.

Of course, this would take time and he was willing to wait for the right moment to let Katharine know his true intent when he was fully ready and willing to make a commitment. Right now, he was simply getting to know her better.

When Julian returned home, the handkerchief no longer looked like it was hiding something. Instead, a note remained.

"Our work here is done. Graciously we remain. The Soldats.", it read. He had wondered what the Soldats actually looked like, and for one moment, his mind was opened. They didn't look any different from human beings, except they were taller, their heads were a bit flatter and they had slits in their necks. They were amphibious creatures, but apparently their planet allowed such a climate for them to survive in without having to worry about them being on or off land too long.

He had no idea how he had experienced the images he did, but with a blink of his eyes, that was the end of his conversation with them.

"I suppose this is the last I shall see of them.", he thought. Just then, another cursive note materialized on his desk.

"You have done us a great service and if we are ever in need of keeping something safe, we will simply drop it off here, at Earth. But no fretting. This time, we will allow ample warning. Humbly, the Soldats." He laughed. It was nice that they were being so courteous of his feelings.


Over time, Julian and Katharine began to see each other more and more often until they declared themselves an official couple. They were very much in love and were considering marriage for a later date. Fortunately, the Soldats hadn't sent any 'unfamiliar objects' but they kept Julian updated with their impeccably written cursive notes that would appear mostly when he was away on a job.

In about 3 to 4 years, Julian and Katharine had finally gotten married after many months of getting to know each other better and dating each other. To think, they had begun merely as friends and their mutual respect and like for one another had blossomed into something beautiful. As for the Soldats, they had sent him other items to watch over for unspecified reasons (mainly for caretaking) and then sent them a congratulatory note on their baby girl.

"Baby girl ? How do they even know that ?", Katharine asked out of the blue one day.

"They're telepathic. I'm not sure how they hear our thoughts, but apparently they can hear our little girl too.", Julian said, warmly. He had always wanted to be a father, and wonder of wonders, his prayer had been fulfilled. They decided to name the little girl to come Stella since they felt she had literally come from the stars to be a part of their family. The Rhett family indeed had been blessed. Their lives would transform once Stella came into the world, but for the precious moments they had together now, the couple enjoyed the changes to come and the challenges and delights they would face in the many years ahead.

The End