These walls that crawl and worlds that spin
These veins that twirl beneath my skin
These hearts that break and breathe within
My worlds shall always bear a grin.

These birds that sing then disappear
These screams that shake up all my fear
These cries that render heaven clear
My worlds shall always drip a tear.

These rotting bones of angels past
These burning stones of valleys vast
These beams of light the clouds have cast
My worlds shall always move too fast.

These mouldy walls that keep me home
These sweetened taunts that sting like chrome
These sour eyes that form a dome
My worlds shall always crash like foam.

These bitter rays of morning sun
These sweet charades of childish fun
These poison crypts of hearts undone
My worlds shall always spin as one.

A/N: Well this is unedited... and it rhymes I know some of them seem a little forced but still, I had to fit something in xD